What Might Happen in the Darkness After an EMP?

Some doubt that we’ll have a solar induced electromagnetic pulse. But would you want to bet against it? We know what happened in the aftermath of giant solar flares in the past. With the development of our modern technology since then, it’s anybody’s guess as to what might happen in the darkness after an EMP.

Let me tell you about the latest novel by Scott B. Williams called The Darkness After. It’s a DestinySurvival Pick and is the follow up to his first novel, The Pulse, which I’ve written about here. Scott was my guest on this week’s DestinySurvival Radio. We pondered what might happen in the darkness after an EMP.


The Darkness After


You know how difficult it can be to persuade someone you know to become a prepper. And these days reaching young people is especially a challenge. Sometimes it takes a movie or a novel to get across a message that wouldn’t otherwise be considered.

Both of Scott’s novels ponder what it would be like to live in a post-EMP world, where the sun has fried electronics and changed everything. The Darkness After is a parallel story aimed at a young adult audience. But it’s a different story and not a sequel to The Pulse.

What’s the story?–We may all wonder how we’d cope in the aftermath of a giant electromagnetic pulse, but The Darkness After portrays how a couple of teenagers would make it. April and Mitch are brought together in a dramatic way and must use their survival and hunting skills as they try to get back safely with their families.

The prologue will draw you in, and the ending will leave you wanting more. In between, much of the story goes at a slow pace as important details are filled in without much action–until…suddenly there is. You’ll feel the surprise and tension Mitch and April feel. Like them, you’re left wondering what will happen nex.

Events take place in southern Mississippi, Scott’s home territory. His knowledge of the area makes the novel more realistic and believable. You’ll imagine yourself traveling alongside April and Mitch as they encounter seemingly unsurmountable problems on their way to Mitch’s family farm and April’s home in Hattiesburg.

What about the kids?–While the two of them are a little larger than life, they’re not super heroes blessed with extraordinary powers. Fortunately, Mitch is a good archer. April knows martial arts. And both are pretty good shots, too. Their skills get them out of some tight spots.

One interesting lesson comes from April’s encounter with an irate property owner. Don’t get any closer than you have to when pointing a gun at someone. You’ll get more insight on specifics when you read the story and hear Scott and I talk about it.

Scott wrote the kind of adventure story he liked to read when he was growing up. And he drew much from his own outdoor skills and experiences to make Mitch and April more credible. Wouldn’t it be great if young readers wanted to be more like them in resourcefulness and survival skills?

What about our conversation?–We didn’t go into many details about the story line. You’ll have to read his book for that. We talked about several topics, like…

  • How rural preppers will fare vs. urbanites
  • The likelihood of a solar-caused EMP vs. economic and societal breakdown
  • The role of police and the military after a collapse event
  • The need to avoid roadblocks and refugees
The Darkness After is an easy read, and I think young readers will enjoy it. You’ll enjoy it, too. Reader response has been very good as well. A sequel may be forthcoming someday.

Scott has another book coming out soon called The Prepper’s Workbook. It’s a nonfiction workbook featuring checklists and info to help you prepare for all kinds of disasters.

Where can you find out more?–Hear my conversation with Scott B. Williams by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for September 5, 2013. Keep up with Scott at www.BugOutSurvival.com and www.ScottBWilliams.com.

If you have teenagers you want to introduce to prepping, get a copy of The Darkness After. Click on its title anywhere in this post. Or click on the book’s image below.

Why read The Darkness After? Because imaginary scenarios can be useful to help stimulate the survival mindset we may all need one day.



Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.