Beyond the Bug Out Bag – Taking it on the Road

In the January/February 2016 “Backwoods Home Magazine” (Issue #157), Jackie Clay-Atkinson has written about emergency planning beyond the bug out bag. Namely, taking it on the road.

If there should come a time when you need to get out of Dodge, have you considered a travel trailer stocked with survival supplies? How about tent camping as a temporary means of shelter? What about buying your own piece of property to escape to?

Or what about a combination of the above?

Take a look at the whole article, linked below the following exerpt.

Emergency planning beyond the bug-out bag

By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

In many emergency situations, simply staying home can be your most sensible choice. After all, most of us have stocked up on a good supply of food in our pantries, have made provisions to store large quantities of water, and have alternative ways to keep warm, should the power go out during cold weather.

At home, you’ll have plenty of clean, dry clothes and comfortable bedding and your family will feel much less threatened than if you leave for destinations unknown in an emergency.

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Your first priority is to decide whether and when to bug out. In early 2015 I featured a two part conversation on DestinySurvival Radio with Bill Cirmo, who has devised a system to help you determine your BIBO number. BIBO means bug in or bug out.

Biew what I wrote about our visit here. That post includes the link to part 2.

Cirmo also sells travel trailers, stocked or unstocked, depending on what you need and can afford. Find out more at


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.