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Below are links to publications and other valuable information that may be useful to you as you plan and implement your personal strategy for survival. This page is a work in progress, so check back from time to time for additional resources.

A brief description of each resource below is followed by a web address link to the file containing that resource. Right click on any link to download and save the file to your computer. To view a file before deciding whether to save it, simply left click on its link. A new window should open when you view a file, making it possible to come back to this page when you exit the file you’ve chosen to view.


Click here to download a free sample mini e-book of It’s A Disaster!.


This link is to a checklist for having clean water in an emergency.


This is a link to a government report on the impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a high altitude nuclear blast.


The Shakeout Scenario is a 312 page report from the USGS describing effects and aftermath of a 7.8 earthquake in Southern California.


This link is to a CDC flyer on precautions to take after a flood.


Here’s a CDC flyer on cleaning up after a flood.


This is a 56 page FEMA booklet on home repairs in the aftermath of a flood.


This link is to an article courtesy of “Rural Missouri” magazine featuring Herman Beck, who promotes living a more natural, self sufficient life and is owner of Back40Books.


Giving Birth “In Place” is a PDF document from the American College of Nurse Midwives on childbirth procedures to follow during an emergency.


Here is a White Paper entitled “Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities,” from the Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities. Though specific to Arizona, it may be a model for encouraging cooperation between organizations and agencies for the disabled in other states.


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