Discover Simple, High Yield, Organic Mittleider Gardening

Mittleider gardening is a simple, high yield, organic gardening method suited for preppers and anyone wishing to grow more food. This page is your gateway to explore Mittleider gardening resources.


Jim Kennard has made the following free resources available: (Click to view and print, or right click to save to your computer.)

6 Steps to Successful Gardening–a recap

How to Build & Use T-Frames

Garden Planting Details

Deficiency Symptoms in Vegetable Plants

Natural vs. Synthetically Produced Fertilizers

Mittleider Method of Fertilizing

Fertilizer Mixes

Zoo-Doo Man


Help yourself and other gardeners around the world.

Click here to buy gardening books and e-books from the Food for Everyone Foundation, including:

  • The Mittleider Gardening Course
  • Grow Bed Gardening
  • Gardening by the Foot (Container gardening)
  • Let’s Grow Tomatoes
  • Six Steps to Successful Gardening
  • Gardening manuals (9)


Click here to listen to or download the January 20, 2011 DestinySurvival Radio interview with Jim Kennard, President of the Food for Everyone Foundation. The show is in the second hour of the audio file.