To Bug Out or Not to Bug Out in Long Term Situations

Much has been said about whether to bug out when the chips are down or shelter in place. A number of factors need to be considered when you decide whether to bug out or not to bug out.

Is it a short term or long term situation? If long term, how well are you equipped to deal with the following areas of concern?

  • Location and shelter
  • Water
  • Washing clothes and bathing
  • Storing up food
  • Gardening
  • Livestock and pet food
  • Firewood and fuels
  • Lighting
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Entertainment

Jackie Clay-Atkinson looks at bugging out in place in “Backwoods Home Magazine” for January/February, 2017, issue #163. An excerpt follows. Read the whole article by clicking on the link below.

Then draw your own conclusions and think ahead now about what you should do when there’s trouble.

Bugging out in place

By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Some emergency situations require quick evacuation. You barely have time to grab your bug-out bag, gather the family, and run out the door. Most of us are ready for that situation, with a fully-stocked backpack equipped with such things as lightweight food, shelter, survival gear, clothes, and possibly a weapon and ammunition for both self-defense and food procurement.

But some other bad situations (economic collapse, EMP, widespread terrorist attack, etc.) will last longer than a few days or weeks. For these situations, you might find yourself traveling to a survival retreat in a very rural area or bugging out in place on your own homestead.

Read the whole article here:

Excerpt used with permission of Backwoods Home Magazine. (541)247-8900.

Jackie Clay-Atkinson has looked at both sides of the bugging out issue. View my post on what she said about taking it on the road here.


The Last Wizards

Editor’s note: What are our prospects for the future in a “dumbed down” society? Who among us will have what it takes to survive when the grid goes down?

Capt. William E. Simpson sheds light on these questions in the following article.

He occasionally contributes articles for DestinySurvival. He’s the author of The Nautical Prepper and Dark Stallions – Legend of the Centaurians, and has been my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. – John


If we traveled into the city, any city In fact, and tested the knowledge and skills of average people on the street who grew-up with the Internet, it would be shocking to learn that the majority of these people don’t have even the simplest knowledge or skills needed to survive for a couple weeks in the wilderness, let alone for months or years. Or for that matter, survive for a week without any technology off-grid in the wilderness.

Today, we find that most of the people who grew-up with the Internet believe that all they need or want to know about almost anything can be found on the Internet using a handy electrically powered device, such as a smart-phone. And they have become largely dependent upon the Internet for their knowledge base, as opposed to memorizing key information, as was the paradigm of the past. The result is that many people of the Internet generation have a very limited understanding of science, and have little to no applicable skills related to the sciences. This also applies to the world around them and is evidence by the fact that most cannot correctly answer even the simplest questions as seen in some of the on-street interviews that have been conducted by Mark Dice. The foregoing isn’t about berating anyone; it’s to showcase how ill prepared these people are for any kind of life without the Internet and the support of the government and business in order to just stay alive in the cities of today.

On the other hand, people who lead rural lifestyles far from the cities are by necessity able to provide for their own needs on a normal day-to-day basis. They have the skills and knowledge that give them the unique ability to live in a sustainable manner in remote rural areas. But these people only make-up about 10% of the total population. The other 90% of Americans live in the cities and urban areas.

Prior to the advent of the Internet (pre-1990), people had to learn skills and memorize knowledge. For instance, how many people do you know personally that can rebuild the engine or the transmission from your car, other than a professional mechanic? How many people can milk a cow or a goat, make fire with just the things found in nature, identify any of the stars in the sky overhead or navigate through the wilderness without a compass or GPS? Not many I would guess. Of course there are many other skills that would be necessary for survival without technology during a long-term national crises, such as during the aftermath of a collapse of the national energy grid. And cities will be the most hostile of places to attempt any sort of survival, even on a short-term bases.

Few people realize that if the national energy grid collapses (aka: ‘grid-down event’), the odds of ever re-energizing the grid are small at best and would result in a pre-industrial revolution (‘dark age’) in America for decades. Adding to complexities of attempting to repair and re-energizing the grid are some critical facts that are easily overlooked.

The key power transformers that would be damaged on the national grid, for which there are no spares laying around, take months to custom-build and are made overseas. Under ideal circumstances (with power) these building-sized transformers require months to install if you have the highly-skilled people and supporting logistics available at each of the dozens of damaged sites. But many of these people would likely succumb to all of the chaos and carnage post-collapse, resulting in the loss of the relatively very few technical personnel who had all the intrinsic know-how to re-energize the grid.

