DestinySurvival Radio Takes a Thanksgiving Break and Invites Your Input

There’s no new DestinySurvival Radio show this week in observance of Thanksgiving. But I encourage you to listen to any of the dozens of shows linked on my DestinySurvival Radio page. Why not download something to listen to as you travel?

And, if you can spare a minute or two, I’d appreciate your input concerning the future and direction of DestinySurvival Radio.

  • First, Do you listen to the show? Why or why not? Would you miss it if it went away?
  • DestinySurvival Radio is a weekly podcast. Do you care if it comes out weekly? What about every other week? Monthly? Irregularly?
  • Are there any topics you’d like me to cover? Are there any you don’t want to hear about?
  • What about guests? Can you suggest any? Or would you be interested in being a guest yourself?
Your comments on any of the above questions are welcome.

Also, a number of the affiliates and advertisers on this site are offering big savings and their best deals of the year right now. Be sure to check out the companies represented on the sidebar and in the Prep Mart when you’re looking for prepping supplies, or when you’re shopping for prepper gifts. Shop online and avoid the holiday crowds.

By the way, if you’re not already aware of it, I earn a small commission from sales made through companies I’m affiliated with. That helps keep DestinySurvival and DestinySurvival Radio going.

Thanks for your support. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And, of course, keep prepping.


2 Responses to “DestinySurvival Radio Takes a Thanksgiving Break and Invites Your Input”

  • Glenn Peleti:

    I enjoy your shows; the subject matter is most appropriate and your mission is clear enough. We need as many Voices to America as we can get on the air to alert and educate our people of what’s happening and what’s likely to happen in their future lives. You do a patriotic duty and in my mind, fulfill your Christian duty to serve Others by helping them out.

    Keep it up; however you can. We’ll find you out there. There is always a listener; each day goes by, more and more join in. They come in Fear; alleviate those fears by teaching them with trusted sources who give us the Truth. That’s the common ingredient we are all after: what are the real issues facing us and what can we do about it. A dynamic and vital role for you.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas (early:)

    God Bless,
    Glenn Peleti

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