Make a Home Store a Part of Your Prepping Strategy

It’s important when you’re prepping to get quality long term storage food and other necessities that will be there when you need them during a crisis. But what if you use your preps now? What if you could make a home store part of your prepping strategy?

A few years ago I began seeing references online to a company called Shelf Reliance. They sold long term storage food and shelving systems to store that food. Fortunately, things worked out for them to advertise here for a few months in 2011. And I tried some of their wonderful foods.

But their standard mode of operation these days is to have independent consultants promote their products through home parties. It’s a way for prospective customers to try it before they buy it. It’s also a worthwhile business opportunity for anyone who wants to earn income in these troubled times.

Thanks to Gaye Levy, I was put in touch with Misty Marsh, a Shelf Reliance consultant who was willing to help me engage in an experiment by doing an online party on this site. It lasted several months.

Shelf Reliance changed its name to THRIVE Life. It’s the same growing company, but with a new name. In order to help you get better acquainted with THRIVE Life, I invited Misty Marsh to be my guest on DestinySurvival Radio.


Why the name change?

The first thing I asked Misty about was the name change to THRIVE Life. She says the company’s vision is to help people have a thriving life, which goes beyond the sale of their shelving products. That’s because they’ve majored in long term storage food production. And they have a growing line of other products for disasters and emergencies as well.


Who is Misty Marsh?

Misty Marsh is a wife and a mother of 4 young children. You’ll hear from our interview that she’s knowledgeable and friendly. And as you might expect, she uses THRIVE Life products regularly.

In the two and a half years or so (as of this writing) since she became an independent consultant, she’s risen to the top of the ranks. She’s a Platinum Executive. And she’s on the THRIVE Life Business Board of consultants.

Teaching and supporting others is a big part of what she does. She conducts company wide trainings, as well as local corporate sponsored trainings. She was also one of just 13 consultants asked to train at both the 2012 and 2013 Shelf Reliance/THRIVE Life conventions.

With all that said, she’s not the pushy sales type. If you’ve had experience in multilevel marketing or direct sales companies, you know what I’m talking about. As a matter of fact, when you hear our interview, you’ll hear how Misty was reluctant to become an independent consultant at first.

Misty’s also not a “doomsday” prepper. She doesn’t motivate others based on fear. However, she’s very motivated herself to prepare for life. She wants to provide the best life she can for her family and children. Furthermore, she wants to be prepared enough to better give to others who may not be quite so lucky!


What is a home store?

Food storage doesn’t have to be something you buy and stick in a dark corner of your basement.

What if you could gather food storage items you’d use every day and didn’t have to go to the grocery store as often?

What if you could save money because you’re not buying groceries on impulse?

What if you didn’t feel the need to eat fast food as often because you’ve got the things you need for conveniently preparing meals?

You can use food storage items in your everyday meals, which helps you be better prepared for emergency situations. You won’t have to feel stressed or master a learning curve.

THRIVE Life offers ready-made entrees, but there are fewer of them than in the past. They’ve found that you’re more likely to use your storage food when you can buy single ingredients. This allows you to create your own recipes. And single ingredients are lower in sodium.

THRIVE Life Express ready-made entrees now come in pouches. That way they’re more convenient for such meals than #10 cans.




What’s so great about THRIVE?

Misty says the taste won her over. Her kids love how good THRIVE foods taste, too. They thought corn tasted like candy.

I once heard someone say he liked THRIVE foods better than Mountain House.

Natural color was a factor for Misty as well. Green beans look green, as they should. Who wants to open a can of gray green beans?

Misty is also impressed with the company’s endeavors to make their foods the highest quality they can be with as few preservatives as possible. Organic and gluten free foods are part of the lineup. The majority of THRIVE foods are non-GMO as well.

If you’re not sure you’d use up a #10 can, you can buy most foods in smaller pantry cans. On the other hand, if you wanted to buy food in buckets, several items are available that way, too.


What about recipes?

There’s a growing number of recipes available online. Many are submitted by consultants and customers. Misty’s personal site has a wide variety of recipes.

THRIVE Life has also hired Chef Todd to come up with new recipes. He does demonstration videos as well, such as how to reconstitute and use freeze dried cheese.

Plus, THRIVE Life has a program called the THRIVE Q, which allows you to tie your food storage purchases to recipes you’ll use. That way you’re getting the most for your money. Misty explained this further in our conversation.


What other products are available?

Briefly, THRIVE Life carries shelving systems to make your storage food rotation easier. They also have camping and outdoor survival supplies. They even offer the Sun Oven.


How can you find out more?

As always, I can only touch on highlights of our conversation, so I encourage you to hear our interview by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for June 13, 2013. Misty’s site is at


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.