Buy Emergency Foods–I’ve Tried It, Now It’s Your Turn

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative with with an offer. If I would try one of their sample packs and let you know my evaluation, they’d give you the chance to win free food. So I’ve tried it.

Let me tell you a little about the company’s products first. Then I’ll give you my evaluation of the samples I’ve tried. And finally, I’ll tell you what you can win and how to win it.


Buy Emergency Foods… offers the full line of freeze dried food storage products from Legacy. Whhile they’re obviously confident about their products, they urge you not to buy any emergency foods until you compare Legacy Premium’s value to that of any other food storage company’s products.

This makes sense to me because I firmly believe you should try any company’s brand of storage food before buying in quantity. See if you like the taste. Is it convenient to use? Also, how will your system handle it? For example, you don’t want to be dealing with headaches or stomach troubles on a camping outing, and certainly not in survival situations.

Here are key points I’ve compiled from

  • Freeze dried ready meals
  • Larger serving sizes
  • Lowest food cost per pound
  • Certified GMO Free
  • High in Fiber
  • Low Fat
  • Low Sodium
  • No MSG Added
  • No Trans Fats
  • No HFCS
  • Uses Sea Salt
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Gluten-free options
  • Voted Best Tasting
  • 25 year shelf life
  • Oxygen Absorbers
  • Nitrogen Flushed Pouches
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • Made in the USA


…I’ve Tried It…

A few days ago I received the 16 Serving Family Entree Sample Pack. Below I’ll share what came in this package and give a few comments on what my wife and I thought of each item.

Loaded Baked Potato–I’m displaying amazing ignorance here, but we weren’t sure at first if this was meant to be a soup or side dish. It cooked up thick like a creamy chowder. By adding more water, it could be soup, but it’s more suitable as a side dish. Do as I did with the leftovers, and have it by itself along with crackers and cheese.

My wife liked it, which is saying something, since she’s not a big fan of potatoes, and she’s also picky about the other storage foods we’ve tried. For me, the flavor was good, but I think the addition of bacon bits would make it even better.

Classic Chili Mix–This is good, too. It’s mild, so if you like spicy chili, you’ll have to add something to it to suit your taste. But we enjoyed our first helping of it on chili dogs and with tortilla chips. My wife’s cousin was visiting when we had the chili, and he liked it, too.

Pasta Primavera–My wife and I both enjoyed this, but agreed there’s a bit too much of a peppery kick for us. Your taste may vary, but this is an example of why it’s a good idea to try samples before buying in quantity.

Enchilada, Beans and Rice–This is delicious with just the right amount and blend of spices.


Other Quick Observations

The pouches were easy to open, which is a plus. As with many meals that come packaged this way, simply bring several cups of water to a boil, then add the contents of the pouch. Cook for a few minutes as specified in the directions, and the meal is ready.

Portions are generous. If there are two of you in the household, you’ll have leftovers, like we did. I’ve found that leftover storage food often tastes better than the first time.

I’m a big fan of meals in pouches because they’re convenient, and you don’t have to open up a #10 can just to try a sample. They’re great for meals or side dishes when you don’t have time for much cooking. As a result, they’d also be great for those kids or grandkids away at college.


The Giveaway

The contest is over, but here’s how it went. Between September 16th and October 15th (2014) readers had the chance to win a 32 Serving Family 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit, valued at $88. It includes eight emergency meal options, which come in 4-serving pouches. They come in one compact bucket that can fit almost anywhere.

Entrees Include…

  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Enchilada, Beans, and Rice
  • Stroganoff
  • Loaded Baked Potato
  • Chili Mac
  • Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix
  • Classic Chili Mix


To be eligible to win, I asked readers to leave a comment below this post by October 15, 2014. Response was greater than for any contest I’ve run previously. Hey, who doesn’t like free food?

I used to pick the winner. And the winner is Jo. Congratulations, Jo. And a big thank you to each of you who entered.

By leaving their comments, for this specific giveaway only, readers gave permission for me to pass along their e-mail address to at the end of the contest. This allows the company to send out special offers now and then. Anyone not wanting to continue receiving those e-mails understands that they can opt out from the company’s offers at any time.