It wasn’t too long ago when many people had a host of practical personal skills accompanied by a wealth of memorized knowledge that was available to them without the need for a device to access the Internet to ‘look stuff up’, a crutch that is heavily relied upon by most millennials today. Other than the local library, the human brain was the storehouse of knowledge, and numerous practical skills were taught from 7th grade through high-school.

For instance, classes in gardening, first aid, electronics, metal and wood shop, drafting, welding and auto-shop were common classes provided up through the 12th grade prior to 1990. The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts actually provided hands-on training in all the woodsman skills, which are hard to find today. The 4-H and the Future Farmers of America (FFA) taught American youth critical agricultural and animal production skills. These skills are now rarities in today’s American technocratic society, where at least 81% of Americans live in cities.

If we envision the predicted post-disaster America as a place where there is no electrical grid then the ramifications of that are grim at best. Without power society loses almost everything is has come to depend upon and in the process, the thin veneer of civility peels away revealing the savageries of the human survival instinct. Without power, there is obviously no light or ventilation in any building, there is no fresh water coming out of the pipes, no functional sewage systems, no functioning hospitals, no refrigeration, no fuel, no transportation systems, no Internet or cell phones, and only very limited short-wave radio communications. How would the masses of people survive? The simple answer by the people who have studied this issue in great deal is that, most people will die.

The sad fact is that, according to a commission appointed by Congress, about 90% of Americans would perish within 12-months of an EMP attack, solar event or computer-hack on the national energy grid. The result of which is that nothing powered by the grid would continue working. And the damage can also extend into many devices that are connected to the grid when it fails, so even if temporary alternate energy sources are available, these devices are also useless. Furthermore, according to the same blue-ribbon commission, the odds of bringing the grid back online after such an event are slim to none, even after two years. So the question arises, who would be surviving after two years?

I have not written this article to scare people; what’s the point in that? I have written this article to help Americans to wake-up to the fact that if they fail to prepare properly now while it’s possible, then they will be facing the ugly situation that has been presented in a candy-coated manner. Make no mistake, things would be far worse than can be cited herein.

The government is pathetic in its approach to taking effective actions against this very real probability, and have failed in every respect to properly inform and educate the People of the United States so they at least have the option of doing something for themselves.

In the aftermath of such a grid-down national disaster and after it has taken its full toll upon the population, there will be very few people left alive who have a deep-well of knowledge and complex skill sets. And because of their knowledge of many things unknown to others, it may very well be that these individuals will become the last Wizards.

All of that said, I’m not one to just showcase the risks without offering a solution, or in this case, a survival strategy. Here is an article that provides both some strategy and tactics that would allow some people to vastly increase their odds of surviving such upheaval.

Bliss is not derived through ignorance, it comes from being aware and prepared.


Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.
Member: Authors Guild


DestinySurvival Radio’s Greatest Hits for 2016

Below is a listing of what I call DestinySurvival Radio’s Greatest Hits for 2016.

Through much of DestinySurvival Radio’s existence I’ve tried to do a new show weekly. But this year I produced fewer new shows.

I trust you’ll understand if I skip a week or two now and then or if I take an extended break like last summer. I’m a “one man band” here, and keeping the show and this site going is a challenge. But I’ll do what I can, when I can, to pass along preparedness information you can use.

You can keep updated on what’s happening with DestinySurvival Radio through the DestinySurvival Dispatch, on Facebook, and here at

Occasionally I repackage and replay a show from the archives. Those shows won’t be on the following list. The benefit of archived shows is they allow you to hear a guest interview you may not have heard for a long time. Or it may be one you haven’t heard at all.

You hear me say it on each show, but your support of the companies on this site is what it takes to keep DestinySurvival Radio going. I really do appreciate it when you shop with the affiliates and advertisers featured on this site.

This Year’s Greatest Hits

Below you’ll find a link to the blog post I’ve written about each show. Each post has a show link as well as links to other resources, such as guest Web sites, books, etc.

Show posts are listed mostly in reverse chronological order, which doesn’t represent any sort of ranking other than by date. I’ve included parts one and two of a couple of entries because they go hand in hand. Each link is followed by a brief show description.

