A Ham Radio Operator Talks About Emergency Radio Service After the Joplin Tornado

If you’ve ever been curious about how ham radio operators provide emergency radio service in the aftermath of a disaster, yesterday’s DestinySurvival Radio will give you an inside look from one man’s experience. My guest was Joe Casler, amateur radio call sign KC0WGB. We talked about his public service in the wake of the massive […]

Some iPhone Apps That Could Save Your Life

I never know for sure how much to write about today’s modern technology. For example, how much should you depend on a GPS unit? What about developing traditional direction finding skills that don’t depend on batteries? Most of us as preppers know we need to be ready for the day when modern technology isn’t there. […]

Get Tips on Talking to Your Children About Severe Weather

Recently an article came to my attention with tips on talking to your children about severe weather. It’s from FullTimeNanny.com. That’s not a site I’d normally associate with preparedness, but the post contains links to a number of blogs and sites with important, life saving info about… Bad Weather Fears How to Prepare Tips for […]

Observe Ham Radio in the Field This Weekend

Chances are you’ve heard about amateur radio operators providing help in the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires or other natural disasters. But have you considered incorporating ham radio into your prepping strategy? If so, you can observe ham radio in the field this weekend. It’s time for ham radio to put itself on display for […]

Guns, Bug Out Bags and Radios – Where Do They Fit Into a Prepper’s Home Defense?

Back on December 13th, Jim Cobb was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. (You can read about it here.) He returned as my guest yesterday. Jim’s the author of an informative book called Prepper’s Home Defense. As usual, my blog post about our first interview was published on Friday. That happened to be December 14th, the […]

Surviving the Collapse of the Internet – Is the Web Already Broken?

You’re reading my words now because the Internet exists. But as you and I continue to prepare for an uncertain future, we must consider that the Web may not be around one day. Or it could be changed dramatically from what it is now. Either way, our normal routines will be disrupted. But what about […]

If You Think Your Survival Depends on the Internet…

Editor’s Note: Today marks five years since DestinySurvival first started with a post called What’s in a Name? At that time I wasn’t sure if we’d all still be here in five years. Only God knows whether we’ll be around for the next five. But my guess is that the Internet won’t be around like […]

Internet Privacy – Go Deep, Stay Safe

Editor’s Note: This guest post is by Conrad Jaeger, who is also my guest on DestinySurvival Radio for August 30, 2012.   Use the secrets of the Deep Web to protect you and your family, your private and business interests, your views and your freedoms News that the FBI has been actively tracking Preppers on-line […]

Online Security–How Concerned Should Preppers Be?

Now and then I hear from readers who are concerned about online security. How concerned should preppers be about being tracked online? They wonder whether it’s safe to make purchases from my site or other prepper sites. In fact, is it even safe to view such sites? I’ve assured readers that, to the best of […]

Watch Ham Radio in Action This Weekend

You’ve heard how amateur radio operators provide help in the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires or other natural disasters. Perhaps you’ve considered incorporating ham radio into your prepping strategy. There doesn’t have to be a crisis for ham radio to demonstrate what it can do. This weekend is when ham radio puts itself on display […]

A Battery Charger for Alkaline Batteries?

Yes, there is such a thing. One of my DestinySurvival Radio guests, Dennis Evers, told me about it a few weeks back. So I bought one in late April. It’s the Rosewill RGD-CT505 Battery Charger for AAA/AA Alkaline and Ni-MH Batteries. Several years back I remember seeing ads for a name brand battery company’s alkaline […]

Make Portable Solar Power Part of Your Prepping Strategy

Solar power is becoming more convenient, portable and accessible to you and me. That’s a real plus when you want to charge electronic devices or small appliances. Powering radios or lights with solar power is possible in ways like never before. Here’s an excerpt from an article in the March-April 2012 issue of “Backwoods Home […]

Are Solar Storms Headed Our Way? – Find Out Before Anybody Else

Officials are taking solar storms seriously these days. We’re due for major events like those of 1859 and 1921. Could a killer solar storm threaten our survival? Experts disagree. But below I’ll tell you how you can know what’s going on with the sun before anybody else. Solar cycle 24 is the current 11 year […]

Should Ham Radio Be Part of Your Survival Strategy?

Since I had no guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday, it seemed like a good opportunity to talk about radio communications and survival. While I spoke primarily about amateur or ham radio, I touched on other methods of communications. We’ve probably all seen stories at one time or other about ham radio operators providing communications during […]

Get a Solar Power Kit for Camping Out or Weathering Power Outages at Home

The other day I saw a video demonstrating several solar power sources you could take with you when you go camping so you don’t have to leave all the comforts of home behind. I’ll share it below. It’s remarkable how much solar power technology has advanced in the past several years. It’s become a lot […]

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