Living Food – For Good Health Now and for Survival in the Future

Are living foods part of your current way of eating? Are they part of your food storage strategy? They can be–for good health now and for survival in the future.

Sprouting seeds and consuming wheatgrass juice are a couple of good ways to take in good nutrition.

KK Fowkes and I got in touch to follow up on this for DestinySurvival Radio. Her son and daughter operate, which would later become part of She’s had long experience withliving foods. And for a time she had a show on the Preparedness Radio Network called Essential Preparedness the Living Foods Way.

I started out by asking her to define living foods. In a nutshell, they’re foods with the life force still in them. It can be brought out in seeds, beans and grains when you sprout them or grow wheatgrass for juicing. Cooking kills food’s life force.

Enzymes are a key component of living foods. And not all fats are bad either, such as the fat found in an avacado.

But most of us don’t know anything about living foods and their value and benefits. Americans are in generally poor health. KK quoted several statistics to prove this.

For example, one out of every four deaths is from heart disease. It’s the leading cause of death. Diabetes is on the rise. And our mental health–and that of our children–is negatively affected by what we eat.

As if that weren’t enough, far more people die from prescription drugs and medical mistakes than those killed by terrorism.

KK discussed Ann Whigmore’s philosophy and work. Whigmore believed wheatgrass is a perfect food. It’s nutritionally dense with 92 minerals. KK highly recommends Whigmore’s book Be Your Own Doctor.

I asked about wheat allergies. She says many people are allergic to gluten, which is in the grain, not in the grass. Detoxing the liver should help in dealing with allergies, too.

If you don’t think you can handle raw foods, KK says to start by juicing. Drink a living juice, not something store bought and processed.

As for dehydrating foods, don’t let the temperature go over 108 degrees, or enzymes will be killed off.

It takes 10 days to grow wheatgrass that can be harvested for juicing. As you might expect, has kits, accessories and juicers. They also have info on their site about how to grow and use wheatgrass.

If you want to work your way towrd eating mor living foods, try their sprouts. KK says the five part salad mix is their most popular. There’s also a three part salad mix and bean mixes, too. Seeds and grains are packed to store for years.

KK is a vegan. I’m sure she wishes everyone were. And she’s passionate in encouraging each of us to detoxify our systems, consume wheatgrass juice and eat less meat and more living foods. By eating living foods, growth of friendly gut bacteria is promoted as well.

We covered more topics, but I can only share highlights here. Listen to my interview with KK Fowkes on DestinySurvival Radio for January 3, 2013.

Click here for info about KK’s follow up visit to DestinySurvival Radio.


Author: John Wesley Smith

John Wesley Smith writes and podcasts from his home in Central Missouri. His goal is to help preppers as he continues along his own preparedness journey.

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