Why DestinySurvival and Amazon Had to Go Separate Ways – And Why Amazon is Back

The following could be described as “inside baseball” about my dealings with Amazon at DestinySurvival. If you’re curious, read on.

Here’s how the story goes.

You know how some days go. Something bad happens, or you get a piece of bad news. And it’s such a gut punch you want to throw in the towel and go hide under a rock until the world goes away.

Well, I had one of those days when I got an e-mail from Amazon.com saying they were closing my associates account effective August 27, 2013. This is due to tax collection legislation that took effect August 28, 2013, in Missouri where I live. This has already happened to online businesses in a dozen or so other states in the past few years.

What does this mean for you as the consumer? Not much, to be quite honest. But Amazon no longer pays me any commissions for customers referred to them through DestinySurvival after August 27, 2013.

My Amazon Picks page and pages associated with it had to be taken down. There were hundreds of links to Amazon throughout the more than 1,300 posts on this site. It didn’t seem like a good use of my time to take all of those links down and replace them with links to other companies. Nonetheless, I painstakingly changed out Amazon links as time allowed in the months that followed.

I’ve never made the income I hoped to when starting DestinySurvival a few years ago. But I had been able to count on something coming in nearly every month from Amazon.

Amazon says they strongly support legislation like the federal Marketplace Fairness Act which was pending before Congress in the fall of 2013. They say, “Congressional legislation is the only way to create a simplified, constitutional framework to resolve interstate sales tax issues and it would allow us to re-open our Associates program to Missouri residents.”

Sorry, but I’m not holding my breath for changes to take place and work in my favor.

I asked Amazon if there were some way to funnel the commissions I wouldn’t be making somewhere else, such as to a charitable organization. There’s no such mechanism for that, and there likely won’t be.

The Amazon Smile program is available to charities, which enables you to donate to them; but I can’t funnel any of my commissions through it.

A couple other companies I’m affiliated with have told me I won’t be making commission on sales to Missouri residents. However, I’ll still earn commission from sales made to consumers in other states. I can live with that. I wish Amazon would follow that example.

Someone told me I should set up an LLC in another state and start a new Amazon account through a corporation. I don’t have the money to do that. Plus, I’m not generating enough volune in Amazon sales (or other sales for that matter) to justify the expense. I appreciate the suggestion though.


A Silver Lining?

Happily, there is a silver lining in this dark cloud. Keep reading to find out more.

You may be aware I’ve written a couple of e-books available for Amazon Kindle. Fortunately, I can still receive commission for sales of those e-books because I have a Kindle Direct Publishing account. At present, that’s a quirk that works in my favor.

Meanwhile, I’ve kept moving forward with DestinySurvival.com and DestinySurvival Radio the best way I know how. I humbly thank you for your ongoing support of DestinySurvival with the purchases you’ve made through Amazon, as well as from my other sponsors.


Goodbye Amazon, Hello and Goodbye to Barnes & Noble

I became affiliated with Barnes & Noble for a while, but they changed their program at the end of 2015, making it necessary to change the links I had set up for them on the site.


Goodbye Amazon, Hello and Goodbye to Wal-Mart!

For several months I became affiliated with Wal-Mart’s online sales, but I made no earnings from that. So I disaffiliated from Wal-Mart.


A Benefactor to the Rescue

In late February 2014 an opportunity presented itself which allows me to benefit from Amazon llinks on this site after all. It’s a third party arrangement with a guest I’ve had on DestinySurvival Radio.

This person extended his courteous generosity as someone who deals with Amazon and is knowledgeable about e-commerce. This proved to be one of those times for me when it pays to have connections.

I still had to replace old Amazon links with new links. And I’m now able to promote products on Amazon with new links. I’m very thankful for this. So, if you click on a link that takes you to an Amazon page, go ahead and make your purchase. It helps DestinySurvival to keep moving forward.

I appreciate your support of DestinySurvival, in spite of the changes that have to be made from time to time behind the scenes.

Have a great day, and keep prepping.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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