Saving Money on Your Homestead

You don’t have to be a homesteader to benefit from tips on saving money. But if you’re living the rural life, it’s even more helpful when you can get insights from others who are doing it, too, because some things are unique to the homesteading lifestyle. Jackie Clay-Atkinson gives practical guidance in the July/August, 2014, […]

How Would You Survive Without Money?

Perhaps you’ve given thought to the notion that our society is operating with Monopoly money. It’s only money because we still put faith in it. So could we live without it? How would you survive without money? Daniel Suelo has been doing it for a number of years now, and his story is told by […]

A Look at Anxiety in Survival Situations

We hear much about that all important survival mindset. But what about anxiety in survival situations? Isn’t it enough that everyday life causes us stress? How will we cope when there’s a major disaster or a collapse, and life as we know it doesn’t exist any more? We may all have a tough time with […]

Is Bitcoin for Preppers?

In recent years with the economy being in such bad shape, there’s been a growing interest in alternate forms of currency. Have you heard of Bitcoin as one such option? Is Bitcoin for preppers? It has been described as revolutionary. But does it deserve the hype. In the first place, what is Bitcoin, and what […]

Make a Home Store a Part of Your Prepping Strategy

It’s important when you’re prepping to get quality long term storage food and other necessities that will be there when you need them during a crisis. But what if you use your preps now? What if you made having a home store part of your prepping strategy? I do what I can here at DestinySurvival […]

Leather Working

Editor’s note: If your prepping strategy includes learning new survival skills, check out the info below from Craig Caudill about a skill you may want to pick up.     Working with leather is not something a lot of people get the chance to do. Leather working is not exactly an immediate survival skill, but […]

Survival and Your Money–Work from Home Without Getting Scammed

It goes without saying these days that many of us are struggling financially. That makes it doubly hard when you’re trying to set aside money to buy storage food and other preps. What’s a good solution? Should you work from home? And is that possible without getting scammed?   Consider Some Options You could skip […]

Will You Be Ready to Barter When You Need To?

From time to time I’ve featured info about bartering, such as the post here with plenty of bartering insights. Bartering should be included in your prepping strategy. Let’s face it, preparing for every single situation you’ll encounter in an emergency or widespread cataclysm may be impossible. Bartering is inevitable especially when you need some things […]

SnagAJob Helps Find Jobs for Veterans

It can be tough for anybody to find a job these days, whether you’re trying to earn extra cash for prepping supplies or trying earnestly to make ends meet. Now SnagAJob helps veterans find jobs. They have a special page on their site for that. Click on the ad at the bottom of this post […]

If You Need Bartering Insights…

If you want an overview on bartering with some really good insights and tips, allow me to recommend an article by John Silveira in “Backwoods Home Magazine,” Issue #138 • November/December, 2012.   Bartering for bad times By John Silveira Bartering may not be a part of your life, right now, but if there’s a […]

Stretch Your Food Budget and Have Food Security at the Same Time

At Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, we enjoy an abundance of food. It’s traditional, and we take it for granted. But in order for that abundance to exist, all that food has to be harvested, gathered, processed and stored. How about the rest of the year? While we may not want to […]

If You Want to be a Homesteader But Don’t Know How to Get Started…

If you want to be a homesteader–either in the country or in the city–but you don’t know how to get started, you need the guidance offered in The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency, by Anna Hess. Anna gives you 48 projects to do on the weekends, month by month, throughout the year. It’s […]

Economic Survival: It Has Nothing to do With Ocean Liners or Food Bars

What’s QE3? (Hint: It’s not the name of the newest luxury ocean liner.) What’s the fiscal cliff? (Hint: It’s not the brand name of the newest energy food bar.) These are terms being tossed around in relation to the economy. And to talk about them with me on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday was Troy Grice. Troy […]

Make JM Bullion Part of Your Personal Economic Survival Strategy

If you look at alternative news sites online, it’s possible you’ve seen the same headlines I have, suggesting big banks are acting as though a big collapse is coming. It’s anybody’s guess when such a collapse might happen. One has been predicted for some time now. Some experts say we’re in the midst of a […]

What About a Part-Time Job for Back to School or Economic Survival?

It’s hard to believe it will soon be time for students to go back to school. Perhaps you’re among the parents who’ve recently told your high school or college student to go to work to minimize the pain of student loans. It can be tough to go to school and hold down a part-time job. […]

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