A Soldier Says Many Preppers Will Die

I’m posting something a little different today, since yesterday’s DestinySurvival Radio was a “best of” show, due to the July 4th holiday.

I’m not much for holidays, and that goes for the Fourth of July, too. If you’ve read my three part series entitled We’re Screwed! So What? you’ll note I don’t put a premium on patriotism. Considering the state of our country today, being patriotic would be like trying to wear my wife’s shoes. It’s not a good fit for me.

For those who act out of zeal for their country and think civil war in America or a second revolutionary war is the answer, the video below offers sobering perspective. Keep in mind it was done about a year ago–before the Sandy Hook school shooting and the scandals revolving around IRS and NSA. You know, all those things that make some Americans fighting mad.

The soldier envisioned what may be forthcoming and makes the case that many of us–yes, preppers, too–will die when the lights go out. It’s hard to argue with what he says. He reiterates some key points found in Selco’s One Year in Hell Online Survival Course. Namely, battle isn’t anything like it’s portrayed in Hollywood.

But knowing that isn’t enough. Do you have adequate weaponry? Do you have military-like training? And will it be adequate? Or is such training really necessary? Can you see yourself engaged in guerilla warfare?

Or do you want to go that route for preparedness?

Take a little less than 14 minutes to get one soldier’s perspective and draw your own conclusions. Do you think this man gives good advice? Or is he talking down to you?

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