Survivor Jack Makes Prepping Practical and Fun

Within the past two or three years, more people and companies have spoken out, urging us to get prepared. A sense of urgency is on the rise.

One of those new voices for prepping–at least new to me–was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday. A few weeks ago I came in contact with Jack Jobe, aka Survivor Jack. He has a vision to make the basics of prepping practical and even fun.


Who is Survivor Jack?


Survivor Jack


Jack went to college as a math major, but was encouraged to switch to Radio and TV because of his voice and ‘Character’ voices. You can hear some of those voices and get a feel for what a happy guy he is from our interview.

His first show was “Datebook”. He says his favorite interview was Bruce Lee, who welcomed him like a little brother. When Jack graduated from the University of Oklahoma, he earned an Emmy-nomination with Bob Dotson (now of NBC News), who he says deserves 90% of the credit.

Though he hunted in his youth and served in the marines, the events of life drew Jack away from things related to what we consider to be prepping today. But he came to prepping late in life, thanks to a moment of awakening.

It happened fifteen days after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, as he watched the rescue of “Miracle Girl” Darlene Etienne. He says a Vision of his EDC (Every Day Carry) tool, the educational campaign and more, slammed into his mind.

The stunning images of suffering awakened Jack’s awareness of how unprepared his family was for a disaster of this magnitude. Then Japan’s 2011 tsunami allowed him to see something else that was missing. He talks about it in “Letter to my Children – Lessons from Haiti and Japan.” You can view the video below.

Today Jack refers to himself as a Common Sense Survival Teacher. He started a Web site at Secrets to Surviving 2012. “Doomsday Preppers” featured him in their first season. You can view that video below, too.

Jack has invented a new personal rescue tool. And he started to save your life and the lives of others. His Survivor Jack company will provide Equipment and Entertaining first Aid and Survival training.


What did we talk about?

Not too late–Jack believes it’s not too late for anyone to begin prepping. He’s in his sixties. He has learned a great deal, made significant personal life changes, and wants to pass along to others what he’s learning.

Walking in his neighborhood wearing his 72-hour pack helped him lose weight and earned him a reputation and the nickname Survivor Jack.

EDC (Everyday Carry)–Jack says it’s common sense to carry items on his person wherever he goes, such as a multifunction tool, knife, fire starter, whistle, poncho and more. A light first aid kit can be packed into an Altoids tin.

Universal first aid training–With disasters of all kinds becoming more prevalent, Jack strongly urges everyone to learn first aid basics. He’d like to see it taught in schools and the workplace. In a disaster, I may be your doctor, and you may be mine until help arrives.

Survivor Jack–Jack says we need a symbol, like Smokey Bear. So he has personified the Survivor Jack character, hoping it will catch on and make the preparedness message visible, recognizable, entertaining and useful. With this in mind, he intends SurvivorJack.comto be an educational resource with quality videos and articles.

“Doomsday Preppers”–I think we’d all agree with Jack that reality TV isn’t real. To sum up his experience with the show, they twisted his message to suit their agenda, but he went along with their way of doing things in hopes of putting survival tips out there for the public. I recommend you hear about it in his own words in our interview.

A common sense approach–While many threats face us, Jack says he doesn’t want to be paranoid, just prepared. Decide what you’re willing to live for and what you’ll do to stay alive.

Be a survivor, not a victim. For best self defense, learn to think like a predator.

The simplest tips can improve your chances for survival. So why aren’t they being taught? If a crowd is prone to panic, why not teach as many as possible ahead of time how not to panic?

Service to others–In a disaster, rescuers don’t ask questions about race, religion, political affiliation, etc. It’s all about saving lives.

Jack’s philosophy in a nutshell–I like two quotes included in Jack’s e-mail signature.

  • Be Honest, Be Excellent & Walk About Prepared®
  • The time of the Lone Wolf is over. Gather together. WE are the Ones we’ve been seeking. – The Hopi Elders


Find out more

To get the full impact of what Survivor Jack shared with me, listen to DestinySurvival Radio for June 6, 2013. Go to his Web site at See why he says, “Survivor Jack’s got your back.”

Sample one of Jack’s articles here. Also, I’ve included videos below so you can watch an introduction to Survivor Jack, the letter to his children, and his “Doomsday Preppers” appearance.

I’d love to know your thoughts on my interview with Survivor Jackas well as what you’ve read or seen here. Feel free to leave a comment below the videos and share what you think.







Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.