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“Where’d you get the funky colored glasses, Bill?” asked Duane. “I saw you showing them to the kids.”

“They’re shooting glasses, Duano. I borrowed them from Charlie,” Bill said, looking up from the project he was working on in Duane’s basement. “They’re eye protection for my next trip to the shooting range. I’m hoping I can see the target a little better.” He pooched out his chest. “Them deer won’t stand a chance next fall.”

“Where could I get some like that?”

“Bass Pro Shop,” said Bill.

“I’ve heard of them,” said Duane. “I’ve heard their store in Springfield, Missouri, is a huge place and quite a tourist attraction.”

“Yeah, you dope, you heard it from me! Bonnie and I went there last summer,” Bill said. “And we’d like to see the one in the pyramid in Memphis soon.”

“Oh, right,” said Duane. “Did you see their ads on DestinySurvival?”

“Hey, you’re getting pretty smart, Duano. That’s where I want to go to buy my own shooting glasses so I can give these back to Charlie.”

“You’re turning into a closet survivalist, Bill,” said Duane.

“Naw! I just like some of the advertisers on that site, that’s all. It so happens that Bass Pro Shop offers a wide variety of hunting and fishing gear for sportsmen like me. Man, they’ve got everything. Name brand camping equipment, climbing equipment, everything a guy could use for hunting, fishing gear for all kinds of fishermen, and archery gear. You ever thought of teaching the kids how to shoot a bow and arrow?”

“Not till you mentioned it,” said Duane, “but it might be fun. I did some archery as a kid at summer camp.”

“They’ve invented guns since then, Duano. You ought to try one of them, too!”

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” said Duane. “Cut the baloney and tell me more about Bass Pro Shop.”

“They’ve got stuff designed by the best outdoorsmen in the business,” Bill said. “They’ve got dozens of stores around the country, and they keep adding more. All their stores are alike in some ways, but yet they’re different from each other. They try to appeal to everybody in the family and have what I think is a unique philosophy. I mean, it’s really cool, Duano. Each store is like a museum, or an art gallery, and a center for education, and conservation and entertainment, all rolled into one.”

“That does sound pretty cool,” said Duane.

“They manage to pick up the local flavor of the area where the store is, too,” said Bill. “They show off state record fish and wildlife exhibits and even historical pictures and things from local hunters and fishermen.”

“I’ll bet people come from miles around just to see the stores,” said Duane.

“Yeah, they do,” said Bill. “But it’s really cool that they have a great web site, too. And you can’t miss Bass Pro Shop’s logo on DestinySurvival either.”

“Hey, I got the message,” said Duane. “I’ll check it out.”


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.