Surviving the Ritalin Racket

            When I walked into Survival Sam’s dining room this morning, the atmosphere was surprisingly dismal.  Something had come up, prompting this breakfast meeting at Sam and Sally’s.  Duane and diane were there, and Diane was wiping tears from her eyes with a tissue.


            “I just don’t know what to do,” she sobbed.  “Thank you so much for letting us come over this morning and talk this out.”


            “That’s what we’re here for, honey,” Survival Sally said soothingly.  “Have some spiced tea to calm you down a little.”  She put a steaming cup in front of Diane, who took it absent mindedly.


            “What’s happened?” I asked, feeling a little like a bull in a China shop for asking about something the rest already knew about.


            Duane spoke up.  “Diane got a call yesterday from the school.  They want us to meet with their social worker because they think Bryce needs counseling help.  They said something about him acting up in class and putting him on Ritalin.”


            Diane sobbed loudly.  “He’s only eight, and he’s a good boy.”


            “Diane and I have been arguing about remodeling the basement,” Duane said, “but I didn’t think it would affect the kids much.  Maybe I was wrong.”


            “It’s not you two, Duane,” Sam said.  “And in this case, even if it were, I don’t think that’s the reall issue here.  Unfortunately, this happens more and more.  It’s all too common.  The system wants your kids.”


            “So, what do we do?” asked Duane.


            “Pull both of your kids out of school as fast as you can,” Sally said.


            “Believe it or not, this could literally be an issue of survival,” Sam said.


            “Oh, come on, Sam,” snarled duane, whirling to face Sam.  “This isn’t the time for some kind of sales pitch or survival talk.  You of all people should know that.”


            “This is no joke,” Sam said calmly.  “Children on Ritalin have actually died from it.”  Diane gasped at hearing that.  “A family has started an organization called the National Alliance Against Mandated Mental Health.  Their son Matthew died from Ritalin at age 14, and they’re trying to warn other parents about such dangers.”


            “Isn’t that just awful?” commented Sally.


            “Sorry, Sam, I didn’t know it was really that bad,” Duane said looking down sheepishly.  “Taking the kids out of school is going to cause a lot of upheaval around our house you know, so where do we begin?”


            “Home school.  We’ll help you any way we can,” said Sally.


            “I believe it’s absolutely imperative that you contact the Home School Legal Defense Association,” Sam said.  “HSLDA can fill you in on the current state laws about home schooling, and they’ll put you in touch with a state home school support group.”


            “What do we do about the school social worker?” asked Diane.  “I’m afraid something bad could happen to our family.”


            “You’re right to be concerned, diane,” Sam said.  “HSLDA deals with families all the time who are harassed by school staff or social workers.  They can help you write the proper letter of withdrawal from school.  If the school gives you any trouble, HSLDA is there for support.  They have an excellent track record of winning court cases and solving problems that families face all over the country.”


            “Be committed to this,” urged Sally.  “If you decide later to put your kids back in school, then change your mind again, you’ll only create trouble for yourselves.  This has to be a real change of lifestyle.”


            “I don’t know if I can teach,” Diane said timidly.


            “Sure you can,” Sally said.  “You’re smarter than your kids.  And nobody knows or loves them more than you do.  Besides, there’s an abundance of curriculum to choose from these days.  Some families get very creative with their home school.  Your kids will adjust to it before you know it, too. 


            “I don’t know,” Diane said.


            “Then I suggest you start by enrolling your kids into an academy program, like Midwest Christian Academy in Bloomington, Illinois,” Sally said.  “They’ve got a simple, straightforward curriculum, and they’re there to offer support when you need it.  They’re also reasonably priced.”


            “Thank you for the encouragement,” Diane said.  “Have you got something I can write this down on?”  Sally reached for a yellow legal pad and a pen and pencil.


            “Oh, by the way,” I said, “there’s information about home schooling you should see on my blog.  You can access it by clicking on ‘Self Sufficient Life’ in the E-books & Other Resources page in the Prep Mart.  


            “I think we’ve got a lot to talk about this morning,” said Duane.  “Looks like we’re going to be making some big changes.”


More On Designing Viruses and Vaccines

“Sam, we’ve talked before about things like a deadly cold virus and the possible threat of bird flu. Do you really think somebody’s designing viruses to make us sick or kill us?”

The stimulating conversation took place in Duane’s basement. I couldn’t help it. I just had to ask Survival Sam the question.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt about it,” Sam said. “For instance, there’s documentation that the AIDS virus was manmade and not from green monkeys. Jerry Mazza does a good job of pointing that out in an article called ‘The Polio Vaccine, AIDS, and Their US-Made Viruses.’ But it’s probably not online any more. There’s documentation showing a patented cure has been suppressed.”

