Protein for Survival Situations–How Will You Get Yours?

Protein is absolutely one of the most important components of any diet. But when it comes to getting protein for survival situations, how will you get yours? Are you able to hunt and fish? Do you raise livestock for meat? Do you have quantities of freeze dried meats on hand? Are you counting on getting […]

K-TOR Human Powered Generators – Power to the People and Power by the People

Yesterday’s DestinySurvival Radio was about power to the people. And power by the people. But no political solutions are involved. What’s it all about? Imagine a family sitting around the dinner table, eating a carefully prepared meal from their survival pantry. The electricity has been out for days, and they’re debating the merits of hand […]

K-TOR Human-Power Generators – A Product Review

Editor’s note: Capt. William E. Simpson II explores real power to the people…And by the people, too. Capt. Bill is the author of The Nautical Prepper and was my DestinySurvival Radio guest twice in October 2013. View posts about those shows here and here. – John   A Powerful Pair The first question that some […]

Paracord–A Convenient Way to Get it for Yourself

Wearing a paracord bracelet is a prepper fashion statement. It’s a conversation starter. And it could save your life. It’s also a convenient way to get paracord for yourself. With that in mind, my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday was Andrew Hallinan of His company offers 550 paracord bracelets, anklets, and pet collars with […]

Top 10 Food Items You Need To Survive On The Road

With so many natural disasters taking place in the past few decades it makes you think “Am I ready”? When disaster strikes your area you and hundreds of thousands to millions of your neighbors are going to be hitting the road in search of safety. Depending on where you live there might not be a […]

An Off the Grid Refrigerator Without Electricity?

Perhaps you’ve heard of keeping things cool near a running spring or in a deep root cellar. But here’s another way. The idea for an off the grid refrigerator without electricity is to put one pot inside a larger pot. Then put sand in between the walls of the inner and outer pot. Pour water […]

It’s a Survival Business Card Mini-Multitool for Your EDC

Here’s news of a nifty survival business card tool for your EDC (every day carry). Disaster Survival Solutions wanted me to tell you about it. The owner says it’s a tiny but powerful survival tool that’s no bigger than a business card and fits right in your wallet. So you’ll always have it on you. […]

Solar Lighting for Emergencies

Isn’t it great to be able to take advantage of free energy from the sun? It can come in especially handy to use solar lighting for emergencies when the power’s out. In the May/June 2013 issue of “Backwoods Home Magazine” (Issue #141), Jeffrey Yago gives guidance on using solar landscape lights for emergencies. It’s not […]

Easy RV Meals

Have you thought of planning a vacation around locations you might like to move to before the coming chaos hits? If you’re planning to travel–such as by RV–this season, consider the following info from Wise Food Storage.   RVers face some challenges when it comes to food: vast, empty stretches without restaurants, late-night hauls when […]

No Ammo Shortage Here

  Click on the crossbow to find out more.  

Three Common Emergency Situations and How to Handle Them

Lee Flynn submits the following for your consideration.   Not every emergency situation is life threatening. For every city-shaking earthquake and coast-sweeping tsunami, there are thousands of smaller common annoyances that disrupt power, create messes, and just generally inconvenience those of us who would like to be able to stick to our daily routine without […]

Hick’s Law

Decision making is a crucial survival skill which we each need to cultivate. Craig Caudill shares insights on it below.     If you come to a fork in the road, you must make a decision about which way to go. If you are on a path that splits off in numerous directions, you are […]

10 Must-Have Items for Your Bug-Out-Bag

Editor’s Note: There’s an abundance of info online and in books about what to include in a bug out bag. Nonetheless, people still have questions. Just the other day I saw an inquiry on Facebook about what to put in a bug out bag. With that in mind, I present the following helpful guidelines from […]

Training and Survival – 3 Considerations

Editor’s Note: Here’s another helpful article from Craig Caudill. You may recall he was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio a few weeks ago. View my post about that here.   If you have read about the Law of Threes, you probably realize how vital it is to your survival. If you haven’t read about it, […]

Boost Your Outdoor Survival Skills and Family Preparedness at the Same Time with Quality Training

I confess, I’m not much of an outdoorsman. When it comes to outdoor survival skills, I defer to others for their expertise. So, as with other areas related to family preparedness, I like to put you in touch with people who have products and services that will be beneficial to you. Have you considered taking […]

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