A new window will open when you click on a post’s link. That way you can close the window when you’re done, and you’ll be back to this page.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a few concluding thoughts.


Wrapping it Up

Bear with me as I repeat a couple of things I say every year I do a post like this.

Picking out the top handful of shows is always hard. I’ve had to leave several good shows out. As with past years, my apologies to any of the guests I’ve interviewed who might have expected to see their show on this “greatest hits” list.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down my list to the shows linked above because I like to think all of my shows are worth listening to. I put a lot of work into them for you. But I’ve chosen to highlight those with the most “meat” for preppers.

Don’t forget, you can hear any show by going to my DestinySurvival Radio page.

It’s hard to believe DestinySurvival Radio has finished its sixth year. I still think of doing the show as an adventure.

Doing DestinySurvival Radio has allowed me to meet interesting and informative guests, and it’s been my privilege and pleasure to share what they have to offer with you. One of the benefits for me is that I’ve made some friends and useful connections along the way. I look forward to more of the same in the coming year.

Your feedback is always welcome. Feel free to let me know if you have show topic or guest suggestions.

Thanks as always for your support of DestinySurvival Radio this past year and for the coming year.


What Are Your Prepping and Survival Goals for the New Year?

Setting prepping and survival goals sounds noble and good, doesn’t it? Perhaps you’ve resolved to set some.

But new year’s resolutions have become a laughing matter. Many of us say vague things like we’ll eat less and lose weight.

The problem is we make generalized statements and don’t set definable, reachable goals. It’s easier to do than you might think.

But the holidays always throw off our normal routine, so we’re not always thinking as clearly as we might. And if you carry that mindset through the year, you’ll be caught off guard by events that could develop unnecessarily into crisis situations.

Start today and take 15 minutes to dream and plan your prepping goals for the coming year. Keep them small and reachable. Start with just three things, and you may find yourself adding a couple more when you begin to think about it.

Do you need more than 15 minutes? Perhaps you’ll want to take 15 minutes each day for a week to figure out your goals.

Suppose you decide to add a month’s worth of storage food to your survival pantry. How much is a month’s supply for your family? Do you want to buy it from the supermarket, long term food storage companies, or a combination of those?

Take the 15 minutes mentioned above to write your answers down and follow a plan. Will you add X number of canned items when you go grocery shopping? Will you set aside X dollars each month for long term food storage purchases?

This may seem complicated or overwhelming at first, but you’ll think of practical questions and ways to work things out once you put your mind to it.

Before long you will have achieved your goal. It may surprise you to find you’ve accomplished it sooner in the year than you expected. Can you do it again? If it’s April, you’ve got until the end of December to start adding another month’s supply of storage food.

If finances are a problem, there are plenty of books and Web sites to give you guidance, such as those at Living On A Dime. But the simplest way to start digging out of a debt hole is to pay down small bills first. When you knock each one out of the way, you can go to the next one and chip away at it, and keep moving forward.

You’ve heard the old sayings. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Or a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

But then something comes along and scuttles your plans. Life happens. Still, where would you be if you didn’t have goals to start with? Can you get back on track?

The ironic thing is prepping itself means planning for disruption. If you and I didn’t anticipate trouble, why would we bother prepping for survival in the first place?

But what if The Big One comes along? What if you have to leave home for several days or weeks to get out of the path of a hurricane? What if you want to escape days of erupting violence where you live?

Why not take your 15 minute daydreaming time to think of possible disastrous scenarios and how you and your family would face them? Is that too scary to contemplate? It’s best to be scared now if it means you’re taking steps toward preparedness.

Does every member of your family have a bug out bag or go-kit? If not, one of your goals should be to see that everyone is equipped with one.

Remember, when setting goals, be specific. Make sure your goals are definable and reachable. If you look back this time next year and you haven’t met them all, don’t worry. Take satisfaction in the progress you did make and keep moving forward with goals for the next year.

For now, just get started.


Surviving A Collapse: The Gold and Silver Game

Editor’s note: For those needing perspective on whether to buy gold or silver, the following is food for thought from Capt. William E. Simpson.

He is the author of The Nautical Prepper and Dark Stallions – Legend of the Centaurians, and has been my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. He occasionally contributes articles here for DestinySurvival. – John


Do Americans really need to worry about a financial collapse in world money markets leading to national rioting and chaos? History shows it has happened before in many countries around the world and many so-called experts say we do, but they are leaving-out the most important details.

