Some OP SEC Basics

Every now and then it’s time to go over the fundamentals, as they say in sports. Today seemed like a good time to review some OP SEC basics. However, if you’re like me and don’t have a military or law enforcement background, you’ve probably heard the term OP SEC, but you’re not sure what it’s […]

Putting Photos Online Could Blow Your Cover

It’s bad enough to know we’re being spied on by Uncle Sam and friends, but you don’t want to unknowingly give away more info about yourself than necessary to anyone. Did you know that putting photos online could blow your cover? As a prepper you want to protect yourself, your family and your possessions. That’s […]

Are Marauders A Credible Threat To Preppers?

Editor’s note: Capt. William E. Simpson II expresses strong opinions on the question, “Are Marauders A Credible Threat To Preppers?” I’ve never been impressed with National Geographic’s prepper shows, and what Capt. Bill says here does nothing to change my mind. See what you think. Capt. Bill is the author of The Nautical Prepper and […]

Op Sec for Women on the Homestead

Ladies, how safe are you on your homestead? These days you can’t be too careful, even in a quiet rural setting. “Backwoods Home Magazine” for September/October 2013 (Issue #143) includes an article concerning what I’d describe as Op Sec for women on the homestead. Op Sec in a nutshell is about staying safe and protecting […]

Should Your Home Security System Be Visible?

“>   With any form of defense, from firearms to home security, the ageless question has always been about whether or not it’s worthwhile to make your defenses readily apparent. Proponents argue that making your defense easily known can be a great help in deterring potential criminals from even considering a person or property to […]

Revisiting Rational Preparedness

At the end of May my DestinySurvival Radio guest was Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel, aka Jane of Virginia. We started a discussion that stemmed from her book Rational Preparedness. Read about that first conversation here. I decided it was time for revisiting rational preparedness, so Jane was my guest again yesterday. And she’ll be on in the […]

Survivor Jack Makes Prepping Practical and Fun

Within the past two or three years, more people and companies have spoken out, urging us to get prepared. A sense of urgency is on the rise. One of those new voices for prepping–at least new to me–was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday. A few weeks ago I came in contact with Jack Jobe, […]

No Ammo Shortage Here

  Click on the crossbow to find out more.  

More Reasons Not to Underestimate the .22 for Survival

The .22 is cast aside by some as only being useful for varmint hunting. But would you and I be so bad off if we used a .22 for self defense? How far will a .22 LR kill? Farther than you can shoot it accurately. A .22 rifle is an invaluable survival tool. Don’t underestimate […]

Body Armor: Just Protective Clothing

This guest post comes courtesy of   Body armor is protective clothing that has been designed to protect the body from any kind of penetrating attack or gun shot. At first they were used by the military and the police personnel but now they are becoming common among the private citizens too. The biggest […]

Advice on How to Hide Your Guns

Government rhetoric about firearms since the Sandy Hook school shooting this past December has sent sales of guns and ammo through the roof. No doubt many are considering how to hide guns, too. In light of that, there comes timely advice in Issue #140, March/April, 2013, of “Backwoods Home Magazine” from Claire Wolfe. She gives […]

Meet One of the Good Guys

David Nash is a new show host at the Preparedness Radio Network, where you hear DestinySurvival Radio. He’d been looking at DestinySurvival and contacted me because he thought we should interview each other for one another’s shows. So that’s what we’ve done. David was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday, and I’ll be on his […]

Guns, Bug Out Bags and Radios – Where Do They Fit Into a Prepper’s Home Defense?

Back on December 13th, Jim Cobb was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. (You can read about it here.) He returned as my guest yesterday. Jim’s the author of an informative book called Prepper’s Home Defense. As usual, my blog post about our first interview was published on Friday. That happened to be December 14th, the […]

A Slingshot for Survival Doesn’t Have to be an Ordinary Primitive Weapon

Below are three videos demonstrating that a slingshot for survival doesn’t have to be an ordinary primitive weapon. The first video features a man who can shoot beans and quarters in mid air. When he was young, learning to shoot a slingshot skillfully was a matter of survival. The other two videos feature Jörg Sprave […]

Surviving an Active Shooter Situation – Resources You Can Use

Active shooter events, such as the recent Sandy Hook school incident in Connecticut, are becoming more common. They’re still rare, relatively speaking. But they do happen. Unfortunately, media sensationalism tends to distort our perspective and cloud our thinking. What you and I need is reliable information on surviving active shooter events should we ever find […]

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