Living Ready–A Multi-Faceted Preparedness Community for You

Have you noticed the increasing number of preparedness Web sites and print magazines in the last two or three years? Prepping has become trendy enough for many to think it’s worthwhile to get on the bandwagon. We’ll see how many of them have staying power.

When I began hearing about “Living Ready Magazine” a few months ago, I honestly didn’t give them much thought. But I’ve since discovered they’re definitely not some fly by night outfit. In fact, you could say Living Ready is a multi-faceted preparedness community for you. More below on why that is.

I signed up for their e-mail newsletter and have been impressed with the wide variety of articles and their content. They now have a store for offering preparedness products to readers. And that’s not all.

I believe you’ll find “Living Ready” to be a helpful educational preparedness resource. Yesterday’s DestinySurvival Radio featured an interview with Ben Sobieck, Online Editor with Living Ready, and Patty Dunning, Living Ready’s Content Director.

The publishers–“Living Ready” is a part of F&W Media, a company which produces other magazines like “Horticulture” and “Gun Digest” to name a couple. So they’re backed by a substantial, reputable publishing company. That gives them a certain edge for reaching more of the mainstream population. Perhaps you’ve seen the magazine on newsstands next to other big name magazines like “Time” and “People.”

The community–“Living Ready Magazine” was created to be part of a multi-platform community, not just a print publication. In addition to the magazine, you’ll find…

  • A Web site–
  • Free e-mail newsletter
  • Social media outreach (Facebook, etc.)
  • Living Ready University (online learning resources for preppers)
  • Live events–the Living Ready Expo
  • The Living Ready store
Ben Sobieck encourages readers and subscribers to engage in as many of these media platforms as possible to get the whole picture of what Living Ready has to offer.

The mission–It’s to provide a calm, confident boice of reasonable preparedness for families in America who want to live more self sufficiently. “Living Ready” seeks to reach out to people who don’t already know about preparedness. But that doesn’t mean their content is elementary.

“Living Ready” aims to educate their audience with material on everything from bug out bags to gardening to guns by knowledgeable preppers. They intend to present Practical, credible information to help people prepare to survive and thrive, no matter what the situation.

The contributors–They include Jim Cobb, Creek Stewart, Stacy Harris, Dr. James Hubbard, Paul Purcell–people who are acknowledged experts in their respective fields. You may remember I’ve featured Jim Cobb on DestinySurvival Radio a couple of times to talk about his book Prepper’s Home Defense. Or perhaps by now you have heard of Creek Stewart’s book, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide. Those who put together “Living Ready Magazine” and their other learning resources are living the prepper lifestyle. It’s their passion and way of life, not merely theoretical.

The perspective–I asked if “Living Ready” has a particular political or religious point of view. Ben said they’d be good dinner guests because they don’t get into religion and politics. They take the role of educators. In tough times, neighbors should help neighbors, regardless of their point of view.

The print magazine–It will be published quarterly with the seasons. The Winter 2012 a few months ago was their first issue. The Summer 2013 issue is out now. The forthcoming Fall issue will focus on the harvest, whether it’s food from your garden or hunting and preparing game.

The response–Patty Dunning described it as outstanding. The first issue sold out quickly. They print about 75,000 copies. There are About 26,000 e-mail newsletter subscribers, and that number is growing. Advertisers are eager to partner with the Living Ready community. Participants at the Living Ready Expo in Atlanta in May expressed appreciation for the broad array of subjects covered.

Living Ready strives to be professional and useful. They’re proud of what they do and want you and I to be pleased with it as well.

Find out more–I encourage you to hear my conversation with Ben Sobiek and Patty Dunning by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for July 11, 2013. Explore the Living Ready universe by going to Click on the Magazine tab to subscribe to the print magazine.

If you’ve subscribed to “Living Ready Magazine” or make use of any of their other resources, I’m curious to know what you think. Are they helpful? Do you find their information to be credible and useful? Would you recommend Living Ready to others? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me and other readers.



Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.