Survival and Your Money–Work from Home Without Getting Scammed

It goes without saying these days that many of us are struggling financially. That makes it doubly hard when you’re trying to set aside money to buy storage food and other preps.

What’s a good solution? Should you work from home? And is that possible without getting scammed?


Consider Some Options

You could skip working at home altogether. Get part-time work with an employer near you and not tangle with possible work at home scams. Financial talk show host Dave Ramsey often tells people to get a job delivering pizza. But there are other hourly jobs to help boost your income. Search for jobs in your area on Snagajob.

Another possibility is to work from home and combine that with your interest in prepping. Become a consultant for a company like THRIVE Life. Do home parties selling storage food. If that interests you, contact Misty Marsh at She’s the consultant who helped me do an online party for over a year.

Or you could start your own Web site or blog related to something you’re passionate about, as I did with DestinySurvival a few years ago. It’s a lot of work and may require learning more about marketing and the Internet than you thought you’d have to know in a lifetime. I can tell you it’s not a get rich quick scheme. While some are wildly successful at it, it can consume more time, energy and money than it’s worth for the return you get.

You already know the advantages of working from home. You’re not spending so much on gas and car upkeep. You pocket the money you’d spend on lunches. And you don’t have to drop a few dollars on that office party for someone else’s birthday.

Perhaps you’ve scoured the Internet for work from home opportunities. But many times it’s hard to get straight answers. Or it’s hard to tell if a company is reputable. There are a lot of scams out there. You could lose money rather than bring it in.


Check Out the “May We Help You” Option

There is legitimate work available. You could even find yourself working for Fortune 500 companies. Many are bringing call center jobs back to America, and there’s potential for steady work for decent pay.

Yesterday on DestinySurvival Radio I talked with Latisha McDougle of about legitimate work from home opportunities. She partners with a company called Arise to give you a way to connect with and work for Fortune 500 businesses.

Whether you’re a mother, college student, veteran, retired or disabled, this could be what you’re looking for. Here are a few key points.

  • You work as an independent contractor.
  • Put in 10-20 hours or more during a week at times that suit your schedule. (Much depends on what your interests are and what work is available.)
  • You can make the choice to do customer service, sales or technical support. Make use of your strengths when accepting work.
  • Pay can range from $9-$19 per hour.
  • Work for one or more companies if you like.
  • Work for companies whose services you may already be using for things like phone service, cable TV, travel, etc.

    How do you know this is on the level? Here’s a tidbit that may help set aside your concerns. Arise–the company Latisha partners with–is A+ accredited with the Better Business Bureau. may soon be as well.


    Get Started

    To work with a company, you start by filling out a profile with You’ll be connected with Arise where you must meet certain qualifications, including a background check for a small fee. Certification with Arise can cost up to $99.

    Then you’ll have access to the job board where you can connect with companies with work opportunities. It’s important to determine if they’re a match for you and you’re a match for them. Next you must go through the chosen company’s at-home training procedures, which vary from company to company.

    Be advised that you must pay for that training. The cost varies depending on what the company requires. But if you have to spend as much as a couple hundred bucks, consider it an investment. As soon as you start work, you’ll begin to earn it back. Plus, you can write it off as a business expense.

    Hard wired Internet service and a landline phone are required. You’ll need a couple of headsets, too. Latisha can help you with more specifics.


    Find Out More

    I can only summarize highlights here, so I encourage you to listen to DestinySurvival Radio for May 2, 2013. Naturally, you’ll get info by going directly to Latisha will be glad to help you with questions and get you started on your new work at home adventure. She knows the ins and outs of this working arrangement because, as well as operating her company, she works for AT&T.

    Latisha’s company, as well as Arise and the companies they connect you with are looking for good workers. Considering that working from home is a more user friendly environment, you may want to consider the “May We Help You” option.

    Any thoughts? Why not leave a comment below? I’d love to hear how this works out for you if you try it.


    Author: John Wesley Smith

    John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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