Protein for Survival Situations–How Will You Get Yours?

Protein is absolutely one of the most important components of any diet. But when it comes to getting protein for survival situations, how will you get yours? Are you able to hunt and fish? Do you raise livestock for meat? Do you have quantities of freeze dried meats on hand? Are you counting on getting […]

A New Board Game About Survival Introduces Prepping in a Fun and Challenging Way

There’s a new game in town. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook, have created a new board game about survival called Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL! It turns out they like to play board games, and they created this one because they want to help get […]

Dealing With Infected Wounds

Editor’s note: In a survival situation, dealing with infected wounds could turn out to be a bigger problem than we might think. We dare not take them for granted. The following article on recognizing, preventing and treating wound infections is reprinted with permission. – John   Infected Wounds by joe alton, m.d., aka dr. bones […]

A Glance at Civil War Medical History with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Looking back at history shows us how far we’ve come. And we as preppers know looking back shows us how far we might fall. I put a medical slant on that yesterday by taking a glance at Civil War medical history with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. Joe and Amy Alton, also known as Dr. […]

A Look at Anxiety in Survival Situations

We hear much about that all important survival mindset. But what about anxiety in survival situations? Isn’t it enough that everyday life causes us stress? How will we cope when there’s a major disaster or a collapse, and life as we know it doesn’t exist any more? We may all have a tough time with […]

GMO Foods–The Emergency We’re Missing

The title isn’t hype for the sake of drawing readers to this post. In the video below, one of the scientists wrote to the USDA pointing out that consequences of GMO foods are an emergency. And we’re missing it. It’s happening now, not something off in the distant future. Plenty of other scientists and doctors […]

A Look at Depression in Survival Settings

It’s not uncommon for some of us to get the blues around holiday time. But how will we cope when things aren’t so common–when there’s a major collapse and life as we know it doesn’t exist any more? We may all have a tough time with depression and anxiety then. And we’ll need to support […]

The Best First Aid Kit for Your Family

The safety of your family is probably the most important thing to you, and no matter how old those little ones get, it’s always going to be a priority. To ease the stress and worry of keeping your family safe, we have put together a small list of items to include in your house first […]

Solar Weather – Don’t Let the Sun Make You Cry

An old song says, “Don’t let the sun catch you crying.” But when it comes to solar weather, don’t let the sun make you cry. Is it possible that the sun could cause depression or even be bad for your health? Most of us are aware of the winter blues we can get when weather’s […]

Oh, My Aching Back Foot!

What? You don’t have an aching back foot? OK, I don’t either, actually. But what about an aching back or foot? Since back pain and foot problems are a couple of the maladies that can plague us in a survival scenario, I decided to get some helpful tips on back and foot problems from Joe […]

What About Pregnancy and Childbirth During a Disaster?

How would you or a loved one deal with pregnancy during a disaster? What if that baby was ready to be born at such an inopportune moment? These questions were the topic of yesterday’s DestinySurvival Radio program. By the way, it’s not just for the ladies. Guys, you’ll benefit from knowing about this, too. It’s […]

Amaranth for Survival

Perhaps you’ve heard of amaranth as a grain alternative to wheat. Many health food stores carry it. But have you thought of growing your own amaranth for survival? If you’ve thought of it as nothing more than a weed, think again. If you’re not familiar with amaranth, check out the video below. In less than […]

How Can You Get Enough Protein for Survival?

In a bug out or survival situation, you’ll be under more stress than usual. Food may be scarce. Getting proper nutrition will be difficult if not impossible. Do what you can to make provision for that now. You’re going to need more protein for survival than you realize. But how do you get it when […]

What About Living on Wheat for Survival?

Wheat is one of the first grains many think of when it comes to storing food. We think of it because it’s been a staple food for centuries. A number of companies featured here at DestinySurvival offer buckets of wheat for your survival pantry. But what about living on wheat? Do you know how you’ll […]

Revisiting Rational Preparedness

At the end of May my DestinySurvival Radio guest was Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel, aka Jane of Virginia. We started a discussion that stemmed from her book Rational Preparedness. Read about that first conversation here. I decided it was time for revisiting rational preparedness, so Jane was my guest again yesterday. And she’ll be on in the […]

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