Godfather Prepper Talks About DIY Projects and the Preparedness Mindset – Part 2

The world is going crazy, isn’t it? I suppose people have been saying that for decades, even centuries. But those of us who are at least middle aged and above haven’t seen anything like today’s current events in our lifetimes.

What kind of attitude or mindset should we have as we prepare for survival, come what may? Dennis Evers and I talked about that in the conclusion of our two part conversation.

Last week I shared part one, and we talked about the do-it-yourself projects which are part of his everyday preparedness. If you missed that first part, go here.

This week we’ got more philosophical as we discussed the kind of survival mindset worth having. Dennis is a fellow Christian, and I’m glad I can call him a brother in the Lord.

Last week I shared Dennis’s impressive set of credentials in law enforcement. I won’t take time to repeat them here, but Dennis does mention them briefly in this week’s show. Click the link above for part one to get specifics.


In part one of our chat, Dennis said a video he did on saving batteries received some negative responses. In the middle of our conversation, I brought the subject back around to the response he has gotten to his videos, and that’s where our conversation starts this week.

Response to the videos has generally been quite favorable. That’s what keeps him going. He doesn’t make any money doing the blog posts and videos. He’s simply passing along the information to you and me.


The DIY attitude and experience is a culture, as Dennis describes it. He expressed his desire to continue to pass on his knowledge because fewer people have it these days.

His children have been Dennis’s beneficiaries. His daughters know more about car repairs than a number of men probably do.


What should we be preparing for? The economy is at critical mass, as Dennis puts it. But we’re dealing with a number of things besides that, such as nuclear radiation from Fukushima.

Then there’s growing immorality and political corruption.

Right now we’re experiencing a confluence of events that make up the perfect storm.


It’s one thing to be prepared physically–and you should do that. But I agree with Dennis when he says if you’re not prepared spiritually, you’re not prepared.

Dennis finds solace in the Bible. So do I. We who believe God’s word know how the story ends.

Though we live in fearful times, not worrying and looking to the Lord gives peace that passes our understanding. God is still in control, no matter how things may appear right now.

Each of us has a purpose for being here. Shouldn’t we do our best to do God’s will while we’re alive in this present world? That includes wisely practicing preparedness.

One way to do that is to learn new skills or hone those we haven’t used in a while.

How about having a “prep-in?” What if preppers around the country chose a certain time to take 24 hours to go without electricity and running water? Afterward perhaps compare notes.


Dennis had more to say, so I encourage you to hear our conversation by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for September 10, 2015. (Right click to download. Be sure to check out Dennis’s site at https://proficientprepping.wordpress.com/. He can be reached at PrepperPro(at)gmail.com. (Replace (at) with @ in the e-mail address when you write.)

Dennis encourages my readers and show listeners to see the following articles…

To wrap up, I leave you with this question. Are you spiritually prepared?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.