A Unique Light Source When the Power’s Out Gives You That UV Glow

When the power goes out, and it’s dark, the first thing we want is light–even before food and water. It not only helps us see, but it provides us with comfort and reassurance. Of course, you want a dependable light source. My DestinySurvival Radio guest and I talked about a unique light source for when the power’s out that gives you that UV glow.

Steve Nagel of 4EverLight International, Inc., and UVPaqlite.com, is this week’s guest. Way back in December of 2011 I had him on the show. If you’re curious, read about it here. Steve provided me with a couple of UV Paqlite samples then, and I bought some of the company’s little Toob Lites. I knew right away there’s a reason his company calls the UV PaqLite the amazing light. These aren’t your ordinary glow in the dark products.

If you haven’t heard of UV PaqLites before, you’ll want to find out what they’re all about. If you have heard of these nifty glow in the dark items before, you’ll be interested in hearing about new innovations and new products. Either way, I think you’ll want to put some of the things Steve and I talked about in your survival kits and prepping supplies.


UV Paqlite


The Man Behind the Glow

Steve was eager to talk about his company and its products with me. I can imagine he’s not shy when telling others about what he has to offer when he travels to trade shows and expos. Perhaps you’ve seen him or his daughter at a prepper expo, demonstrating their products. Let me tell you a little about him because he’s quite an entrepreneur.


Steve Nagel is a father of 4 children and now a grandfather of 7. His youngest child, Alexis now 31, has worked with him since 2011 on this new venture of creating a new form of light or illumination.

Steve has a varied “venture start-up” background, starting in 1976, after he graduated with his law degree from the University of Wyoming and his graduate and undergraduate degrees in business from Arizona State University.

His ventures have included 3 successful IPOs of microcap companies in the construction chemical sector, consumer electronics, and patented 3 dimensional decoration process for any shaped objects.

Steve was an IFR and multi-engine pilot for 20 years in his own aircraft and spent most of his life in Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona–now living in Las Vegas, Nevada the past couple of years. He and his daughter have been working on the development of products and markets from 4EverLight International, Inc.


The Name of the Glow

You might think UV in the name of these products stands for ultraviolet. That’s a good association with light, but in this case UV stands for Steve’s Uncle Vernon, who played a role in in teaching the family about survival.


The Need for the Glow

Do you have any glow in the dark items among your prepping supplies? If not, maybe it’s because they’ve been a disappointment. Glow sticks can only be used once. Glow in the dark tape doesn’t glow very brightly.

UV products provide good illumination in a small area. However, in the dark they’re also visible from a considerable distance. UV Paqlites and Glow In the Dark Spots (G.I.D.S.) can be handy for marking a trail or fence line. Put G.I.D.S. on light switches around the house, in the bathroom, or on your circuit breaker box. Or put one on your backpack so the person behind you can follow more easily when you’re hiking.


UV Paqlite Glow Lights for Life


The Nature of the Glow

UV Paqlite products contain nontoxic earth elements that glow in the dark brighter and longer than typical glow in the dark products. They’re not as bright as a light bulb, but you’d be surprised to see how bright they are and how many hours they hold their glow.

One of the neat things about them is their glow can be recharged in a minute or less with a flashlight or car headlights. They’ll even charge up in regular daylight.

Since powered lighting recharges these UV items, the company decided to create what they call the Orb Mule Lite, which combines UV material with a high quality LED light that pulses three seconds every two minutes to keep the glow at its brightest. There’s more on the Web site about this nifty inovation.


The Orb Mule Light


Passing on the Word About the Glow

Sales have been direct to consumer, such as at various expos and events. They also sell through their Web site. They haven’t gotten into retail sales yet.

One of Steve’s goals is to keep the products affordable. And they are, especially when you consider the cost of glow sticks you can only use once.

When I looked at UVPaqlite.com recently, I was surprised by the number of products they have available. The company has come a long way since I first heard of them back in 2011. Several products are patent pending, so perhaps one day these items will get greater recognition and wider distribution.

Customers are happy with the products, and they don’t return them. That’s definitely a sign Steve’s company is doing something right.

Newer products, such as the UV Matlite, are designed to be more attractive then the original UV Paqlites. Of course, all the products work well, regardless of appearance. Some of the other products include the Tooblite, Scooblite and Glostik.


How People Are Using the Glow

I’ve mentioned a few possibilities already, but throughout my conversation with Steve, he told stories of how people are using his company’s products in all sorts of clever ways. It seems you’re only limited by your imagination.

Because Steve’s company does so much direct sales to consumers, they receive a great deal of feedback. That’s what prompts development of new products and tweaking of older ones. One example is the development of the UVO necklace, which children love to wear.

Here’s an example of a terrific way to use a UV Paqlite or UV Matlite. Place it near your bed at night to help you find something you need in the middle of the night, whether it’s medication or a firearm for self defense.


The Orb Mule Light Glowing


How to Get Your Glow On

Hear my conversation with Steve Nagel by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for March 5, 2015. (Right click to download.) And, by all means, check out UVPaqlite.com. Sign up to get their newsletter. Keep up with the company on Facebook, too.

Let me say here that I have no financial relationship with Steve or his company. I don’t earn a dime if you buy his products. I’m happy to get the word out about what he has to offer because his company has some fascinating, fun and practical light source options which preppers will want to have. These products deserve to be widely available to all.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.