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Since I’m not a lawyer, I’ll state all that follows in simple terms. In days gone by a man was as good as his word, and deals were sealed with a handshake. It’s not so these days, but as you and I do business with one another, there must be an element of trust between us.

Many times problems can be resolved by communicating reasonably and rationally with one another. Please consider this to be an invitation to communicate freely with DestinySurvival.com about any grievances related specifically to DestinySurvival.com. I’ll make every effort to resolve any matters of dispute between us.

In spite of all that, in this day and age certain disclaimers and various other statements need to be made.


Regarding all information on this site presented in text, video or audio form, you understand and agree that all such information is presented as educational and informational. While I strive to present factual material here, I can make no warrantee or claims as to the truth or validity of the information presented on this site. You bear the consequences of your own actions when acting upon such information.

Because everyone’s survival situation is different, I cannot accurately predict what will be needed to survive a natural or manmade disaster. You must devise and proceed with your survival plans at your own risk. DestinySurvival.com is not responsible for your use or misuse of the information presented here.

I endeavor to do the right thing by directing you toward specific companies, products, services, and information. In turn, please recognize that those companies, products, services, or information do not necessarily reflect the views or standards of DestinySurvival.com.

I have chosen to become affiliated with certain companies (see Disclosure) with the intent that such affiliation will be mutually beneficial for each of us. You visit these sites and buy products offered at your own risk. I make no guarantees or warranties. Should there be a problem with a product or other offering provided by a company, other than DestinySurvival.com, DestinySurvival.com will not be held liable or directly responsible.

Though DestinySurvival.com adheres to a particular religious and political viewpoint, I believe in the right to express those views, whether stated explicitly or implicitly. There is no animosity intended toward those holding different religious or political persuasions. All have the right to survival as human beings, regardless of creed, race, or physical infirmity.

Copyright and Fair Use

Rather than cite legal jargon no one can understand regarding fair use, here’s what I ask, should you choose to share information derived from this blog.

You may print a copy of information found here for your personal use and may save copies of files on your computer.

Because many long hours and hard-earned dollars have gone into the development and maintenance of DestinySurvival.com–which is provided as a free service–please respect the rights of myself and other contributors by not duplicating or distributing this information without permission.

If you wish to share information from this site on your own site or blog, please be fair and give attribution to DestinySurvival.com. If you would be so kind, post a link to the site.

As moderator of all comments submitted by readers, I reserve the right to exercise discretion as to what shall be published on this blog. Spam is diligently deleted.

Please be aware that I reserve the right to reproduce and edit for publication any materials you submit by way of blog comments, guest posts or contest entries.


DestinySurvival.com does not sell, rent or otherwise share the names, e-mail addresses, physical address or other information of readers and e-mail subscribers. This site does not use cookies, although advertisers may.

A Final Note

destiny has brought us together with the shared goal of survival. If you’re pleased with the information and products offered here, tell others, and we’ll all benefit.

Thank you for understanding and for making survival more readily attainable for each of us.

– John Wesley Smith,
Author and editor,