The Tyranny Of A Cashless Society Coming?

Editor’s note: It’s becoming more convenient to pay for items without cash. Technology has made some incredible advances. And electronic currencies appear to be with us for some time to come.

But another aspect of a cashless society calls for our attention as preppers. And it may not be what you’d think. The following is food for thought from Capt. William E. Simpson.

He is the author of The Nautical Prepper and Dark Stallions – Legend of the Centaurians, and has been my guest on DestinySurvival Radio. He occasionally contributes articles here for DestinySurvival. – John


After governments abolish cash in useful denominations, then governments will likely focus upon eliminating personal and commercial commerce through the use of compact high-value commodities such as gold and silver, a natural progression if $100-dollar bills are taken out of circulation in the United States.

People today who are living in the legacy of the Obama economy already need a fist-full of $20-dollar bills just to buy a week’s supply of groceries. And it’s easy to spend $400/week on fresh groceries for two people, especially if you buy premium products and organic.

If we consider the increasing trend, where banks, institutions and big retailers are regularly hacked, combined with I.D. theft, digital commerce and credit cards aren’t all they’re cracked-up to be, and in reality are posing an ever-increasing level of liability on all levels through their use.

Like many people, I am a careful person when it comes to digital commerce, yet nonetheless had two of my credit cards hacked (twice in the last 4 years); one time by a supposedly reliable online retail company, another time when I rented a trailer. And both times, it required an incredible amount of time, police reports, phone calls, etc. just to get back to square one and get my money back. But my own experience was just one of nearly 18-million Americans who suffered from some form of I.D. theft in 2014 alone.

‘Digital commerce’ is very problematic and is not the panacea that companies and government want the public to believe. And the relatively few people who may ultimately control all of the digital wealth of Americans, will virtually have control of all the people in a cashless society. This results in a definite loss of freedom and liberty.

There are many, many other ways for law enforcement to hammer criminals and curtail their enterprises, if that is truly the goal. But any method that inhibits or erodes the freedoms of Americans in any way, including limiting or infringing upon person-to-person commerce and personal privacy in any manner is to be shunned and counter to the intents and spirit of our beloved U.S. Constitution.

Digital currency transactions in lieu of cash, would allow virtually 100% tracking of all Americans, including law-abiding citizens and all that we do. We have already learned over the past 8-years of the Obama led government that governments don’t necessarily work-for or even represent the will of the People. So how can anyone justify giving the government this much power over Americans? There is no such justification.

The vast majority of Americans are not criminals, and therefore any action by government that affects or targets the vast majority of people, in order to deal with a small factional percentage of criminals in the population is manifestly unfair. Politicians simply need to do the jobs they are being paid to do, and come-up with anti-criminal tactics that strictly focus upon the bad actors, not the majority of law-abiding Americans, instead of suggesting that the removal of cash is necessary to deal with criminals. It is just a convenient lie.

If the minds behind a cashless society are allowed to have their way, America would become little more a monumental ant-farm, where the elitist-class studies Americans to a much greater extent than ever before; how we move around, what we do, use, eat, watch, listen-to, and then using this deeply insightful personal information, potentially plot how to control everyone. Things like; if we’re allowed to be born (abortions already control this to some extent), how long we get to live, and what we are allowed to do in between… Orwellian yes, but true nonetheless.

Here’s a video that should be alarming:

Brazil played-around in past decades on many occasions with re-issuing, devaluing and recalling currency to limit amounts of currency in circulation: And the Marxists paid close attention to that exercise.

However, India’s currency games are more immediate and could have a sinister effect, since they are already a socialist state and we know how fond socialists and communists are of controlling all aspects of their populations. One might assume that India is merely executing a plan similar to what may soon be in the works for Americans?

I have to say, that it’s looking like living in the countryside on a piece of land that provides sustainable sustenance and provides a firewall from a population that may recoil and strike-out in anger sometime soon is the only viable path to surviving past what may be an ugly and austere potential future. Anyone who cares to look at the news these days will see riots, murders and unrest all around inside the United States, a result of numerous factors, not the least of which is the rise of the ‘Deep State’.

Even as much as most Americans admire and respect President Trump, the Marxist-socialist momentum that has already metastasized in America might be too much for him and his team to overcome? Our new President definitely needs our continued strong support more than ever.

Smile and pray for the best, but adequately prepare for the worst.


Capt. William E. Simpson II – USMM Ret.
Member: Authors Guild

Author: DestinySurvival Contributor

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