Of course when the media voices the opinions of the ‘experts’ that alone builds some worry into financial markets. Some astute observers may ask if this is by design and if by doing so, they intentionally create niche markets for the products and services they sell related to gold and silver hedges and financial advice. Still, even if this is by design, the facts on the ground in regard to record national debt and quantitative easing are of themselves creating a situation where instability is a natural result; going too far out on any limb will ultimately cause the stress on the limb to exceed its breaking strength.

Central banks and equity markets around the world today are operating with hair-triggers and nobody wants to be the last one out when the music stops, and the music must stop soon. There is no such thing as unlimited debt and growth; corrections must and will come, one way or another. And since the markets have been manipulated to keep them afloat, when the correction (polite term) comes, it will now be far more devastating.

The people (elitist-globalists) who are directly and indirectly holding all of world debt, $20-trillions of which is owed by the U.S. Government) will at some point have to be re-paid, one way or another, and therein is the big worry. Of course at the same time, the debt holders also see that the odds of these debts being repaid, which have already been re-structured many times, are growing dimmer by the day.

So these same elitists are setting themselves up to profit from a coming world crash. They are now marketing and selling their gold and silver, which they acquired at market-lows, and are now selling it back to the masses at market highs, while they quietly diversify into other essential commodities that people and governments will require. The point of this visionary strategy is to be in a position to wait-out a market collapse and the ensuing chaos, and then during that chaos an instability, buy back all of the gold and silver at new market lows. But why would gold and silver go into the tank? Some may ask this question, and there is a very good reason why that may happen related to market demand.

First of all, we must remove the selective perception that the marketing psychologists have instilled into the masses via media; “gold and silver yield security” in tough times. For average people, this is false. For the purposes of intergovernmental trade, yes there is some logic to this, if there is an agreed-upon value for these metals. It’s important to keep in mind that the intrinsic value of these metals only relates to their industrial, medical and vanity jewelry uses, nothing more. But through the use of crafty psychological marketing, the elite have built a perception that gold and silver are now more valuable than the things people really need like water, food, shelter and other items that actually support life. Gold and silver are actually little more than illusions of wealth created by highly intelligent people who know how to manipulate the masses, as they have for millennia. And as history shows, for those who take the time to learn it, there is a cyclic pattern used by elitists who have extremely long-term wealth and power building models that are literally generational in nature, where one generation sets things into motion and the next generation follows the plan and reaps the benefits. By keeping the masses financially, and educationally oppressed (much of the brainwashing starts in school), the masses have great difficulty in emulating a generational wealth building strategy. Adding to the advantages of the elitists over the masses is that they have been employing their wealth-building strategies for many hundreds of years… this is why we see the same names over and over again as being the wealthiest people in the world.

Between hungry people who are defending their belongings from outside threats, which may include neighbors who are also doing without the essentials of life as a result of a massive breakdown of the financial and supply-chain infrastructures, gold and silver will never fill an empty stomach or warm a freezing child. So who among these people would accept a gold coin in such conditions for a case of tuna fish, a warm coat or a pack of cigarettes? The real answer is none of them. The reality is, as we saw during the period (1919-1933) of the Weimar Republic, society collapsed and descended into poverty and despair, where it took sacks-full of cash to buy a loaf of bread, while elitists bought-back gold and silver at huge discounts. But this time around, it will be brutally worse because we now find ourselves in a world packed with needy people and desperate nations all-around, nations desperate for the resources owned and controlled by the U.S.

During the collapse of the Weimar Republic, the world population was about one-fourth of what it is today, about 2-billion people. Today we have a world population of about 7.5-billion people. And all of these people require the same resources; drinking water, food, shelter, clothing, medicine and other items to support life. The demand for these resources is now at the very limits of the new ‘just-in-time’ supply chain infrastructure, which is extremely vulnerable to a myriad of potential points of failure, including but not limited to any financial collapse.

I will put it bluntly; if you fail to read ‘When Money Dies’, you will remain uninformed and in the dark.

