Water Containment – 4 Strategies

Editor’s note: With much of the country in a continuing drought, it may be more important than ever this year to know how to get and store water. Craig Caudill of Dan’s Depot shares these helpful strategies. – John


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Water is one of those things you absolutely must have. There is no option to simply do without. Thankfully, we have water at our fingertips pretty much wherever we go thanks to modern conveniences. But, what happens when there isn’t a drinking fountain or faucet around? A hike through the woods will give you an idea of what it is like not to have water readily available. Imagine an emergency when life-sustaining water is not readily available.

You don’t want to wait and find out what to do if you find yourself in a situation where water is not right there waiting for you. Plan ahead and avoid this serious problem. The following are some tips and strategies you can use to procure and store water for you and your family.


Plan 1 Water Barrels

These barrels can be found at nearly every department store. Now, the ready-to-use barrels can be a bit pricy, but you don’t have to pay a fortune to get your hands on one of these extremely useful tools. Check around your community. You can usually find food-grade barrels that are perfect for storing tap water or even rain water. You will need to make a few minor modifications that are fairly simple and cheap.

If you don’t have a rain barrel, no worries. You can create your own water containment system with little effort.


Plan 2 – Rain Gutter Extension

Grab your shovel and dig a hole that will line up with your gutter. Line the hole with any kind of heavy plastic. Even heavy-duty garbage bags will do. With very little cost and a little elbow grease, you have yourself a water holding system.Use a hose or devise some method of irrigating the water from your gutter to some kind of storage vessel. This could be a pool, plastic tubs, or even pots.


Plan 3 – Rock Pool

Start digging again, but this time make a nice rock pool. These are gorgeous additions to any yard. Rock pools serve a dual purpose, they are beautiful and you have an emergency water reservoir.


Plan 4 – Rain Containers

Place buckets or other containers in various spots around the outside of your home and yard. Leave them be. These will be makeshift rain barrels. A good way to get the kids involved in your emergency preparedness is to let them decorate the containers.

These are reasonably simple and inexpensive strategies for maximizing rainwater. Don’t put these preparations off. The time to start thinking of the future is today. As always, you will want to purify any water you catch. Typically, rain is considered clean, but the containers you are using to catch it in are probably not.


Craig Caudill knows the importance of survival water. Click here to learn more about easy water purification methods. He writes for www.dansdepot.com and is also an outdoor instructor.


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  1. Interesting article. I never thought much about this. The rain water collected if not used for drinking would be good to water your garden.

  2. Hey Craig
    Thanks for your in-sight to water containment during droughts. Very interesting.

    I would caution readers to look at what they are using to line down-spout collection holes. The use of some plastics might have cancer warnings on the product label. Since I also work in a Home Improvement Center, I can advise you to look at a BPA free liners.

    Also, collection barrels should be BPA free also.

    thanks again
    Mary Tucker
    MJT Global Enterprises, LLC

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