Food for FEMA?

I pose what may be strange and disturbing questions. Would you grow food for FEMA or DHS if it meant staying alive? Would you turn your garden or greenhouse into a garden or greenhouse for FEMA?

Don’t worry, I’m not working for any government agency, so I’m not soliciting information on someone else’s behalf. But I raise the questions above because they’re spawned by discussions with a friend who sees the dark side of things.

I’ve featured Rick Austin on DestinySurvival Radio to talk about his book, Secret Greenhouse of Survival. (View my post about that here.) Rick is also the author of Secret Garden of Survival.

A key reason he has written these books is to give you the knowledge to grow your own food in stealth mode. You don’t want your garden or greenhouse to draw the attention of those with less than admirable intentions in a survival or grid down scenario.

But what if it’s not the proverbial “zombies” who come after your food? What if it’s Uncle Sam and friends instead? What if you were relocated, shall we say politely, or even killed for your abundance of home grown food and prepping supplies?

I told you my questions were disturbing. But follow me a bit further here.

Let’s suppose you have a chance to negotiate with the government agent who wants what you have. You’re told you could provide a valuable service to your country if you would share the bulk of your harvest with the local emergency recovery center (i.e., FEMA camp). In turn you get to stay alive and receive certain protections.

Would you do it? Would you see it as a mission of mercy to those in need who weren’t as well prepared as you? Or would you see it as a compromise you can’t make and flatly refuse to go along with Big Brother’s coersion?

Is there a better solution to the scenario I’ve laid out here?

Or is all of this something that will never happen?


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.