A Few Thoughts on Fireworks and Surviving Tyranny

One early July evening my son was flipping through TV channels and came across a fireworks display on one of the PBS channels. That’s as much as I care to see of any Fourth of July fireworks.

In recent years I’ve had to wear ear protection at public fireworks displays. The sudden loud noises bother my ears, and the bright light bothers my eyes. Call it a consequence of growing older I suppose.

Besides that, Fourth of July fireworks displays are virtually meaningless. We presumably commemorate our country’s Revolutionary War and the resulting independence from England, but it’s pointless when you consider the ever increasing tyranny we’re living under these days.

Fireworks are nothing more than an expensive light show. Therefore, it makes no difference to me that, due to the state of the economy, some towns have decided paying the expense for a fireworks display isn’t something they can do any longer.

On the Fourth of July I appreciate National Public radio’s annual reading of the Declaration of Independence. Few people talk about this momentous document. They’ll talk a lot about the Constitution, which some call a “living” document. I don’t think they want the Declaration of Independence to live—at least not the spirit behind it.

Take a few minutes and click here to read the Declaration of Independence. You may see striking parallels to today. Namely, we’re living under a government that’s not responsive to the people it claims to serve.

Those who claim we should hold our representatives in Washington accountable don’t get it. The talk that says our government is there to serve us and that they are our employees is “feel good” rhetoric. Where is that really getting us?

If you think we can still turn America around, even a little bit, then consider a couple of questions.

When is the last time you wrote your Congressman and knew it did any good? As for voting the rascals out, when is the last time we held a trustworthy election in this country?

What’s the solution? I don’t think there is a good one. If you’re focusing on survival and prepping, you’re thinking more individualistically and less collectively than the masses. I’d simply say keep prepping and be ready to survive whatever comes our way.

Keep thinking about your own survival, regardless of whether the country survives or not. For centuries throughout history people have survived political oppression and upheaval, not to mention various natural disasters. Will you be one of them?

If pondering these things makes you hot under the collar, check out Don’t Worry About Government and Dash for the Timber. Both present a uniquely Christian viewpoint on a response to tyranny.

You may also want to view Survival and the Necessity of Independence.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.