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Survival Shelter

Hardened Structures is a Professional Construction Program Management Company specializing in the confidential planning, design and covert construction of FORTIFIED homes.

WorldHaus offers a breakthrough kit home that puts clean, safe, electrified housing within reach of millions of families around the world

Find an overview of geodesic domes at

Here’s where to find dome shelters with diverse possibilities for the price of a low cost used car. When buying a dome, you help provide shelter for disaster aftermath and those otherwise in need.

Shelter Systems offers very sturdy dome tent shelters, greenhouses, and supplies for building them.

This link is to a site on building geodesic domes from cardboard.

Here’s a site on hexayurts, another interesting survival shelter possibility.

Check out a modern day yurt from a company that’s got a 30 year track record.

Fasten tarps without sewing or ripping out grommets with Grip Clips. Handy for gardening, camping, and whatever else you can imagine.

Live in a used freight trailer?

Get info and plans for building your own teardrop camping trailer.



Survival and Water

For water storage, Carolina Water Tank has tanks for collecting spring and rain water.

Find out how water can be disinfected by the sun’s rays.

Get water from your well even when power’s out.

The Breathing Washer gives you a way to do laundry when there’s no power.

Brad Lancaster’s books Harvesting Rainwater, Volumes I & II, are at this link.

Find a pottery filter at this link.

Solar still kits and info can be found from SolAqua.



Survival & Renewable Energy

Here’s a site with helpful resource material to help you become educated about solar energy. Topics covered include: solar panels and how they work, DIY projects, solar vs. wind power, solar powered cars and airplanes, and more.

Here’s a link to a company specializing in wind power.

Convert your diesel vehicle to run on vegetable fuel.



Survival Defense & Security

The Handi-Rifle is a reasonably priced, accurate, single shot rifle available in several calibers. Find out more at this link.

Ammo & Accessories offers popular calibers and brans of ammunition.

Turn your survival shotgun into a rifle instantly with a Dina Adapter.

Dixie Gun Works is an excellent source of muzzleloading firearms and a lot more for survival as in times past.

Track of the Wolf has what you need for muzzleloaders and much more.

Buffalo Arms is another source for black powder items, materials for bullet making, and more.

Ammunition, gun parts, reloading & bullet casting supplies, and much more from Midway USA.

Another source for accessories and reloading supplies is Graf & Sons.

Eezox is a premium cleaning system for the hunting, boating, fishing, biking, camping, sport/competitive shooting and black powder enthusiast. It’s great for lubrication and rust prevention.


Find out how useful and fun slingshots can be.

Body armor manufacturer. Providing customisable body armor systems to suit just about every sector. claims to be The world’s largest online auction of firearms and accessories.

Here is a resource on laws pertaining to knives around the U.S.

Get important info from the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

Find out about crimes reported in a given area with the Crime Reports map.

Prevent identity theft by blocking personal information from being sent by radio waves from your credit cards, passports, and other ID cards by using Identity Stronghold RFID blocking sleves.

FakeTV makes it look like someone’s home watching TV when you’re away. It’s a deterrent to burglars.



Survival Supplies & Gear

View and print out a list of 100 basic items to get before they disappear in the midst of coming chaos.

 Find trustworthy survival and prepping supplies across all categories.

Find products and interesting uses for paracord.

Here’s info on Altoids Survival Kits


Here’s a source of LED lights, including wireless motion detectors, and more.

Find out about lights for emergency use and triage.

Tools, Ropes & More

Have a hand drill handy for projects when there’s no electricity.

Ropes that glow in the dark for sailing, caving, rescue, and more.

If you’re into sailing, here’s a source of marine grade fabrics, sewing machines and related sail making supplies.

Here’s a link to info on the Drainman nature powered bilge pump.

Karst Sports carries specialty brands for the caving, climbing, and rescue fields..

Genuine military surplus gear and items from

Project & Building Supplies

Carolina Bio Supply has a wide range of science supplies, including cultures, plants, and aquarium fish. Great resource for home schoolers.

