Rediscover Mittleider Gardening

If you’re eager for ways to amp up your garden for survival, you’ll be glad to know The Mittleider Gardening Course has been updated and improved. This is the book with the excellent “how to” knowledge you need to grow bigger, healthier plants.

Jim Kennard, President of the Food For Everyone Foundation, sent me the news of this. I’ve edited the text slightly because a small part of it wasn’t intended for general readership. Here’s what you need to know now.


Mittleider Gardening Course



The time and effort, plus the knowledge and experience of many dedicated Mittleider gardeners that have gone into creating this new edition of The Mittleider Gardening Course book are astounding.  And the result is something everyone who calls him/herself a Mittleider gardener can be proud to be associated with.

It has 149 color pictures!  They are a pleasure to look at, and they show how to do the important gardening processes in every lesson in the book.  Is there a picture from your garden in there?  Many of the pictures are from Mittleider gardeners just like you, which shows that ANYONE can have a great garden if they follow this Recipe!

There are also literally dozens of new and improved illustrations – again visually helping the reader to see and understand how to do the best job possible in their garden.

And there are many other additions to the book, including instructions (with great pics & illustrations) on building and growing in 4′-wide boxes, seedling equipment, T-Frames, and in-the-garden greenhouses.

You will love this book, and I’m confident you’ll want all your neighbors, friends, and family to own and benefit from it themselves as well.

I invite you to get your own copy of the new book – Now.  It will thrill you – trust me…

…Blessings on you, and best of success in your gardens, your work, and in your homes and families.

Jim Kennard, President
Food For Everyone Foundation
“Teaching the world to grow food one family at a time.”



Jim Kennard was one of my earliest guests on DestinySurvival Radio back in 2011. I’ve linked to several of his informative articles here, and they’re my most popular downloads to date.

To get The Mittleider Gardening Course, click on its title in this post. Or click on the image of the book cover above.

Happy survival gardening!


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.