Incidentally, if you buy any of the products after clicking on the links in this post or the ad below, I receive a small commission. That helps keep DestinySurvival going. The food is good, so check it out, and add some to your survival pantry.


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Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

42 thoughts on “Buy Emergency Foods–I’ve Tried It, Now It’s Your Turn”

  1. As a retired military member, I had my share of bad “survival meals”: C-rats (some were ok – thank goodness for tabassco). MRE’s were a big improvement. As a long time scout leader, I can say that many of the commercial products are great for backpacking. I’ll look at “Buyemergency” brand for my scouts & home too.

  2. Most of the emergency foods I have tried have been verygood and are handy to carry on camping trips. I buy #10the cans for home emergency use, ofmy gavottes. I would be happy to try this brand for comparison, price and variety.

  3. Thank you for the honest review. I have been wondering whether or not to invest in “survival” foods for quite a while now, but when dollars are tight, it’s hard to know whose product to try. This one sounds like it might just be worth a try.

  4. I have tried a couple different brands of freeze dried foods, and some were pretty good and some, not so much. I need to get the most for my money, since IT is in short supply. I have a lot of basics stashed, but pre-made meals would be a great addition.

  5. Am leery of stuff some folks push for I have never talked with them. John and I have talked many times, we seem able to hit it off from the start. I trust his judgment. I would like to learn more of the items this company has an how they prepare or do they buy from some big outfit?

  6. It’s great to see all of the responses. Let’s keep ’em coming. I won’t be able to reply to each one, but I thought I should address Chet’s question.
    It’s been quite a while since I spoke directly with someone from one of the storage food companies about how they do business, but my understanding is there are three main companies that produce storage food for all of the companies out there. I don’t know which one Buy Emergency Foods uses, but it’s good stuff, and I’m comfortable recommending it..

  7. I am always looking for good backpack ready meals to try out for the outdoors and emrgencies. some of the products out there are a huge dissapointment and I have been forced to create my own trailmix and ready to eat food.

  8. I noticed that my refrigerator will only hold the cold for 4 hours after electric power is turned off. The freezer lasts longer, so I’ll eat the desert first !

  9. I’ve always wanted to try emergency foods;
    such as freeze dried or dehydrated. There are
    so many different brands to choose from. But
    I love the fact that yours are GMO free. Would be
    very interested in trying your brand out!

  10. Thanks for the reviews. Looks like a good combo. We could barter with the broccoli cheese soup, but glad there’s only one broccoli dish, DH would rather starve than eat broccoli!

  11. GMO free?! and they taste good ?! can’t get much better. but I am still on the fence about the broccoli I’d rather eat than starve hot sauce makes everything better

  12. Ya know, C-rats, K-rats, and MREs can be delicious if prepared well and you aren’t sure where or when your next meal will be available or in what form (not everything swimming, floating or creeping around in the ocean qualifies as Sushi). I’d love to expand my dining experience by trying this wide taste spread and possibly becoming a bigger customer (meaning in depth of future consumption, not personal girth!)

  13. I have tried their food before and in fact was surprised at how tasty it was. It was also quite quick and easy to prepare. Now with a new scare (of Ebola), we should all be focusing on a good comfortable level of preps in case of a worse case scenario coming to pass.

    Oh, and an aside note — I am happy that Destiny Survival has been on top of things!

  14. We tried the cheese and broccoli soup mix at one of the fairs and really liked it. We have some food storage and hope to be able to add more because we use it all the time.

  15. Recently moved to an area known as “Tornado Alley”. Realized I should be getting interested in prepping and emergency meal options.

  16. There are so many allergens in products like these it makes it a challenge to consider them or make them practical. Avoiding wheat, milk, egg and soy doesn’t leave many options but the concept is great, someone just needs to make simpler entrees for the increasing number of families that have to deal with such diverse conditions.

  17. Being prepared means having food supplies as well as the implements for surviving. If you have food the situation will be a little easier to handle. I am a firm believer in storing food supplies in a number of locations.

  18. What a nice give-away! Food is one of the best items one can receive! Years ago we issued food boxes to indigent families in poor communities and it made such a difference to those in need. Part of what we gave were packets of freeze-dried military surplus hamburger patties and strawberries. The food was delicious so I can speak from experience on quality when prepared correctly. Please enter me in your contest.

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