Why So Many Think Prepping is Boring

Editor’s note: Has prepping fallen into a rut? Has info on prepping become redundant? Could it be true that many people think prepping is boring? My friend Gerald Franz and I had a conversation about these questions recently. He submitted the following paragraphs which I agreed to publish for your consideration. What do you think? – John


Since prepping or survival is such a vital and potentially life saving subject, why do many consider the whole idea boring? A common complaint is that advice, and even lifestyles, are repetitive in nature. In support of this, when is the last time you have heard a new idea on prepping?

Another complaint is on the specialization or piecemeal angles that are presented. Each expert has a tiny piece of the puzzle. Imagine the skill and effort that many face in combining the specialized knowledge of many different experts. What could be lacking is a whole new way of living.

It has been said that generals always fight the last war–something within their experience–no matter how unrealistic it is today. So, many preppers are preparing to survive the crash of twenty-nine.

Let me suggest a good old American alternative. Learn to live like the Indians did. Pick your tribe. Modern equipment from outdoor suppliers could help. If someone could come up with such a “package deal”, I’d buy it.


Author: DestinySurvival Contributor

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2 thoughts on “Why So Many Think Prepping is Boring”

  1. …I can understand how some might see prepping as boring…it is not immediately rewarding as your burger an’ fry’s right in front of you almost sooner than you order it,and of course you could pay for it on credit, so no real money is needed, so immediate satisfaction all the way around…..
    For myself, at 70 plus years old, prepping is something I have always done, it is a habit born of a youth spent, not poor but certainly not rich, with relatives that had gone through the first depression and were “natural” preppers,and out of respect for their experiences and wisdom I have tried to be the same…AT LEAST you should have some stored water….and a few cans of stuff you like to eat….and some ready cash on hand….

    1. Good points. Let’s take this a little further. What if the real problem is that the preppers who talk about prepping are boring? What new or truly innovative subject matter have you read concerning prepping lately? Have many preppers become insular in their thinking and approach to preparing for what we’re facing?

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