Why Your Prepping Strategy Might Include Bugging Out to Sea – Part 1

Is relocating part of your prepping strategy? Could it include bugging out to sea? Or would you rather keep your feet firmly planted on land with a homestead?

This week’s DestinySurvival Radio guest has done both, and you’ll appreciate the guidance he has to offer. He’s Capt. William E. Simpson, author of the book, The Nautical Prepper. He has plenty to say, and he shares some gritty, no nonsense wisdom.

In fact, he has so much to say that I’ve divided our lengthy conversation into two parts. This week’s show is part 1, and next week, you can hear part 2. But before I share a few thoughts about today’s show, let me get some preliminaries concerning Capt. Bill and his book taken care of, in case you’re not familiar with either one.


Getting to Know Capt. Bill


The Nautical Prepper Book and Capt. Bill Simpson


Though he’s been on DestinySurvival Radio before, it’s been a while. So here’s a refresher about Capt. Bill.


Capt. William E. Simpson is an author and adventurer. ‘Capt. Bill’ is the proverbial Renaissance Man; a retired U.S. Merchant Marine Officer; commercial airplane and helicopter pilot; Master SCUBA Diver; gemologist; university instructor; specialist in long-term off-grid survival and disaster preparedness. In 2013, Capt. Simpson appeared in and helped produce an episode of National Geographic’s hit TV show DoomsDay Preppers (Season-2 ‘A Fortress At Sea’) and is known as the ‘Best Prepper’. He is also an inventor with several U.S. Patents and novel business models to his credit.

Simpson’s first book The Nautical Prepper, published by Ulysses Press, was the first of its kind, while dozens of other articles focus on disaster preparedness and occasional OP-ED pieces. His work has been featured and republished via numerous magazines and websites, and he has been a featured guest on various disaster preparedness radio talk shows. Capt. Bill’s personal website is: WilliamESimpson.com.


By the way, Capt. Bill and I have kept in touch since he was my DestinySurvival Radio guest for the first time in the fall of 2013. Perhaps you’ve seen the occasional articles he has contributed to this site.

You’ll note from our conversation that he has strong opinions on certain subjects, and he doesn’t mince words. When it comes to preparedness and survival, he doesn’t sugar coat anything. If you’re like me, you have an appreciation for a man with backbone..


Getting to Know the Book


The Nautical Prepper


Here’s what you’ll discover from Captain Bill’s book.


The Smart Bug Out Plan. When a catastrophic disaster strikes and lawless looting puts land-based shelters at risk, escaping on a boat is absolutely the best way to keep your family together, self-sufficient and safe. Perfect for novice and expert sailors alike, The Nautical Prepper includes everything you need for surviving—and thriving—on the water, including:

  • Information on choosing the best boat
  • Lists of crucial supplies to stockpile
  • Plans for specific disaster scenarios
  • Critical sailing terminology, principles and techniques
  • Instructions on using weather forecasting tools


Out to Sea or on Land – Which is It?

A sailing vessel can be both a bug out vehicle and shelter. You can find protection from such natural disasters as a tsunami or an earthquake. You can put yourself at a distance from a nuclear attack. And, of course, you’ll be out of the reach of civil conflicts on land.

Capt. Bill knows what it takes to live with his family at sea for months and years at a time. He’s done it. Twice.

But would you believe he’s not doing that now? As a matter of fact, he’s homesteading on a piece of land in the State of Jefferson.

By the way, we talked a bit about what the State of Jefferson is and how it could be listed on our maps one of these days.

But back to the issue at hand.

If sailing on a long voyage to get away from calamity is so great, why isn’t Capt. Bill doing it today?

Family considerations. And you’ll have to face the hard decisions about that yourself.

But does the fact that he’s homesteading cancel out what he writes about in The Nautical Prepper?

Not at all, because bugging out to sea might indeed be an option you should consider. You have to hear our conversation to know more about this. Then, if you want to read the book, go for it, and get ready to embark on a great adventure that could save your life.

You may be interested in knowing that, on their homestead, Capt. Bill and his wife are using technology and lessons from their time at sea. So that time on the ocean has proven to be beneficial to their own survival strategy in the here and now.

If you choose to relocate, but remain on land, you’d better choose your location carefully. And think again if you’re of a mind to stoke up on firearms and ammunition as your main means of preparedness.

The bottom line is this. You need to do whatever you have to do to survive, regardless of what causes the disaster at hand. That entails setting up firewalls against the threats we face now or may face in the future. And as Capt. Bill pointed out in our visit, if you can make it out at sea, you can surely make it on land.

Besides, when it comes to living on a boat, you have other options. You could be doing like some people along our nation’s coasts. They’re living on a boat and working on land.


Grab the Lifeboat of Knowledge

Whether it’s out on the ocean for you or rooted on solid ground, you owe it to yourself to hear my conversation with Capt. Bill by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for June 4, 2015. (Right click to download.) View my previous posts about Cap. Bill’s visits to DestinySurvival Radio here and here. Get The Nautical Prepper by first clicking on its title wherever you see it linked in this post. And check out Capt. Bill’s site at WilliamESimpson.com.

I’d love to know your thoughts about anything you’ve read above or heard on this week’s show. Feel free to leave a comment below and share what you have to say with other preppers.

Click here for Part 2.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.