Make Ready to Survive in a Suburban and City Environment

Make Ready to Survive in a Suburban and City Environment

Panteao’s Make Ready to Survive series covers everything from wilderness survival to urban survival, and a little in between. There’s something for every prepper, no matter what your level of experience. This is a review of the DVD called “Suburban & City Environment.” Specifically, it covers survival through medium term events.

What does that mean? Consider. How would you manage if things weren’t normal for more than the proverbial three days many say we should prepare for? What if the event lasted a couple of weeks or a couple of months? Would you have adequate food and water? What about first aid and medical supplies? How about self defense? Alternative energy?

Each of the instructors seen in the other Make Ready videos is featured in this DVD, which is roughly an hour and forty minutes in length. As with all of the other videos in this series, you get common sense advice. No fear. No hype. The presentation is low key and sensible. And the production quality is top notch.

Topics covered include…

  • The Medium Term Survival Budget
  • Food & Water Storage
  • Food & Water for Medium Length Event
  • Communications
  • Buggin In
  • Home Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Urban Tactics
  • Home Lockdown
  • Traveling from Work
  • Stabilizing Your Immediate Area
  • Identifying Hazards
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Workplace Survival Gear

To my way of thinking, the material in the “Suburban & City Environment” presentation breaks down into two broad categories.


Make Ready to Survive - Suburban and City Environment


Providing for Yourself

Water and food storage are well covered in the video, and you’ve probably heard some of the information before. But the subject matter is too important not to share a bit about here.

When it comes to storage food, the best advice is to diversify what you have. You don’t have to eat only rice, beans and pasta. Break the stereotypes.

Having regular canned items is what you’re family’s likely used to already. But here’s something I hadn’t thought of. Did you know you can stock microwave meals, too? I’ve had my share of them, and you may have as well. Like canned food, they’re shelf stable and don’t require refrigeration. Just empty the contents into a pot or bowl and cook over regular heat.

If you’re going to purchase freeze dried and dehydrated foods, be sure you incorporate them into your regular diet enough so you’re used to them. Some of us have digestive systems that are more sensitive than others, and you don’t want to take chances with unpleasant problems in a survival situation.

Something as simple as a milk crate can make a big difference if you have to move your storage food. Water storage presents a different set of challenges. While you can buy cases of bottled water or use various types of water storage containers, water bricks are a good investment.

When it comes to taking care of yourself and those around you, you’ll need to know about first aid. It entails more than what’s in your kit. Of course, you’ll want more in your kit for a medium term event than for a short term scenario.

But consider these issues, too. How close are you to the nearest hospital? Can you get there? Will the hospital be operative, or has it sustained damage of some kind? How do you care for someone who’s injured if you can’t get medical help right away? Several pointers, including the ABC sequence, are discussed in the first aid chapter.

Protecting Yourself

With crime on the rise in today’s economy–and the possibility for civil unrest–you’ll want to pay close attention to this video’s tips about home and perimeter security. Where are the vulnerabilities in your home? Beyond that, what can you do to keep your neighborhood safe? Beware of crooks and scammers spying on your neighborhood.

The chapter on urban tactics continues the flow of common sense advice for anyone, whether you’re a prepper or not. How do you stay safe in public? The key is situational awareness.

When traveling to and from work or school, do you know alternate routes? What if storms have knocked down power lines or trees? What if there’s flooding? Or what if there’s rioting in a certain part of town?

Probing Deeper

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share this Make Ready to Survive series with you. As I’ve noted elsewhere, you get the pooled knowledge and experience of guys who’ve been there, done that. The best part is, you can access their expertise any time when you watch the DVD’s or view the material online.

Yes, it’s true. Not only can you get “Suburban & City Environment” in DVD form, but you can subscribe to view it online. You can even access it on your mobile device. Panteao Productions also gives subscribers discounts on annual subscriptions and a 100% money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

Find the Make Ready to Survive series by going to

If you watch every video in the Make Ready to Survive series, you’ll notice some redundancy regarding what’s covered. That’s OK because positive reinforcement is always good. On the other hand, not everyone will watch every presentation, so covering essential material appears to be Panteao’s strategy. You can see my reviews of the other video presentations here, here, and here.

Incidentally, this “Suburban & City Environment” DVD doesn’t feature as many product examples as some of the others in the series. Nonetheless, if you see something you like, you can help support DestinySurvival by shopping for what you’re looking for in the DestinySurvival Prep Mart.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.