Books Galore, Books a Bore

I’ve attempted to sell a number of books on prepping through this site. But now I’m having second thoughts because of an eye opening experience I’ve had.

My wife and I ran into more difficulty than I anticipated when trying to find good homes for the books in a friends unique and eclectic collection. You can read my thoughts about that here on another blog of mine.

It dawned on me that this lack of interest in books is evident on DestinySurvival as well. I haven’t sold any for months–at least not according to the info I have access to. But not much of anything else has been selling either. In looking at the bigger picture, I’m sure the down economy plays a significant role.

One reason I’ve promoted books is because it’s easy to do. That may sound self serving, but there are so many books on prepping out there these days, it seems a shame to pass them by.

There’s also no end to the glut of prepper fiction, which you won’t see much mentioned here because frankly it doesn’t appeal to me. While it can stimulate thinking about survival to some degree, it provides more entertainment value than usefulness.

I confess, I haven’t read every single book I’ve mentioned on this site because it’s not possible, but I try to find useful information and reviews which help me write what I pass along to you. I’m not the ultimate prepper expert. My duty, as I see it, is to point you to resources that will help you and your family survive.

Of course, it should go without saying that books are a great source of information. As I heard it expressed by a well known leader in Internet marketing, ironically enough,a book is a wonderful way to express a body of thought in one place. I’m convinced that the more ideas and info we have at our disposal, the better we’ll be equipped with a mindset for survival.

Plus, as we as preppers are aware, we may not have the Internet forever. As if that weren’t enough, all those books on e-readers and smart phones won’t be available when there’s no way to charge up the batteries.

Books are also less expensive than a camping tent or a year’s supply of food–all of which companies featured here are prepared to offer you.

But back to the idea of books galore, books a bore.

In Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, books were outlawed. Firemen were sent to burn them. Truth was effectively bottled up.

We might as well have the same thing going on today. No, we don’t need official book banning or censorship to accomplish it. We’ve done it to ourselves. The Internet, smart phones and social media have combined to tear us from books and rewire our brains.

In fact, I heard a news item where a teacher suggested teaching children in school how to read material from print again–separately from online material. Children and young adults no longer have capacity to read content of much length.

Sad, isn’t it? Or it should be if you’re into books at all.

Oh, sure, people are still getting the content they want, but will they have it when they really need it in a grid-down situation?

Having said all that, you’ll still see books featured here from time to time because publishers send them to me for review. And I see some I come across myself now and then which I think you should know about. But my optimism has been tempered regarding whether you or other readers of this site will buy them.

By mentioning books, I hope I’m not wasting my time–or yours.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

3 thoughts on “Books Galore, Books a Bore”

  1. John, I am not able to imagine that people are not buying books because I have collected books starting when a grade school teacher that gave books as awards years ago.
    I do not do the kindle and other electronic stuff because I am old enough to have lived thru WWII when electric appliances did not work because there was NO power.
    I have collected books on the current interest some good and some by people that most likely never pitched a tent nor built a fire to cook.

  2. A home with out a collection of books speak to a lack of thinking people living there. We learn by mistakes of the past often recorded in the books of our searching and going back to for reference often.
    I am shocked for I assumed folks would realize that battery power or line power is not always at our beck and call, we need books to learn from the past for our political and freedom choices. First aid is useless if no battery power or line power for reference material.
    We see in the white House today a mess of people that prove that they are not readers of books (that tell us how America came to be and what a lot of wise men wrote) that tell us to do such an such in the times they would will come to pass.
    We who recognize your willingness to try to help others is a part of your reward that will show up one day soon.

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