From Christians and Preparedness to Retreats for All

I’ve been blessed in the past few years to get acquainted with a surprising number of preppers who profess to be Christians. Since many Christians think prepping shows a lack of faith in God, I’m glad to know those who incorporate preparedness into their Christian walk.

I know the term Christian is rather broad, but those of us who know Christ as savior and Lord seem to have a way of recognizing one another, and we share a special bond. Such is the case with my guest on this week’s DestinySurvival Radio. He’s Chris Ray of

Let me say at the outset that this week’s show is primarily aimed at fellow believers. But we don’t get all “Holy Joe” on you, so I hope you’ll listen, whether or not you consider yourself to be a Christian. That’s because Chris and I talk later in the show about prepper retreats which are open to all.

By the way, if you’re a Christian and you know of someone else who’s a Christian who doesn’t see the need for preparedness, I hope you’ll share the link to today’s show with that person.

The Background

When I interviewed Kermit Jones, author of the Prepper Pete and friends books for children, he suggested to me off air that I get in touch with Chris Ray because Chris was planning retreats for preppers. So I took Kermit’s suggestion, and this week’s show is the result.

The Man

Here’s info on Chris.

Chris Ray is the founder of and author for Prepared, where he uses his ministry to show that preparedness is based in scripture, and teaches people how to be better prepared for emergency situations. He has written over 450 articles on faith and preparedness, and has ranked in the top 20 survival/preparedness blogs by several ranking sites.

He is a Navy veteran, having served for four years as an Aviation Electrician and making two cruises to the Persian Gulf. He is also an NRA certified firearms instructor and is the owner of Practical Defense, a firearms training company in Minnesota.

He also has recently started, where he travels to locations across America, offering 1-3 day seminars or retreats. These retreats are designed to be as hands on and as interactive with the instructors as possible.

I think you’ll enjoy our conversation because we cover a few of the hot button issues for Christian preppers. And as I mentioned above, Chris and I also talk about prepper retreats later in the show, so be sure to listen to the whole conversation.

The Issues

Chris began his site to meet a need. It was his own need at first. He had questionsabout Christians and preparedness, but he wasn’t finding what he was looking for. He wanted to be certain prepping was Biblical and practical. Extensive research into the Scriptures proved to him that God’s will is for us to be prepared for what may come.

Of course, I heartily agree with his conclusion.

Chris not only answered questions for himself. Once his site was up and running, the response was greater than anything he anticipated. So he began answering the questions others have had, too.

Before our conversation, I noted several subjects on his site of interest to Christians. I wanted to get his perspective for DestinySurvival Radio listeners. Here’s what we discussed. You can get further details by listening to our conversation and by going to

  • Does prophecy matter?
  • How much trust should we put into dreams and visions about coming events?
  • Should preppers get involved in political reform?
  • How might you approach your local church about preparedness?
  • When SHTF, is it better to be among a group of preppers or fellow Christians?
  • Will Christians become more preparedness minded if there is persecution of Christians?
  • I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about Chris’s Web site. It has info on much more than issues of concern to Christians. Much of it deals with preparedness in general and will be of interest to anyone.

    The Retreats

    Chris and I spent the last several minutes of our conversation talking about the retreats he wanted to conduct for preppers. The plan was for them to be weekend events, open to anyone, because all of us need to be ready.

    Topics covered would include food storage, permaculture, self defense, and more. Chris plans to teach a class on Christians and preparedness. Sessions would be designed to give participants hands-on learning experience and interaction with instructors.

    For info on weekend prepper retreats, go to

    The Recommendation

    I want you to hear my conversation with Chris Ray. Listen to DestinySurvival Radio for April 23, 2015. (Right click to download.) Check out Chris’s site at for articles and info on much more than what we covered during our chat. He has an e-book available which encourages Christians to get prepared.


    In 2015 and 2016 Chris encountered the kind of health and family issues that many of us face–the sort of things that are difficult to prepare for but must be lived through. His site is still up and worth your time, but the events of life have changed his focus to the situation at hand. Keep him in your prayers.


    Author: John Wesley Smith

    John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.