What’s In A Name?

            We were sitting in Survival Sam’s living room munching on peanuts, while his lovely wife, Survival Sally, was grilling steaks for supper.  We were brainstorming about how I should start a blog about survival.


            “How do I get past the notion that survival makes people think of images of a wild-eyed hermit living in a cabin in the hills with gold buried in a nearby cave?” I asked.


            Then Sam did a strange thing.  He got up and went to his bookshelves and pulled down a children’s dictionary.


            “What’s that for?” I asked, cracking another peanut shell.


            “Well,” he said, flipping through the pages, “how about defining words related to what you’re doing, and we’ll keep things real simple this way.”


            “Here we go…Destiny is a fate that has been decided or determined ahead of time.”  He looked up from reading.  “You know, I believe in what the Puritans called Providence.  Nothing happens merely by coincidence.  It’s the destiny of you and your readers to meet on”


            “Now, as for the survival part…” he said as he flipped more pages, “survival means to live through, to remain alive, to outlive.”  He put the dictionary on the coffee table.  “Live through what?  All kinds of adversities.  Outlive whom?  Those who aren’t as well prepared as your blog readers will be one day.  You know this already, but in a nutshell we live in a very unfriendly world, and you and I need to be prepared.”


            “Sounds great, Sam.  I wish I could think of stuff like that.  May I use it?”