DestinySurvival Radio’s Greatest Hits for 2013

Below is a listing of what I call DestinySurvival Radio’s Greatest Hits for 2013. They may not have been the most popular shows, but I believe they’re significant.

This Year’s Greatest Hits

Instead of linking directly to the shows as I’ve done the past couple of years, I’m linking to the blog post I’ve written about each one. That’s because each post has a show link as well as links to other resources, such as guest Web sites, books, etc.

Show posts are listed mostly in reverse chronological order, which doesn’t represent any sort of ranking other than by date. I’ve included parts one and two of a couple of entries because they go hand in hand. Each link is followed by a one sentence show description.

A new window will open when you click on a post’s link. That way you can close the window when you’re done and be back to this page. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a few concluding thoughts.



Prepper’s Food Storage Can Put Your Survival Pantry on the Proper Path – Julie Languille tells how to start or rebuild your survival pantry in Prepper’s Food Storage.

Get Prepared by Putting Your Papers in Order – Joyce Moseley Pierce discusses getting your important documents ready in case of death or disaster in All They’ll Need to Know.

The Prepper’s Cookbook Can Help You Stock Your Survival Pantry – Tess Pennington tells you how to use your storage food in The Prepper’s Cookbook.

Solar Weather – Don’t Let the Sun Make You Cry – George and Brooksi Plymale tell us the sun has a greater impact on our health than we realize, and we can prepare for it with the helpful info from FlareAware.

What About Pregnancy and Childbirth During a Disaster? – Jane of Virginia, a nurse, shares helpful info on this important topic.

A Nautical Prepper Talks About Bugging Out to SeaPart 1 & Part 2 – Capt. William E. Simpson II discusses his book The Nautical Prepper and explains why bugging out to sea just might be a good alternative for some preppers.

Why You Need The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster ReadinessPart 1 & Part 2 – Jim Cobb discusses his primer on survival, The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness.

How Can You Get Enough Protein for Survival – Jan Roos talks about the necessity of protein in survival situations and a complete protein product called SurvivAMINO for your survival kit or bug out bag.

Could a Ferrocement Dome be a Survival Shelter for You? – David Nash describes his dome building project.

Why The Survival Medicine Handbook Should be in Your Survival Library – Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy talk about their revised and expanded edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook.

Are You Up to Living the Unhooked Life? – Estar Holmes talks about The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living.

Make a Home Store a Part of Your Prepping Strategy – Misty Marsh talks about Thrive Life and how storage food can be part of your every day routine as well as for prepping.

The Berkey Guy Wants You to Have Preps You Can Trust In – Jeff Gleason, The Berkey Guy, discusses that all important topic of clean water and mentions other offerings from his company.

Christopher Nyerges Talks About the Old WaysPart 1 & Part 2 – Christopher Nyerges answers my questions about whether we could live like American Indians in a grid down society.

Pondering Survival and Homelessness with Christopher Nyerges – How could we survive if we suddenly found ourselves homeless? Is it desirable or possible to drop out of society?

Is a Secret Garden of Survival Too Good to be True? – Rick Austin talks about Secret Garden of Survival and working with nature for growing your own food.

Christopher Nyerges Talks About Living on Less and Getting to Know Wild Edible Plants – The title sums up the emphasis of our conversation.

A First Responder Gives Advice on Prepping for Those with Special Needs – Paul Faust of 1800Prepare gives advice to those with disabilities on survival in disaster situations, such as Hurricane Sandy.


Wrapping it Up

I like to think all of my shows are worth listening to, so picking out the top handful of shows was hard. I’ve had to leave many good shows out. As with past years, my apologies to any of the guests I’ve interviewed who might have expected to see their show on this “greatest hits” listing. It wasn’t easy to narrow down my list to the shows linked above.

DestinySurvival Radio has allowed me to meet interesting and informative guests, and it’s been my privilege and pleasure to share what they have to offer with you. One of the benefits of doing the show is that I’ve made some friends and useful connections along the way. I look forward to more of the same in the year to come.

Thanks as always for your support of DestinySurvival Radio this past year and for the new year.

Your feedback is always welcome. Feel free to let me know if you have show topic or guest suggestions. And don’t forget, you can hear any show by going to my DestinySurvival Radio page.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.