Firearm Selection – Get the Guidance You Need from Panteao

“Firearm Selection” is another DVD from Panteao Productions in their Make Ready to Survive series. While I encourage you to get guidance from Panteao, this video may stir up opinions and perhaps controversy.

That’s because it seems everybody with any knowledge of guns at all has strongly held opinions. Which firearm is best, and for what situation? What caliber is best? Where should firearms fit into home defense and preparedness?

The Aim

“Firearm Selection” is meant to give you the guidance you need, whether you’re new to preparedness or have been at it for a while.

The instructors are Paul Howe, Kyle Harth and Dave Canterbury. I believe they each have a military background, which should give them the necessary credibility in the eyes of many.

On the other hand, there may be those like my late friend Gerald Franz who are suspicious of such a background. He wasn’t against firearms training, but he thought military and police style training wasn’t necessary or advisable for the average Joe.

That said, I’m favorably impressed with the presenters and how they handle their subject matter. They don’t get too “military” on us. They share what seems to me to be common sense information, presented in a friendly way. They turn a potentially intimidating subject into something inviting and interesting.

“Firearm Selection” gives a good overview of several important topics which should help you and your family as you decide how and where firearms fit into your prepping strategy. If you’re a gun novice, or if you have an aversion to guns, I challenge you to watch this DVD because I believe you’ll pick up more from it than you’d expect.


Make Ready to Survive - Firearm Selection


It’s Loaded

Disclaimers and firearm safety rules appear at the very beginning of the DVD before you can play its contents.

Run time is just under two and a half hours. You may not want to view it all in one sitting. Of course, the beauty is that you can choose to watch any chapter you like, and you can watch more than once.

Chapters or sections include…

  • Matching the firearm to the user
  • Home Defense Options
  • Concealed Carry
  • Hunting Small Game
  • Dangerous Game
  • Selecting a firearm for Your Spouse
  • For Your Children
  • General Purpose Firearm Options
  • Sub Caliber Adapters
  • Shotgun Options
  • Bolt Action Rifles
  • Semi Auto Rifles
  • Rimfire Rifles
  • Handgun Options
  • Magnified Optics
  • Dot Optics
  • Mounted Lights
  • Proper Firearms Training

Scattered Shots

Here are my observations on a number of the topics covered.

Instruction is straightforward. Several firearms are exhibited and described. You’ll see everything from handguns and revolvers to various types of long guns, including the ever popular AR-style rifles. It’s like going to a gun show where the latest developments in firearms are on display. Periodically during the video, you’ll see scenes of shooting at a range dropped in.

Right from the start, the DVD tackles what you need to know to choose your firearm. Will other family members be using it? What’s your purpose? Home defense? Hunting? And what training is needed?

Advice given throughout the video is to start training with a lower caliber and work up. Can you or your spouse or children handle recoil? Can your spouse or child grip the gun well? Can she work the safety without breaking grip?

Another factor to consider in your choice of firearms and ammunition is whether you’re in a rural or urban setting. For example, if you’re in town, you don’t want to fire a weapon that will penetrate the walls in your home or the wall of your neighbor’s apartment.

If you were in a defensive situation, could you make a head shot at seven yards?

The .22 gets overlooked by some who like large calibers. While .22 is great for small game, don’t count it out for self defense. If you make your hits, you won’t have to have a bigger caliber. My friend Gerald would have heartily agreed.

Will ammunition for your firearm of choice be readily available to stockpile? How about its utilitarian value? For instance, you might wish to have the option of shooting .22 in either a rifle or pistol, making it unnecessary to have different ammo for each firearm.

I was excited to see a discussion of adapters. They give you greater versatility with your shotgun. For example, you can shoot .22 or another caliber through a metal adapter the size of a shell that fits into your 12 gauge shotgun.

By the way, if you know anything about semi automatic rifles, you know they’re not the assault rifles the mainstream media would have us believe. If you’re not well versed in rifle configurations, watch the section on semi automatic rifles for clarification on what they really are and do.

The sections on optics are lengthy. I think the same points could have been made in less time in more of a summary fashion. However, if you’re into optics, you’ll see plenty of options.

The section on magnified optics discusses various types of scopes and their capabilities. You’ll see examples of scopes with fixed and variable powers.

Are you familiar with red dot sites? Dot optics aren’t the same as laser pointers. While the dot appears to be on your target, you’re the only one who sees it through the site.

When considering dot optics and lights, you have to think of what batteries are necessary. If you have other devices that use AA batteries, you may want to have optics or lights that use AA’s, too, so you’re not storing up nonstandard sized batteries.

The section on training highly recommends you and I get proper hands on training. Know the fundamentals. I would add, if you plan to conceal and carry, check to see what rules and training requirements apply in your state.

Picking Up Brass

If you’re into reloading, you’ll pick up your shell casings when you’re done practicing at the range. Well, now that I’ve fired off my shots (or observations), let me start to wrap things up.

If you’re someone who thinks there’s too much product placement in these videos, you probably won’t think differently after seeing “Firearm Selection,” particularly in the optics section. Nonetheless, they do a good job exhibiting various options available.

If you don’t mind seeing what’s on the market, and if you see a product you like while you’re watching, you can help support DestinySurvival by shopping for it in the Prep Mart. Specifically, you’ll want to check out the companies featured on the Personal Defense & Security page.

I’m grateful Panteao Productions has given me the opportunity to share this Make Ready to Survive series with you.You can access their expertise any time when you watch the DVD’s or view the material online.

You can get “Firearm Selection” in DVD form, but you can subscribe to view it online. You can even access it on your mobile device. Panteao Productions also gives subscribers discounts on annual subscriptions and a 100% money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

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Allow a personal disclaimer. I don’t have the firearms experience I know some of my readers have. I can say that the time I’ve spent plinking with different guns has always been thrilling and fun. I have no police or military background, and I haven’t been hunting.

As a result, I understand if you question my judgment of this DVD’s material. I also look forward to your thoughts after you’ve seen this video. Please, feel free to share your comments.

Firearms training is a huge part of what Panteao Productions does, so they should really know their stuff. Nonetheless, how did the guys do? Do you think they should have done or said anything differently?

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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.