A Board Game About Survival Introduces Prepping in a Fun and Challenging Way

There’s a new game in town. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook, Third Edition, have created a board game about survival called Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!. It turns out they like to play board games, and they created this one because they want to help get people interested in survival in a fun and challenging way.

The game features a disaster scenario based on a pandemic. Since they wanted to make it realistic, there are no zombies. Here’s a brief description.


The near future: the global superflu has arrived. you and a few other “lucky” survivors are all that’s left in center city. All around are groups of raiders that claim large swaths of land as their territory. There are resources left by those who did not survive, but you’ll have to overcome challenges to add them to your supplies. You were prepared and have a few resources to start with: food, fuel, and weapons. Your goal is to expand upon them, find medical supplies, and collect enough survivors
to help you establish a settlement.


Joe and Amy did a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so their game could be mass produced and made available to the public. Here’s where to find out more about the game.


  • You can read what they’ve written about the game on their Web site here.
  • Like the Facebook page here.
  • Or check out the site about the game at SurvivalBoardGame.com.


You can also order the game by clicking on its title–Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!–wherever you see it in this post. Tell your friends and family about this game, too. This is a good way to have fun, and keep prepping.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.