And when a correction (nice way to articulate a collapse) comes, the effect of that collapse will be devastating this time around for many reasons which did not exist previously, as we now begin to understand. The parallels we now see unfolding between what happened in the Weimar Republic and the United States today are truly unsettling, and these are conclusions are not being drawn with some product or service marketing agenda associated. Quite frankly, they fly in the face of those people working for the elitists who are touting gold and silver as a safe haven for average people. I personally couldn’t disagree more. Ask yourself this simple question: If gold and silver is so hot, and is going to go up in value, why would they be selling any of it? It’s not like it will spoil or cannot be stored. The simple reason is the correct reason, the elitists are now diversifying and dumping gold and silver at market highs. They are getting out while the getting is good, while the masses are being sold on what a great investment it is. Of course this is typical behavior by these people; they feel they are superior to the masses and we only need to know what they want us to know. But the easily observable facts tell the truth.

First, we have huge population centers that are already disenchanted and ripe with unrest and lawlessness. The infrastructure of these cities is at the breaking-point. This includes the supply-chain infrastructure which provides the basic needs for life; water, food, health and sanitation, law-enforcement, etc. And it won’t take very much to trigger a complete failure of these integrated services, where one affects another like dominoes.

Sadly, the current role-models in power over the past 8-years at the top of the American government are morally repugnant and have failed to lead by a positive example. And worse yet, they allow the continued media brainwashing of the people via the psychologists who craft all of the political and marketing messaging that is poured-out onto Americans via all of the media outlets, which they control.

Some people are placing all their bets on the newly elected government in America, because hope is all they have. The hope that someone, anyone new, might make the changes needed to make America great again, as coined by president-elect Donald J. Trump.

There was a song by the band ‘The Who’ titled; ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, which has the lyrics; “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. As we watch the government appointments being made by Trump, the question that currently stands in American is; will Trump do what he promised Americans he would do, or, did he just say what he knew Americans wanted to hear? And will he instead embark upon the path that was preordained by the elitists? Americans voted for Trump because they believed in his campaign promises.

Americans who make-up a large percentage of our total population are currently living at or near the poverty level and have reached the end of their wits. And as a country we have reached a level of desperation never seen before. These people are not a tiny isolated pocket of the population; they number in the many tens of millions, and many of those are illegal immigrants who have not been assimilated into America and retain their own cultural set of values, which dictates their behavior in any society. They see leaders at the top of American government who are benefiting from corruption and lawlessness, while they barely manage to eat. This same group of so-called leaders at the top have in many ways, through speech and action, or lack thereof, have condoned lawlessness by making excusing for the criminal behavior of political activists who seek to foment more unrest in the interest of creating an environment where they may have a chance to rise to power again via a violent revolution. There are without a doubt outside forces that have infiltrated the highest posts of American government (radical Islamists) and who also see unrest and instability in America as ‘opportunity’.

But for the average American family, in the final analysis, the acquisition of gold and silver over the essential commodities of life is a failed strategy and plays into the hands of the elitists who intend to buy-back all of the gold and silver in the hands of the masses at huge discounts when the markets collapse and people become desperate for the commodities they really need just to stay alive!

For the people who live in the cities and who are fortunate enough to have some discretionary funds, my opinion is that land which can provide sustainable living is now the best investment for an uncertain future. A place to live that is not dependent upon banks or just-in-time supply chains, a place with a garden, some chickens and pure water would be hard to beat in tough times.

Hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst in response to what history teaches us; of course revisionist historians are hard at work deleting those inconvenient clues.


Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.
Member: Authors Guild


Gift Giving for Preppers – DestinySurvival Radio Has a Gift for You

When I did my DestinySurvival Radio with Morgan Stewart of Paratus Business News, our conversation ran long. This posed a problem for me, but I’ve resolved it in a way I think you’ll appreciate.

One of the topics we discussed was gift giving for preppers. I decided to set that portion of our conversation aside and add a few comments of my own. So I created a bonus edition of DestinySurvival Radio as my gift to you. The link is below.

The suggestions in this 22 minute podcast aren’t meant to be an exhaustive list by any means. It’s just a little something to boost your imagination and get the creative gift giving juices flowing, regardless of whether you’re buying for a fellow prepper or someone you want to introduce to preparedness..

Morgan believes it’s important to build your knowledge base–or that of someone you’d like to bless with a gift. He recommended several books, and I added a few of my own. Some of them are…

We talked about a couple of gear items to have as well as possibilities for giving gift cards. Some of the companies mentioned are featured in the DestinySurvival Prep Mart, and I encourage you to look there.

