Winter Weather & Storms–How Well Are You Prepared for Survival?

It doesn’t matter whether you live in an area where it snows a foot or more at a time, or if you live in a community that practically shuts down when there’s one snowflake per foot. Winter weather, especially winter storms, present us with challenges that can be just as threatening to your survival as a thunderstorm or tornado in warmer weather.

Don’t underestimate the possibility that winter weather could kill you. About 70% of winter deaths related to snow and ice occur in automobiles. About 25% are people caught out in the storm. When it comes to deaths related to exposure to cold, 50% are people over 60 years old, over 75% are males, and about 20% occur in the home.

As you may know, dangerous ice and snow storms have paralyzed parts of the U.S. for days and weeks at a time the past few years. Who knows what might happen this winter?

Long range forecasts give mixed readings, and who knows how much they can be trusted? Be prepared for winter weather because conditions can change rapidly, leaving us vulnerable to the whims of nature. This makes survival preparations all the more important and necessary. Don’t assume you’re ready just yet.

“Winter Storm Survival Basics” is an informative report designed to help you survive winter weather and storms. There are two major sections to this report. The first explains winter weather and storms, and the second part explains survival basics—how to prepare for winter storms and what to do when one strikes.

While the word “storm” appears in this report’s title, there’s a great deal of information about winter weather in general. If you’re not prepared for winter weather, you’re certainly not prepared for winter storms.

Are you familiar with terms like “winter weather advisory?” What’s the difference between a winter storm watch and a winter storm warning? What steps should you take to prepare your home and car for severe winter weather? Would you know what to do if you’re caught in a blizzard while driving?

“Winter Storm Survival Basics” answers these questions and gives more down to earth information you can use to keep yourself and your family alive in the event of a winter storm.

Get your copy of “Winter Storm Survival Basics” by clicking on the PayPal Buy Now button below. For a modest $12.97, you’ll have valuable, common sense life saving information. It will help you survive this winter…and beyond.


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P. P. P. S. One of my favorite episodes of the CBS Mystery Theatre from the 1970’s and ‘80’s is the story of a young couple who took a wrong road and crashed their car during a snow storm. Mysterious and magical things happen, and things turn out all right. But that radio program was the creation of a writer’s imagination. Don’t count on being as fortunate as that young couple. Why take life threatening risks during a winter storm? Take positive action now and get your copy of “Winter Storm Survival Basics” today.



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