American Science & Surplus has an amazing array of science supplies of all kinds as well as things you can use at home, including toys and fun stuff.

Another science supply source is Online Science Mall

CRS Scientific Labs has glass bottles and much more.

Note: If you’re involved in a project to improvise or invent survival gear or devices for yourself or others, here are links you may find useful.

U.S. Plastic has everything plastic, such as: bags,, barrels, bins, bottles, buckets, carts, containers, labware, tanks,, tubing and more.

Interstate Plastics offers plastic rod, sheets, tubes and more.

Industrial Directories for suppliers in the U.S. and Canada



Survival Gardening & Farming


Find organic and heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.

Find Heirloom seeds from the U.S. and many places around the world from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Pinetree Garden Seeds has seeds in smaller packets at lower prices. They’re adding more heirloom seeds to their collection, too.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers hundreds of open pollenated varieties, including multiplier onions.

Down To Earth Seeds is another source for heirloom and survival seeds.

Another source of heirloom varieties is New Hope Seeds.

Here’s an excellent source of heirloom beans and recipes for cooking them.

Terroir Seeds/Underwood Gardens is another source of heirloom vegetables and herbs.

The Sustainable Seed Company is another source for heirloom seeds, including heritage grains, such as Emmer and Wit Wokoring wheat.

Adaptive Seeds is a quality seed source for those in the Northwestern U.S.

Urban Farmer Seeds is another outlet offering quality heirloom seeds.

The Main Potato Lady offers organically grown potatoes, onions and more.

Oikos Tree Crops carries a variety of vegetables. fruits and trees, as well as perennials like several varieties of Jerusalem artichoke, which they call sunchokes. Check them out with your survival garden in mind.

Alternative Gardening Methods

If you’re interested in hydroponics, chec out this site for Hydroponics Simplified.

Get tips and info on growing from seed from the Home Garden Seed Association.

Maximum Yield is a resource with info on hydroponics and alternative food production.

Get basic info on raised bed gardening.

Find info on straw bale gardening at this link. The site also has much more on other no dig gardening methods.

Get loads of info on permaculture at

Here’s a site with info on permaculture, including Hugelkultur, a kind of organic mound gardening.

Here’s a link to permaculture info on Hugelkultur by paul wheaton.

Get hands-on survival gardening instruction for low maintenance, intensive, organic, raised bed gardening.

Composting and Soil Amendments

Discover Bokashi composting. Get composters and Bokashi bran for the process that speeds up your composting.

The Worm Dude has worms and all the interesting stuff you need for composting with worms. He offers black soldier fly larvae, too.

American Natural Products offers healthful items for animals, soil, pest control and more.

Thrive products help build your soil.

SoilSoup will help ad microbial life to your garden soil. They offer compost tea brewing equipment, too.

Here is a link to a page for Biostart microbes, a microbial soil inoculant that enhances biodiversity and
discourages growth of undesirable microorganisms in the soil ecosystem. Suitable for use on small farms.

Fungi Perfecti offers mushroom products and related items for growing your own mushrooms, inoculating soil with beneficial fungi, and more.

Plant Success offers ORCA, a liquid mycorrhizal inoculant.

Here’s another source for Mycorrhizal fungi products for your soil.

Wild Edibles

Here’s an article with an overview of 52 wild edibles.

Green Deane has loads of info on eating weeds and other edibles. Check out the YouTube link from his site.

Desert Harvesters teaches about edible
desert plants.

Here’s an excellent European blog on wild plant foraging.


Find out about the HID Hut Supernova LED Grow Light for indoor gardening at this site.

Consider billboard tarps when you need pond liners.

Here is a link to the USDA hardiness zone map.

“The Heirloom Gardener” magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring articles about heirloom plants, history, and people.

Acres USA is the original eco-agricultural bookstore.

Garden and Greenhouse is a magazine which offers an affordable way to reach small commercial greenhouse growers and retailers, hobby greenhouse owners, indoor & outdoor gardeners and landscapers.

