Getting Children Interested in Prepping is Easier with Prepper Pete and Friends

Could you use a little help introducing your children or granchildren to prepping? Well, getting children interested in prepping is easier with Prepper Pete and friends.

But who is Prepper Pete anyway?


Prepper Pete Prepares Book Cover


Prepper Pete is the creation of Kermit Jones, Jr., who has written fun and colorful books aimed at introducing young children to preparedness. As the book cover shows, Prepper Pete is an ant.

You remember the little story about the ant and the grasshopper and how the ant was busy preparing to survive winter. Then there are Scripture verses from Proverbs chapter 6 urging us to look to the ant as a positive example.

So who is Kermit Jones, Jr.?

He was my guest on this week’s DestinySurvival Radio. I’ll let him tell you more in his own words from bio info he gave me.

Kermit Jones, Jr. stumbled across the idea of a prepper book for kids when trying to decide how to explain the topic to his four young daughters. Having attended high school in a very rural part of Virginia, he later went on to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. After spending a few years as a Surface Warfare Officer, he resigned his commission and entered the Navy Chaplain Corps, earning his Masters degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. He recently transitioned to the Navy Reserves. In addition to writing children’s books, he is an instructor for and column writer for Prepped and Prepared magazine. Between kids and his career, he has learned that it is important to “be prepared!”

I was surprised during our conversation to find he came to preparedness through a different route than his military background. It so happens that his life’s experiences have provided stepping stones for prepping.

How did the books come about?

While pondering how he’d introduce his daughters to prepping, he discovered the books he wanted to use just weren’t there. Thus, he began writing Prepper Pete Prepares. You could say this started a snowball effect, and now several more books are in the works.

The full title of the first book is Prepper Pete Prepares: An Introduction to Prepping for Kids. While it’s aimed at ages 3-9 or so, it has proven to be a clever way to introduce adults to prepping, too.

It covers a variety of reasons to be prepared and shows what Prepper Pete does to keep his family safe and ready. There’s info for grownups, too. The book is infused with the message that “some people prepare because they’re afraid, but our family doesn’t have to be afraid because we’re prepared.”

And then came Christmas


Prepper Pete's Twelve Days of Prepper Christmas Book Cover


In Prepper Pete’s Twelve Days of Prepper Christmas Prepper Pete’s family gives him an assortment of gifts for prepping. The story can be sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Who says prepping can’t be fun?

Where is this all going?

Kermit has ambitious plans for many more books to come. The next one in the series is Gun of a Son, which introduces children to gun safety.

Others include such topics as starting a fire, bug out bags, and ham radio. Kermit is open to your ideas for future books, too.

You probably won’t see these Prepper Pete books in most public schools, though they make great material for home schoolers and perhaps some Christian schools.

Postulating on prepper parenting perspectives

Kermit and I are in agreement on the importance and necessity of parents taking the lead in training their children. Who else knows best what each child is like and what each needs? His family home schools, as did ours. Home schooling and the prepping lifestyle go together very well. But any family can become prepared by taking the time and effort to do so because a key part of prepping is learning to think critically and develop self confidence.

Kermit’s books are meant to serve as a launching point for talking about being prepared. He encourages family activities, such as starting and cooking over a fire. Why not garden or can the harvest together? Of course, if your family owns firearms, you’ll want to teach proper gun safety and handling.

But there’s more…

You’ll miss out if you don’t hear all of my conversation with Kermit on DestinySurvival Radio for February 27, 2014. (Right click to download.) Visit Kermit’s Web site at Order Kermit’s books from there, or click on their titles or cover images in this post.

Let friends and family know about Prepper Pete and friends. These books could be a real breakthrough for introducing children–and even adults–to prepping.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.