ShakeOut Drills – An Overview and More

Earthquake ShakeOut drills help remind us that it’s important for us all to consider earthquake survival. Earthquakes can happen just about anywhere at any time. In fact, you might be at work, school, home or even on vacation.

Take theopportunity to practice how to be safer during earthquakes. These ShakeOut drills are put together to encourage you, your community, your school, or your organization to update emergency plans and supplies. It’s also the time to secure your space in order to prevent damage and injuries.

Find out about ShakeOut drills at Check out the FAQ section here.

Get specifics on “Drop, Cover and Hold On” here.

A good info resource for Midwesterners is the Central US Earthquake Consortium at

Concerns and Controversies

Wouldn’t you know it? Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

More than one way? In case you’re not aware of it already, there’s an alternate way of protecting yourself during an earthquake called the “Triangle of Life.” You can view a video about it here.

However, it’s not recommended by officials, including those in the Red Cross, for the U.S. and other developed countries. You can find their stance on the “Triangle of Life” here, here and here.

A man-made earthquake? I read a blog post once which asks the question, “Is An Engineered New Madrid Mega Quake In the Offing?” As strange or unwelcome as that thought might seem to some, these days it’s not out of the question. There’s some pretty freaky technology most of us aren’t hearing about.

But even if an earthquake were caused by man–deliberately or unintentionally–there’s no way you or I will get advance notice. Don’t look for a reminder message on your smart phone or an appointment postcard in your mailbox. Besides, what could we do to stop it from happening anyway?

So the real issue, regardless of the cause of a quake, is to be prepared.

Earthquake fallout? The Fukushima disaster in Japan in March of 2011 brought to mind the devastating impact earthquakes can have on nuclear plants. Do you know where your nearest nuclear plant is? Would you be prepared for a nuclear radiation event, should such a thing happen?

A helpful resource For a thorough look at how to deal with disasters, get It’s A Disaster! …And What Are YOU Gonna Do About It?

Keep prepping. And stay safe.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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