Here’s the link to “Joe Gardener’s” site associated with his PBS TV gardening series.

Here’s the link to the UC Davis site, famous for its wealth of resources for gardeners and farmers.

Texas A&M University offers resources for gardeners and small farmers.

Growing for Market offers info for market gardeners and farmers.

Plants for a Future is a vast resource for info on thousands of useful and edible plants.

Get a copy of Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests free and identify edible wild plants and other possibly useful plants in Southern states.

Get info on invasive plants of the Eastern United States.

Get books, plans and other instructional materials. has listings for local garden centers and nurseries and forums to get info from other gardeners.

Here’s a resource to help nonprofit gardening projects.

The Small Farms Conservancy fosters preservation of small farms as well as connecting and educating small scale farmers.

The Agriculture Defense Coalition is a source for information on weather modification and geoengineering, which threatens our food supply and way of life.

Find info on urban and suburban agriculture, including gardening, raising ducks, and much more.

Howe Seeds – flax, barley, wheat, oats and other seeds for sale.



Survival with Poultry, Pets & Small Stock

Poultry & Other Birds

If you need baby chicks, gamebirds, and poultry supplies, one source is Stromberg’s.

Discover options for raising chickens sustainably.

Discover an alternative to raising chickens. Raise quail in your backyard.

Get the famous eglu for raising backyard chickens. This is also a source for rabbit hutches.

Get coops and supplies for raising chickens in your backyard, and order as few as three chickens.


Get common sense help for training your dog from Eric Letendre.

If you have a service dog, or know someone with one, get the book called Two Plus Four Equals One for both information and inspiration.


Purchase growings systems for raising sprouted fodder for livestock. Other products and plans for growing your own food are available as well.

Check out the products and info from Sheri, the Organic Pet Lady.

Find what you should know about hunting and trapping wild hogs.



Survival Kitchen

Stoves & Appliances

Find fuel efficient Rocket Stoves.

Find suggested alternatives to electric appliances.

Get info on solar cooking.

Canning, Preserving & Fermenting

The Self Reliant School is an online school founded by Bill and Jennifer Osuch to teach back to basics food preparation and preserving skills.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation has an online guide to canning and preserving.

Here’s a link to a site which offers guidance on canning..

Find recipes on fermenting and more at the site devoted to God’s natural organic whole foods grown locally in season.

Discover wild fermentation for preserving food and for good health.

Cultures for Health can help you get started in preserving food using fermentation or culturing.

Find products and info on culturing (fermenting) foods and buy cultured vegetables.

Bread Making

Here’s info and a couple of recipes on something called survival bread.

The King Arthur Flour Company offers an artisan bread baking crock for making no-knead bread.

Other Foods & Baking Supplies

Here’s an excellent overview of squash types and varieties. It includes cooking instructions as well.

Here’s an excellent resource for homemade baby food recipes.

Here’s a site exhibiting how productive an alternative lifestyle can be. Find a host of foods and other products produced in monasteries.

Find bulk foods, fruit, nuts, seeds and more.

The Green PolkaDot Box is an online buying club for natural foods and organic products shipped free to your door. They carry all your favorite natural food brands and even ship fresh organic produce.

Another online source of organic foods is True Foods Market.

Here’s a source for organic sprouted flour.

Here are two sites with info on edible mushrooms and mushroom hunting.

Manna Harvest is an online health food store. Get grains, beans, flour, yogurt starter, and much more.

Here’s a source for non-GMO popcorn meal and flour.

The Old Mill is a source of stone ground flour and much more.

Here’s a company that claims to offer over 600 soup mixes.

Find nuts, snack items, baking goods, and more for your survival kitchen and pantry.


Find sprouters, organic sprouting seeds, and a wealth of information on sprouting from Sprout People.

Food Storage

Here’s a blog with info on storing your own food. There are plenty of recipes as well.

