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Glen Martin from Prepper Broadcasting, and author of Prepper’s Survival Navigation, shared kind words about this site and DestinySurvival Radio shortly after the release of the show for May 18, 2017. View it here.

Affiliate Management Solutions put DestinySurvival in their Affiliate Spotlight in association with PrepareWise in early May of 2016. View it here..

In October 2015 Destiny Survival was featured in Happy To Survive Magazine’s The Best Prepper Websites.

Your DestinySurvival host was featured in an article in “World Magazine,” a Christian publication, in late February 2013. The article entitled “Anticipating the Worst,” by Caroline Leal, shows preppers in a favorable light. View it here.

Your DestinySurvival host was March’s Writing Contest Winner on Nomad’s Survive The Worst blog in 2010, where an ad for DestinySurvival ran in April and May. The winning entry was “Does Survival Mean Leaving America?” My thanks to Nomad for the honor.

As DestinySurvival editor and author, it is an honor to have had this site chosen as Riverwalker’s Survival Site of the Week on his Stealth Survival blog on November 1 2008.

This honorable mention was also picked up by Survivalist News.

My Sincere thanks to both.

Here’s another honorable mention.

Just wanted you to know that I mentioned your site in our list of popular survival blogs ( ). I really enjoy reading your site and I figured our readers here would probably want to check your site out. Keep up the good work!”

– Robert Richardson

Off Grid Survival


Reader Feedback & Testimonials

My YouTube video on geodesic domes generates responses years after it was first released. Here’s an edited version of Earl’s comments after building a dome. You can access the video and get more info on domes here.

“I just wanted to let you know that my wife & I build a 6′ dia dome out of 1/2″ shedule 40 plastic pipe, and it was awesome!…So now we plan to build a 16′ dia dome. Thanks for your videos & help!”

– Earl

Patricia e-mailed me to say…

“…The information you give away for free is extremely valuable to people like us!”

– Patricia

Here’s an excerpt of an e-mail from one of my readers.

“…Thanks for all you do and the information that you share with all of us Preppers and through us to our family and friends. Your message goes much farther than you think.”

– Vaunell

Here’s a snippet of what Vicki wrote in response to the post, “It’s the Sudden Things…”

…Thank you for your work,

Vicki M.

This comment was excerpted from an e-mail contact.

“Your site is very impressive, well done.”

– Tom

In a comment to a post Bellen wrote:>/p>

“…Love your blog – have learned a lot.”

The following is a response to a post on resealable pails, which you can see when you click here.

“First, I want to thank John for asking to put the video up! Thank you, John.

We did get an order mentioning ‘destinysurvival’ the very first day he posted it.

It is really our mission/ministry to help people prepare for what may be some trying times ahead. It’s not about hording or panic, but about Peace and preparedness, being able to share with those in need and teach those who need to learn what to do. You can’t out-smart or out-plan fear, but you can turn that over to God and prepare. That’s what we are about.

LOVE this site and so happy to be working with others in preparedness!

Best Blessings!”

– Donna Miller Owner,

Millers Grain House

Philip Paul wrote:

“…Don’t change a thing. I like how you make sure to high light the humanity aspect as a major factor to the whole point of trying to survive in this world gone mad.

What is the point of survival at all costs if , as the end result, you wind up being a wild animal?

…It is not only good information but is well thought out and put into print in a way that gives a peek into your personality. I thank you for that.


Philip Paul”

“Your site has a lot of good information and I hope you keep up the wonderful work you are doing.”

– Michael

The following is a response to a post on a Power Outage Kit.

“Great info on survival and emergency preparedness John. That’s a great idea about using light sticks in the bathroom and kids rooms to save flashlight batteries. Thanks for the info on the emergency kit. Very cool.”

– Lori

“Thanks for all you do. You absolutely Rock!!!”

– Chris

“John, I just found your site from a link on a comment you left on my new blog. This looks great – looks like a lot of great info on your site – I will have to take some time to read on – good job!”

-Gin Getz

Here’s a comment about the Links of Interest page.

“I like all the different links you can choose from on the site. You can find what your looking for when your not even looking for it.”

– Jim Witt