How a Chicken Tractor Can Play a Part in a Survival Garden-Based Business

An enterprising young lady shows how a chicken tractor can play a prominent role in a garden-based business. She tells her story in the September/October, 2016, issue of “Backwoods Home Magazine” (Issue #161).

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Gardening with a chicken tractor

By Brianna Stone

This spring, my parents let me enlarge my garlic business and till up three 600-square-foot beds for planting garlic in a three-year rotation. My plan is to plant one of the beds with garlic this fall, but right now I am working on preparing the beds. After I initially tilled up the beds, I realized that the clumps of sod still needed to be broken up more and the fertility of the soil was less than satisfactory. As I researched solutions, I came across an idea that would require me to add some business partners — five, to be exact. They work exceptionally hard and they never complain. What type of fantastic partners did I end up with? Chickens.

I decided to use a chicken tractor (a mobile chicken coop with a fenced-in run) to house my chickens while they break up my soil and increase its fertility. Chickens till the ground when they scratch, fertilize it with their manure, and supply us with the added bonus of fresh eggs every day.

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