“Wait a minute,” interrupted Duane. “You just mentioned vaccines. Aren’t vaccines going to help solve problems with these weird viruses?”

“All right, let’s talk about those vaccines,” said Sam. “Jerry Mazza’s article referred to the long term dangers of the polio vaccine. It contains a monkey virus, and people are having serious health problems years later. Mazza isn’t the only one warning about such things. Google Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s web site which has information about the dangers of several other vaccines, including flu shots. Even Dr. Ron Paul spoke out against the dangers of vaccines forced upon us by the government when he ran for president.”

“This is getting pretty heavy,” said Duane. “Viruses, vaccines—who can we trust?”

“Good question,” Sam said. “It’s proof you need to be informed and be your own best advocate for your health and that of your family.”

“This really goes against the grain of what the medical community tells us,” I said.

“Generally speaking, yes,” Sam said, “but haven’t you been learning by now that survival means going against the grain of society in general? We’re not out to win popularity contests or go along to get along. We’re talking about areas of life that could literally mean life or death.”

“Any suggestions?” asked Duane.

“Do a little reading to begin with,” Sam said. “Then go to the Health & Nutrition page on DestinySurvival and check out the companies there. Get some immune system builders for your family, such as vitamin C, Echinacea and golden seal, zinc, and a few herbal remedies and other items. Don’t let the bastards kill you, if you can help it.”


Survival and Preparing for a Pandemic

Survival Sam, Duane, and I were once again sharing a few thoughts in Duane’s basement, away from the hubbub of the rest of the world.

“Did you know the U.N. has an influenza coordinator?” Duane asked. Sam and I nodded. “Seriously,” Duane said.

“Well, why not?” asked Sam. “They can’t let a pandemic get out of control, can they? After all, shouldn’t it be made to follow the prescribed depopulation recipe?”

“You really believe there are those who want to get rid of us, don’t you?” I said to Sam.

“Yes,” said Sam, “but I suspect Duane has something else in mind to tell us, right?”

“Yes. This U. N. influenza coordinator has said the governments of countries around the world should take measures to prepare for the economic impact the spread of a flu outbreak will have.”

“No doubt it will cause a great deal of turmoil,” Sam said. “We could face more than just economic problems. Some say we could face a nightmare scenario with power outages and stoppage of life as we now know it. At the very least, I suspect we’ll see travel restrictions imposed and a good chance of martial law in certain areas, or possibly throughout the country.”

“Hmm, sounds bleak,” I said.

“Remember the bird flu and swine flu scares?” Sam asked. “If something like either one of those breaks out, it would be a good idea to be prepared to stay home and out of public circulation for a week or two.”

“Do you really think it will come to that?” I asked.

“It’s really anybody’s guess,” Sam said. “It reminds me of hype that surrounded Y2k several years ago. A lot of things would have to fall into place before we face widespread human to human bird flu. I know of some who say some variant of a flu virus is being engineered to mutate so it will endanger humans. Some say the mere threat of an outbreak could bring about a clampdown. Like other presumed threats, it’s a good idea to be prepared.”

“I’m sure you have some suggestions?” Duane said.

“Start by getting some supplies from companies in the DestinySurvival Prep Mart,” Sam said. “Look for items like hospital grade masks, hand sanitizer, a Flu Evac-Pak kit, oral rehydration salts, and nutritional or herbal supplements to build the immune system. Remember, it’s possible our survival will depend on having such things.”


Survival and Nutritional Health

Survival Sam coaches me on things I should include on this blog, but I don’t always understand where he’s coming from. So I ask, just like I did the other day when I was at his house for a few minutes.

“Sam, why do you think I should have ads for herbal and vitamin companies on the blog?”

“That’s an easy one actually,” he said. “Remember our discussion a while back about deadly cold viruses?” I nodded. “I said then that it’s a good idea to take vitamins to build one’s immune system.”

“Is that the only reason?” I asked.

“It’s a key reason, but I personally believe it’s important to get acquainted with vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and homeopathic remedies as a means of staying healthy in general. There’s a growing alternative medicine industry out there, and nutritional and herbal products are a part of that.”

“How does this tie in with survival?” I asked.

“Once again, let me remind you of the survival attitude or mindset,” Sam began. “A significant component of that mindset is nonconformity or breaking ties with the established system. As this relates to health products, you’re far better off without drugs that can cause harmful side effects. When you get a headache, it’s not because your body is craving aspirin or some name brand pain reliever. Don’t buy into everything the drug companies are telling you with their fancy ads on TV and in magazines. We touched on that subject a few days back when we talked about the sinister intent of Big Pharma. I say you should go beyond what your doctor tells you and take control of your own personal health. And that doesn’t mean being foolish or falling for every nutrition fad that comes along.”

“You’re not against the medical profession are you, Sam?”

