The Preppers and Patriots Expo – May 30-31, 2015

I’d heard that Mike Slack was organizing another Preppers and Patriots Expo, but I didn’t know many details. So we talked about it for DestinySurvival Radio. It was held May 30th and 31st, 2015, in Mountain Home, AR.

Dozens of speakers and vendors were scheduled to be there, which makes an expo like the Preppers and Patriots Expo the place for you to take your prepping to the next level. Below is an overview of our conversation and what was on the agenda for the event scheduled.


This Preppers and Patriots Expo

Mike is on a mission with the expos he organizes. He wants to help people get prepared. The motto for this one was “Two days that can save your life.”

This was the second Preppers and Patriots Expo, with the first one held in August of 2014 in Springfield, MO.

Each expo promises to be different.

Quality of speakers and vendors is one of Mike’s chief goals. When an expo like this comes around, it’s worth driving the distance for the presentations and exhibits. Attendees come from several neighboring states.

Mike is bringing expos to places that don’t have such an event every year. It so happens that his focus for locations is in the beautiful Ozarks region. He calls the area around Mountain Home, Arkansas, a prepper’s paradise.


A Prepper and Patriot Organizer

Mike Slack has been my guest before to talk about other festivals and expos he has organized. He homesteads on 10 acres with a few cattle, hogs, goats, chickens, rabbits and a garden.

He’s no stranger to preparedness, having lived through ice storms in recent years that knocked out power for a couple of weeks. After going through the first one, he was more prepared for the second one.

Mike is a writer and veteran of US Army Intelligence. His articles on preparedness topics have appeared in several issues of The Survivalist magazine. These days he also does an online show about political issues.

He has brought prepping and patriotism together by organizing Preppers and Patriots Expos in the Ozarks region, and more are forthcoming.


The Preppers Part of the Expo

As you might expect, you would see companies featuring storage food and water purification products. Another company’s focus was on gold and silver, and barter and trade. Others featured essential oils and herbs.

Speakers were to include…

  • Tim Stark on personal protection and self defense
  • Vince Finelli, radio host of “USAPrepares,” on starting a business to help you raise money for your preps
  • Mike Knox, White Harvest Seed Company on GMO vs. heirloom seeds and why
  • Dawn McPherson on what to do when there’s no pharmacy
  • Dr. Jim Cesar on how to suture wounds
  • Dave Lohr on primitive weapons for survival
  • Doug Brethower on running your truck with wood gassification
Need to know what to put in your bug out bag? You could see demonsgtrations for that.

Thinking of moving to a prepper friendly spot? The Ozark region is a great area, and a realtor was scheduled to be present at the expo to help you get your relocation effort under way to a property meant for preppers.


The Patriots Part of the Expo

One of the organizations scheduled was Secure Arkansas, a grassroots group who keeps abreast of property rights and constitutional issues as well as health freedom issues.

Oath Keepers was planning to be there, as well as CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association), Sheriff Richard Mac’s group. Others were to inform attendees about Agenda 21 concerns.

Representatives from lesser known political parties were also invited to attend.

John Moore was scheduled to be there to speak on such issues as civil unrest and climate change. He’s an informative talk show host known as “The Liberty Man” who was well received at the expo in Springfield, MO, the previous August.


Find Out More

Though the expo has passed, you can get a glimpse into what such events are like when you hear my conversation with Mike Slack by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for May 14, 2015. (Right click to download.) Get the latest expo details or contact Mike by going to PreppersAnd


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.