A Nautical Prepper Talks About Bugging Out to Sea – Part 2

An owl and a pussy cat went out to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.
But nautical preppers they weren’t. Wouldn’t you know it?

OK, I admit it. That’s a lousy attempt at poetry. And it’s a rather strange way to introduce today’s post. But maybe not when you consider that my guest on DestinySurvival Radio for the second time was Capt. William E. Simpson II, author of The Nautical Prepper. I had more questions, and Capt. Bill had more answers. So once again a nautical prepper talked about bugging out to sea.

If you missed last week’s show, you can view my post about it here. That’s where I shared Capt. Simpson’s credentials, so I won’t repeat them. Suffice it to say he definitely qualifies as an expert about sailing and living off the grid. I’ll share just a few highlights of our conversation below.

Do it now!–World events have been moving more rapidly than usual the past few months. While many of my readers won’t be able to bug out on the water, if you’re thinking about it at all, now’s the time to take action. Set aside fear of what you don’t yet know about sailing. Who knows how much time is left? How serious are you really about fleeing in a the proverbial SHTF scenario?

What’s one of the biggest challenges?–Capt. Bill said for their family it was maintaining a supply of clean water. Don’t skimp on buying the best quality water desalination system.

What about power?–The solar panels and win generator Capt. Bill and his family used were proven, marinized pieces of equipment that worked well for them. Again, don’t skimp on this if you’re going to sea for long periods of time.

What might bring down our power grid?–Capt. Bill’s greatest concern was for the possibility of anonymous hackers overloading the grid and bringing it down. Then there’s the possibility of a coronal mass ejection from the sun, wwhich would damage the grid if it hit the earth. A less likely scenario would be a high atmospheric nuclear attack to cause an EMP because it would surely bring retaliation to the aggressor nation.

What about navigation?–Capt. Bill says the likelihood of losing GPS altogether is low. Nonetheless, know how to use charts and the other GPS–Great Plastic Sextant.

What about fish and Fukushima radiation in the Pacific?–The simple answer Capt. Bill gave is a quote that says “Delution is the solution to pollution.”

What about growing food on his boat?–Sometimes they sprouted beans and seeds. Other challenges limit possibilities. Besides, there’s plenty of fresh fruit on tropical islands.

What is bartering like at sea?–It’s a lot of fun, according to Capt. Bill. They traded fish for things they were low on. As for providing services to others, welding is a highly prized skill.

What about reality TV shows on prepping?–Capt. Simpson was on “Doomsday Preppers” earlier this year, specifically Season 2, “A Fortress at Sea.” He received the highest score ever given for disaster preparedness and survival, which earned him the title of “Best Prepper.” It was Capt. Bill’s goal to let people know about an alternative to bugging in on land.

He and Producer Rob Underhill are in the development stages of two shows of their own–“Bunker Diaries” and “Missionary Wars.” The first concerns itself with pros and cons of bugging in and out on land. The second will feature the difficulties missionaries have ministering to aboriginal island natives. It will show the natives’ bushcraft skills as well.

What else?–I invite you to hear my entire conversation with Capt. Bill when you listen to DestinySurvival Radio for October 17, 2013. Find him online at www.williamesimpson.com. Order his information packed book The Nautical Prepper wherever you see the title linked in this post. You’ll be taken to the page where it’s featured, and you can place your order there.

Do you feel the warm sea breeze on your skin yet?


The Nautical Prepper


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

5 thoughts on “A Nautical Prepper Talks About Bugging Out to Sea – Part 2”

  1. I had a friend who bought a very old small school bus and anchored it to a party barge… you know, the kind of boat that sits atop pontoons. He renovated it completely inside to have all the necessities. It was beautiful. And it had no problem on the water. Of course it is not SEA worthy but it works great on the lake.

  2. Ahoy Linda:

    Your friend has the right idea; you don’t necessarily have to ‘go to sea’ to gain a survival advantage. Obviously some people have very little capital to work with, so ingenuity and sweat equity are Key to having a Mobile survival shelter with preps. The most important thing to do in a large-scale disaster, which will be followed by social chaos, is to remove yourself and your loved-ones from any and all risks that are posed by millions of people on land who are competing for assets/supplies. Getting our onto a large body of water, even a lake or river can afford a significant tactical advantage. So your friend”s make-shift boat-house will provide such an advantage. There are islands on many lakes and rivers as well. However, the farther offshore you get, the safer you are. Nonetheless, something is better than nothing, and sitting in a city or a fixed location on land is a high-risk operation, even with lots of guns and ammo.

    Here is a man that has accomplished something akin to your friend: http://yachtpals.com/junk-raft-3

    So the bottom line is; get as far away from the risky locations on land as possible. Generally speaking, the better the boat, the farther-away you can relocate with a shelter and preps. And there are thousands of islands that can provide a great survival location.

    Cheers! Capt. Bill

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