“If I break my leg, I want a competent medical professional to fix it up,” Sam said. “But if I get a cold or flu, I don’t need to run to the doctor’s office at the first sniffle. I’m sure my health insurance company appreciates that, too. If people knew how to take better care of themselves, it might put a small dent in the ever increasing cost of health care.”

“Don’t you think we could do just as well by improving our diets?” I asked.

“To some extent, yes,” Sam said. “No magic pill will replace a more healthful diet. There’s no question about that in my mind at all. Cutting out fast food and more vegetables and fruits is always the right way to go. However, the people who started ‘Organic Gardening’ magazine decades ago knew that modern agricultural practices are depleting the soil and our food of the nutritional value it once had. There’s a growing demand for organically grown foods and a backlash against genetically modified foods. Not all that science calls progress truly is progress. These days we each need to become our own health advocate for our personal health and well being. I do consider it a survival issue.”

“OK, so you recommend putting up a Health & Nutrition page?”

“Yes,” Sam said, “and your Prep Mart is just the place to put it. That way you’ll send your readers to find out what’s available for good health and survival.”


Designing Viruses

Survival Sam, Duane and I were having breakfast at the Café 23. I kept interrupting the conversation to blow my nose. That also made it hard for me to enjoy my strawberry covered waffles.

“That’s quite a cold you’ve got there, John,” said Sam.

“Yeah, it’s no fun. I never get normal colds,” I whined.

Duane finished his bite of hash browns. “Do you guys remember the news story about a new superbug of a cold virus? The Centers for Disease Control say it killed a dozen or so people. It sounds wicked. Apparently nobody knows for sure whether they’ve got a regular cold virus or this new thing until they’re sick.”

“Sounds horrible. What do you make of it, Sam?” I asked.

“Well, we’ve seen several strange and powerful viruses over the past few years. First there was SARS. Then MRSA. They came out of nowhere it seems, and it’s hard to get a handle on them. It wouldn’t surprise me if somebody isn’t designing them.”

“You really think so?” I asked. “Doesn’t that sound awfully sinister?”

“Yeah,” chimed in duane, “I’m not sure I’m ready to buy that one.”

“You can’t rule anything out these days,” Sam said. “It’s a win-win situation for a number of people”.

“How do you figure that?” I asked.

“It keeps the medical people busy and rolling in dough from research and such, not to mention all the doctor visits from sick people panicking every time they get a runny nose. What’s more, there’s great opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to come in with new products to solve the problem created for just such purposes.”

“I don’t know, Sam,” said Duane. “Sounds too much like one of those cheesy movies that used to be on TV on the weekends. You know, some girl scientist saves the world from some new crisis that’ll kill everybody, and they spend an hour and a half of the two hours on her personal love life or something.”

“I agree,” I said.

“Better yet,” continued Duane, “I know there was a TV show on for a while called ‘Designing Women.’ According to your scenario, Sam, they could call this one ‘Designing Viruses.’”

Sam’s expression brightened. He was getting into this. “Of course, you know gentlemen, these days there has to be a sequel. They’d call it ‘Designing Vaccines.’”

“Ha, ha.” Laughed Duane. I just smiled.

“Well, here’s another one for you,” Sam added. “Movie or no movie, have you thought about getting acquainted with the people who are Designing Vitamins? That’s so you can build up your immune system.”

“Very clever, Sam,” said Duane.

“I’m serious. It’s always a good idea to supplement what we eat, since food doesn’t have the nutritional content it used to have in times past for any number of reasons. But I’ll tell you something else that’s practical and easy to do, and it specifically cuts down on the threat from colds. Ever do a nasal wash?”

“Nasal wash? Don’t you wash your nose when you wash your face?” Duane asked.

“No, this isn’t that. It’s actually an easy thing to do. There’s a product called NasoPure, which consists of a plastic bottle you fill with salt water solution, and you squirt this up your nose a couple times a day. You blow the solution right back out.”

“Sounds gross!” said Duane, as his fork clattered to his plate. “Some of us are eating here.”

“Maybe it’s a little unpleasant, but you do it over a bathroom sink or in the shower. It’s like brushing your teeth. You irrigate your nose to keep down the number of infections and problems with allergies. It’s better than getting sick all the time. The bottle’s specially designed to make that easier, and you can buy packets with the salt already measured out, or you can make your own with pickling salt and baking soda. There are other nasal wash products on the market, but I’ve been using NasoPure for several years and like it.”

Duane made a face in disgust.

“If there are killer cold viruses out there, this could literally be a survival issue,” continued Sam. “Dr. Hana Solomon, who created NasoPure, has a web site, too. It’s John, why don’t you mention it on your blog? Consider it a public service. Tell your readers to mention when they contact Dr. Solomon.”

“Good idea. I think I’ll do that,” I said before sneezing into another paper napkin.