Here’s a blog with resources related to food storage and preparedness info for your family.

Healthful Eating

The Healthy Home Economist gives you info on traditional eating and sensible living.

A National Vegetarian Society site has info on nutritionally balanced meals for vegetarians and vegans.

Here’s a site for Indian cooking, particularly vegetarian recipes.

Little Herds is a nonprofit organization from Austin, TX, working with governments, entrepreneurs, farmers, bakers, chefs, and businesses to change the way the other 20 percent of the world views food, and to help create a market for insect-eaters.


Find trustworthy product reviews, recipes and more from Vickilynn Haycraft.

If you live in an urban setting, explore wild food cooking and other skills you’d normally associate with wilderness survival.

Connect with farmers markets in your area at this site.

Discover how to cook excellent meals on a food stamps budget.



Survival & Your Family

The University of Missouri Extension offers a great 19 page template to guide your family through the process of developing a Family Disaster Plan. Download it to your computer, fill it out electronically, or print it out and fill it out by hand. Keep an updated printout handy in a secured place.

How can you stay a step ahead of disasters? Get insights from Dr. Chris Martenson.

If you’re moving, especially to a smaller home, check out the companion site to the book Right Sizing Your Life.

Discover travel destinations in the U.S. for vacations, camping or survival get-aways.

Rather than buy new toys for your children, discover possibilities offered through the USA Toy Library Association.

Here are a couple sites geared to reusing and recycling

Trade, buy, sell or give away used-like-new items.

Find garage/yard sales near you and publicize your own online.

Find out how to repair all kinds of things around your hoem, including appliances.

Find out about the PALS clothing system and the Safe Harbor Alliance.

Get a decal to notify emergency workers you have pets in your home.

Home Schooling

Discover the relevant home schooling laws in your state, and find a support group near you. Get help when unwanted school officials and social workers threaten. Get in touch with the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Check out online opportunities to supplement traditional homeschool curriculum with guides to K-12 online education. Find the guide to online elementary education at the link below. Access the middle school and high school portals from the navigation bar.

Check out the liberty based Ron Paul Curriculum for home schoolers.

Find free home school materials and helpful resources.

If you’re home schooling children with a disability or other special needs, here are two helpful resources.
NATHHAN–National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network
CHASK–Christian Homes and Special Kids

Though not necessarily related to home schooling, the Rad Kids program helps your children learn to protect themselves against violence.



Survival Health

Find a wealth of practical medical information and medical supplies from Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on their Doom and Bloom site. Medic is a resource for info that could prove useful if you have to serve as your family’s first responder.

Here’s info on “Wilderness First Aid Basics.”

The Natural Solutions Foundation provides information and advocates for health freedom in light of what’s being done to our food supply, medicines air and water.

Nuclear Radiation and Cancer

“When an Ill Wind Blows from Afar!” is a 27 page paper on surviving radioactive fallout and nuclear radiation.

This link is to an article about protecting yourself from nuclear radiation.

A primer on radioactive fallout can be found at the following link.

Here’s a lengthy article on radiation sickness and suggested remedies.

Here’s info on 10 foods that help rid the body of radiation

Here’s a source for a geiger counter with long battery life.

The Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector may come in handy for determining radiation levels, since we’re not being told what they really are in the wake of Fukushima.

Here’s a link to an article discussing the transmutation of dangerous nuclear waste elements into harmless forms that nature can easily digest and recycle. It’s entitled, “Neutralizing Nuclear Waste: The Roy Process.”

Discover steps you can take now to expose yourself less to the EMF energy all around us. is a source of information on alternative health options for those with cancer.


Discover the startling facts about the dangers of vaccines from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

Dr. Rebecca Carley offers info on the dangers of vaccinations and offers natural ways to deal with the illnesses they cause.

General Health Products

Find a wide variety of organic herbal products, teas, essential oils, and much more from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Keep your nose clean with nasal washes, and you won’t get sick as often.

