Problems and Solutions Paired Together for Survival

Recently I went through some old files with notes with ideas for blog posts, and I came across one my late friend Gerald Franz sent me. He constantly sent me tidbits. But this will give you a sample of how he thought about problems and solutions for survival, which he believed many people overlooked.



Thousands of homeless and shelter people walk the streets locked out of their shelters until bed time or even with no place to go.

Millions of dogs go crazy with frustration because they need to get out and exercise. They chew furniture and often are dumped because of this, when the lonely walkers could earn money walking

Many homes are foreclosed on and empty, making them targets for thieves and vandals while homeless people could be allowed to live there to guard them.

Millions of wild hogs destroy billions of dollars of crops and carry diseases to farm animals. But many people are hungry and might appreciate some acorn fed pork.

Millions of dogs could be taken from pounds and used as companion dogs, guide dogs, comfort and service dogs, if trained and equipped with Illusion collars. Some could help track wild hogs and transport the meat out of wild country on dog carts.

Preserving the meat by smoking and drying could be done by people who need work, like single mothers who could work with their children nearby.

Are there not pairs and sets of things that are composed of problems and their answers?



Gerald wondered how many people were out there somewhere who defy classification and live anonymously. They’d be the kind who were more effective at survival than the rest of us. They’re the resourceful sort who would have paired problems and solutions together in a way that would set the example for you and me.

Do you know someone like that? Or is this an unreachable ideal? Your comments are welcome.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.