Get Tips on Talking to Your Children About Severe Weather

I came across an article with tips on talking to your children about severe weather. It’s from That’s not a site I’d normally associate with preparedness, but the post contains links to a number of blogs and sites with important, life saving info about…

  • Bad Weather Fears
  • How to Prepare
  • Tips for Severe Weather

Below is an excerpt with a link to the original post.

21 Blogs Sharing Techniques to Help You Talk to Your Child About Severe Weather

Severe weather is something that nearly every area of the country experiences, whether it’s a tornado, hurricane or a nor’easter. While these weather patterns can be unsettling, talking about what to do in the event that severe weather strikes and planning for how to handle it can help keep your family at ease. These 21 blog entries provide some guidance for talking to kids about severe weather without scaring them, preparing for severe weather and implementing practical tips you can use to keep your family safe.

View the entire blog post and its associated links here.

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Author: John Wesley Smith

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