“Stops the Sting” is a skin ointment that stops stings of mosquitoes, fire ants, bed bugs, and more. Works on pets, too.

Buy handcrafted, washable feminine napkins from Naturally Cozy.

Young Living is a source for essential oils and offers a business opportunity as well.


Check out this site for tips on natural health and wellness.

Put an ICE sticker on your cell phone so medics know exactly who to contact in an emergency.



Survival and Prepping for the Disabled

Grabpak manufactures a unique line of emergency preparedness and first aid kits for the blind and visually impaired. Call 1-800-620-4199 for info or go to

The Hadley Institute has archived seminars. One is “Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Survival Streaming Audio.” Search for “Emergency preparedness” at the following link.

Here’s a link to the CERT participant manual in PDF form which is screen reader friendly.

Several of the following sites are government sponsored sites with resources for those with disabilities.

HAVA is an organization created to offer disabled veterans opportunities to participate in shooting sports events.

The US Internal Revenue Service offers accessible tax preparation assistance.

This site may be of interest to those with disabilities.



Survival Transportation

Use your car less or get by without one. Explore car sharing with Zipcar.

Find out about bugging out to sea from Capt. William E. Simpson II, the Nautical Prepper.

If you’ve ever thought of using dogs to pull supplies, or even you, in a cart or wagon, DogWorks has what you need.



Survival Communications

Here’s a link about how you can communicate during a disaster, and includes information on the different types of radios you can use

Explore ham (amateur) radio’s possibilities.

Here is the link for SATERN, the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network.

DWM Communications has simple antennas for shortwave listening and amateur radio.

Explore the fun of crystal radios from the Crystal Set Society.

Universal Radio has been around for decades with shortwave radios, ham radio equipment, scanners, and CB’s.

FTL Distributing is a communications retailer specializing in CB radio, antennas and accessories.

Find CB radios, antennas and accessories, as well as tutorials, at Right Channel Radios.

Check out the largest CB club with forums and reviews, and it’s free.

Here’s a link for info on preparedness and radio communications.

Here’s an article on a long lasting battery for portable handheld radios.

FreePlay Energy is a source for wind-up lights, chargers and radios.

Here’s a source for Faraday cages for protecting electronics.

Get protection against EMF radiation when you use your cell phone, cordless phone or computer.

This link is to a white paper entitled “What to Do When the Telephone, Cellphone and Internet Fails in a Disaster?” It’s from 2006, but still contains lots of very useful info.



Survival Schools and Training

Explore what the Nature Reliance School can offer you, especially if you’re a beginner to outdoor skills and wilderness survival training.

The Shepherd School offers instruction on use of firearms and a variety of other topics of interest to preppers.

If you’re in the western part of the U.S., check out the site for Christopher Nyerges. Find out about the School of Self Reliance (since 1974), buy books, DVD’s and more, and read his easy to read, interesting articles and blog.



Survival Blogs and Other Resources

Connect with other like minded preppers at American Preppers Network.

This link is to a blog post that lists a number of free homesteading and survival manuals.

Here’s a link to a listing of other Web sites and blogs on preparedness and survival.

For perspective on what it’s like to truly survive in war time and face harsh realities, check out this blog.

Get survival common sense guidance from Jim Cobb at Survival Weekly.

DirtTime is a site with videos and posts on bushcraft skills, survival kits and more from long time wilderness and urban survival experts.

Find encouragement and empowering prepping info from Prepare Magazine.

Get practical prepping advice from the Survival Woman, Gay Levy.

Get additional insights on rational preparedness from Jane-Alexandraa Krehbiel (aka Jane of Virginia), a preparedness consultant.

Keep up with what Kymber and jambaloney are up to at Framboise Manor. Check out their blogroll for links to a number of other prepper related blogs.

Here’s a checklist of a few EDC items you may want to have.

Gun News Daily says they’re the longest running gun news website in the US. Since 2001 they’ve provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information.

Paul Kirtley’s blog is a good resource for outdoor survival info.

Another outdoors blog is at this link.