I forgot to mention it on the show, but you could give games as gifts. For example, there’s Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! Board Game, created by Joe and Amy Alton, a.k.a. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy.

I invite you to hear this special bonus edition of DestinySurvival Radio. (Right click to download.) You can view what I wrote about my earlier conversation with Morgan Stewart here.

Besides the gift ideas Morgan and I talked about, you might like another post I wrote entitled Give Gifts Creatively for Survival.

Don’t worry if you can’t get those gifts in time for this year’s Christmas. Remember, you can give gifts at any time of the year.

Have a blessed holiday season. And keep prepping.


Paratus Business News – A “Big Picture” Resource for Preppers

Many industries and professions have trade journals devoted to news and information relevant to their particular industry or profession. But what about a trade magazine that serves as a “big picture” resource for preppers? Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in the world of preparedness at large?

On this week’s DestinySurvival Radio show I visit with Morgan Stewart who has put together just such a trade publication called Paratus Business News. It’s for you and me as well as businesses who are involved with and interested in preparedness.

It’s published online once or twice a week. And it’s free.

The Man Behind the Magazine

I met Morgan Stewart this past September at the Gateway Preparedness Expo in St. Charles, Missouri, outside of St. Louis. I recorded a brief conversation with him, which I included it in one of two podcasts I did about the Expo. He’s a knowledgeable, likeable guy, and I knew I wanted to invite him on DestinySurvival Radio so you could hear more from him.

At the time of this writing, Paratus Business News is only a few months old. But Morgan plans for his online publication to be around a good while. He isn’t some fly-by-night, fear mongering huxter.

Morgan will be the first to tell you he’s not an expert in survival tactics or gear. He is, however, very knowledgeable about business, the media/public relations and crisis planning.

Here’s his background info.

“The editor and publisher of Paratus Business News is Morgan Stewart, a marketing, promotions, public relations and media relations expert with more than 25 years experience. Morgan served at the government and Fortune 500 “Executive Suite” level including two Fortune 200 corporations and scores of businesses big and small.

“Morgan has worked with hundreds of reporters and media outlets nationwide. A key component of his experience with the media was working with trade publications covering the retail, consumer electronics, and the energy industries.

“Morgan holds a Bachelors degree from LSU in journalism. He was an associate editor of the Washington, D.C.-based political trade publication Campaigns & Elections Magazine. Morgan has been published in local newspapers and one of his articles was required reading at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (for what it’s worth).

“He’s been prepping and studying the preparedness industry for nearly 10 years.”

The Magazine for You

If you’re like me, you like to read a little “inside baseball” about your hobbies and interests. For example, if you’re a gardener, you may like reading a magazine that includes profiles of movers and shakers in the garden seed industry.

Who’s raising and selling produce for restaurants or the farmer’s market?

What news and trends do you need to know about to be a successful gardener?

You get the idea.

Now consider Paratus Business News. It profiles leading individuals and companies who provide preparedness products and services. It lets you know who’s trustworthy and who’s not. That’s good for you and me as consumers.

Or if you’re in business to provide preparedness products and services, you can keep up with what other businesses and people are doing in the field.

Paratus Business News isn’t a “how to” publication. And there’s not an emphasis on product reviews.

It’s designed to look at the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world of preparedness and survival.

I could give you specifics, but I encourage you to hear how Morgan explains what the publication is about.

And More Interesting Stuff

Morgan and I also talked about…

  • Sorting out the false or sensational from what’s true and trustworthy.
  • Determining what the real threats are.
  • Prospects for preparedness in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.
  • How Morgan became involved with preparedness.

By the way, you’ll find several of the companies Morgan recommended during our conversation in the DestinySurvival Prep Mart. Take a look, if you haven’t lately.

The Means for You to Go Deeper

As is always the case with such a post as this, I can’t possibly cover everything discussed on this week’s show. Therefore, I urge you to hear my conversation with Morgan Stewart by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for December 8, 2016. (Right click to download.)

Of course, you’ll want to check out Paratus Business News at Sign up for the e-mails so you’ll know about the latest articles and features. You’ll get hooked…and well informed, too.

The more you and I know, the better we can be prepared for come what may. Pass the word. Let other preppers know about Paratus Business News.