Monitor Real World Threats With This Unique Free Resource

I’m a firm believer that a significant part of being prepared is being informed about what’s going on in our world. And the mainstream media isn’t the best place for getting the truth.

If you agree, you’ll want to hear this week’s DestinySurvival Radio. I share a conversation with a gentleman who’s behind, a unique site designed to help preppers monitor real world threats.

The site serves as a unique tool to help you and me know what’s going on so we can be situationally aware. What threats do we face? And how serious are those threats?

The Man and the Site

My DestinySurvival Radio guest goes by the name Future Dan. He’s a veteran with international relations and classified defense industry experience.

His outlook is that of a Constitutionalist, Second Amendment Defender, Anti-Statist, Supporter of Austrian Economics, and Preparedness Advocate.

Like many, Dan was drawn to preparedness by the economic downturn in 2008. What if things had been much worse than they were? What might still happen?

He began putting together a list of indicators that motivate people to prepare. That led him to create–a means of tracking these indicators in real time so we know what the threats really are.

The site isn’t meant to hype false threats or stir up fear. It’s designed as a free news and information resource to give you and me the ability to see the big picture or map of what’s going on. The government and military can do this. Why shouldn’t we be able to?

Colors, Titles and Links, Oh, My!

When you first visit you may be overwhelmed because there’s so much on the page. But there’s a method to what may seem like madness.

You’ll see four columns with dozens of news stories in each one. The material in each column fits into its own broad category.

The titles for threat indicators are colored. Beneath each indicator title are links to the most recent news items pertaining to that topic or indicator. Click the links under the colored title to see those news items.

Colors of indicator titles represent the level of threat. You have nothing to worry about from blue indicators. Green is the next level up. Yellow, orange and read show higher threat levels. If you see black, the stuff has hit the fan.

If you’re curious and want to dig deeper into a given threat indicator, click on its colored title, and you’ll see a page with links to relevant news items.

Trending software guarantees you’ll see the most recent news at the top of the page. Because stories come and go, you’ll want to check back daily, or more often if the news seems to warrant that.

The site’s home page is called the heat map dashboard. Indicator colors represent the temperature of the news.

Using a desktop computer or large tablet will let you see the map best as a whole. You get a different view from a mobile device.

All the News That’s Fit for Preppers

Nnews stories are curated, not merely agregated. In other words, real people categorize and put the items in order so they make sense.

Items are pulled from a variety of sources–more than mainstream media. A news story makes the cut only if it gives evidence of an indicator that points to potential trouble ahead.

If you believe there’s something the folks at should know about, there are buttons you can click to submit information from the field. You can also get in touch via e-mail or Twitter.

Words for the Wary

You’ll be glad to know the site avoids partison politics. The goal is to present you and me with facts to keep us informed so we can make better decisions about being prepared.

Some of what appears on the site might be considered “conspiracy theory” by skeptics. But from time to time things bubble up through the so-called alternative media to the mainstream media and canpt be ignored or suppressed any longer. Dan says the site posts evidence where it is without going beyond that.

Though advertising keeps the site going, you won’t be bombarded with ads. Only a few ads appear, representing carefully selected products and services relevant to preppers.

I want to be sure you and I can visit the site with confidence. So I asked Dan if our visits there are tracked. While he does know how many people have clicked to get there, visits aren’t monitored beyond that. You won’t be asked to download any software either.

The Conversation

Because Dan and I went into greater detail than I can share in this post, I encourage you to hear my conversation with him by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for June 2, 2016. (Right click to download.)

Our conversation was recorded at the end of May, so references to specific news items may be out of date when you hear this. Nonetheless, you’ll get a taste of what the site is all about.

Check out Spend a few minutes getting familiar with how it works. Decide for yourself how useful it will be for you.

Visit often. Then spread the word to others.

And keep prepping.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.