Keep Your Nose Clean and Stay Healthy

Nasopure bottle, 8 oz.


If you could do one simple thing every day that would drastically reduce medications and doctor visits, would you do it? What if this simple action could cut down on colds and sinus and ear infections? Would you encourage your children or grandchildren to do it?

That simple, daily action is washing out your nose. If that sounds gross, it’s not any more so than brushing your teeth. I’ve done it for over 17 years and can give testimony to its benefits.

In fact, several weeks back, I had the worst cold and sinus infection I’ve had in four years. No kidding. And I give credit to nasal washes with Nasopure for helping me get over the crud.

In 2011 I did a DestinySurvival Radio show with Dr. Hana Solomon, inventor of Nasopure and author of the book Clearing the Air, One nose at a Time. I’ve re-aired that interview (linked below). Because the link for the original interview no longer works, I wanted to be sure you have the information we discussed.

Dr. Hana, as she likes to be called, is a board certified pediatrician and is part of the team at the Solomon Family Medical Clinic, Columbia, MO. She’s president of BeWell, LLC, which is dedicated to helping people prevent diseases and become educated about nasal washing. .

I highly recommend Nasopure above any other method.

A word of disclaimer. I’m not affiliated with the company responsible for manufacturing and selling Nasopure. But I am a believer in the product and encourage you to make it part of your daily routine as well as part of your prepping strategy for good health.

I really appreciate Dr. Hana’s attitude of helping her patients avoid prescription medications and antibiotics whenever possible. She must make a lot of mothers happy by offering such a simple, easy solution for colds and ear infections.

Believe it or not, children as young as two can wash their noses. The technique is simple and not painful or uncomfortable. Dr. Hana has videos on her site showing children using a Nasopure bottle.

Regularly washing our body’s breathing filter helps lighten the toxic load our bodies deal with. It greatly improves your chances for good health by helping to prevent diseases and even the need for most sinus surgeries. Nasal washing relieves allergy and asthma symptoms, too.

You see the Nasopure bottle pictured above. It’s different from other nasal wash bottles. The design of the bottle and the buffered saline solution used are ideal for flushing out the nose, not driving debris up into it.

Nasal washing has been practiced for centuries. According to Dr. Hana, poorer countries around the world practice it in the absence of the doctors and medicines we take for granted. We don’t hear much about nasal washing because there’s not much money to be made from promoting it.

One day we in America may be forced to rely less on doctors and medications. We’ll need low tech health solutions. That’s why I believe something so simple and basic as nasal washing should be part of your routine now and in the future. I truly believe Nasopure is the best way to go for keeping your nose clean..

When I asked Dr. Hana about her book, Clearing the Air, One Nose at a Time, she said it’s an owner’s manual for your nose. Incidentally, you can buy it from her site. And, of course, you can buy Nasopure products from there, too.

You might be able to find Nasopure products at a pharmacy near you. Check the Nasopure site at for store locations.

Buy Nasopure and Dr. Hana’s book. Get them for your own health and survival. My goal in telling you about them is to help you get informed and avoid health problems in survival situations.

Since cleaning your breathing filter with Nasopure is so easy and beneficial, why not get started on it today?

Hear my interview with Dr. Hana Solomon by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for April 11, 2013.

Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.