Find 100 Free Survival Downloads at this link.

See videos and demonstrations that make preparedness fun and interesting.

Here’s a “How to” knowledge base you may find useful.

Find preparedness advice at this link.

Get Hoods Woods DVD’s from Karen Hood (widow of the late Ron Hood) and “Survival Quarterly” magazine.

“Outdoor Life” magazine has a site devoted to survival topics.

“Backwoods Home Magazine” publishes an excellent bimonthly magazine on preparedness and offers a number of books and anthologies. Chek out Jackie Clay-Atkinson’s blog for homesteading advice. Also, check out their sister publication, “Self Reliance” magazine.

Survival expert Rich Johnson has a blog on wilderness and urban survival.

The Advanced Survival Guide blog covers a wide variety of subjects.

Here’s a blog on preparedness for families and urban survival.

Discover solar homestead living as one man does it.

ConsumerAffairs has created a guide on “How to Buy Gold.” It answers the five most common gold buying questions.

This site offers lots of knot info and packages of cards showing how to make several different knots.

Dmitry Orlov, author of Reinventing Collapse, has a thoughtfully written blog.

Back 40 General Store has over 2,500 titles on alternative agriculture, self sufficient living, low tech living, and more.

Here’s a valuable resource for those pursuing urban farming and organic gardening.

Discover the simplicity of transporting supplies with a dog and a travois.

The Tent Cities Toolkit offers info on establishing democratically functioning tent cities for those who don’t fit in elsewhere.

Alt-Market has groups you can connect with who are interested in starting their own communities, or who have already done so.

Thinking about hiding out? Here’s a thought provoking essay on how to disappear in America.

This site carries a number of books and articles on critical and controversial issues of our day.

Buy an e-book copy of Civil War Two, by Thomas Chittum at this link.

Trade books you don’t want for those you do want.

Download or print books and literature on self sufficiency and survival here.

“Prepping and Survival: The Ultimate Guide” has been compiled by Jan-Henk Gerritsen. It features a number of links to other helpful articles.

Here’s info about a guide for off grid living.

NASA has info on space weather at this link.

Here’s a blog on prepping for apartment and condo dwellers.

The information at this link is for those who wish to improve their chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift.

This link is to a page on this site with links to articles on bushcraft and wilderness survival.

The Last Robin is a blog that’s not strictly related to survival & preparedness, but I guarantee you’ll see a different perspective worth reading on many important areas of life.



Other Resources–Helping Others

Check out the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Find reputable relief organizations who help with crises.

Be sure your charitable contributions are going to reputable, effective organizations with the Charity Navigator.

Here are some tips on deciding how to choose a reputable charity.

Help other preppers in need through Americans Networking to Survive (ANTS).

Explore local currency options and time banks.

The Salvation Army is there in times of disaster relief and so much more for individuals and local communities.

The American Red Cross is famous for assisting with disaster relief and offers material and courses on preparedness.

Help home schooling families who’ve suffered losses from natural or other disasters. Give to the Home School Legal Defense Association Home School Foundation.

The International Preparedness Network helps those in need now, such as in Haiti, and helps others become prepared.

Your nearest Hunters for the Hungry program can be located through the National Rifle Association’s site.

Practice nurture capital by investing in food, fertility and farms with Slow Money.

Solar Cookers International offers plans for making inexpensive solar ovens. Support their efforts to promote solar cooking worldwide

The Square Foot Gardening Foundation spreads the square foot gardening method here and around the world and also helps the disabled and prisoners.

ECHO helps gardeners and farmers in developing countries to provide food for themselves using low-tech, innovative methods.

The Institute for Simplified Hydroponics seeks to use hydroponics as a means of reducing hunger and poverty.

Urban Farming is a nonprofit organization helping to relieve hunger by setting up community gardens in urban areas.

Growing Power Farm is another organization growing food and showing others how, including techniques in aquaponics and red worm culture.

Here’s a link to a free online community gardening guide.


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